Osage Nation's Oil Wealth: Theft, Sludge & Scorsese

In the realm of cinema, Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” brings to light the historical and ongoing struggles of the Osage Nation. The film, based on the mass murder of Osage Native Americans and the plot to steal their oil wealth, is only the tip of the iceberg. The Osage people have been grappling with oil theft, impoverishment, and oil sludge poisoning on their Oklahoma reservation for decades. The US Bureau of Indian Affairs, referred to by the Osage as the Ma-he-tah or the Long Knife, controls their native land. The tribe’s wealth, which originated from a large oil reservoir discovered in 1894, has been systematically siphoned off by major oil companies, notably Koch Industries. The Osage are still dealing with the aftermath, including toxic sludge left behind by Koch Industries. Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear is leading the fight against the system that allowed this exploitation and the continuing injustices.

Meanwhile, a recent poll reveals a growing crisis of faith in the constitutional system among citizens. A majority of voters view the opposing party as a threat to the nation and are willing to use violence to combat their agenda. This sentiment is shared by both Biden and Trump supporters. Furthermore, a significant number of Trump supporters believe that alternative forms of government should be explored, while a quarter of Biden supporters question the viability of democracy. The rhetoric of intellectual and political elites, who label the opposing party as “traitors” and undermine the constitutional system, fuels this loss of faith. The future of our system may rest with those who are simply disconnected or disinterested in defending our founding principles.

In the field of dentistry, Clifford Carnicom’s analysis of dental anesthetics has revealed the creation of microchip-like features or micro robotics. These nanotechnology-based anesthetic suspensions consist of millions of active analgesic dental robots suspended in a colloidal suspension. They can temporarily and reversibly shut down sensitivity or pain in specific areas of the tooth. The nature of these micro robotics raises questions, as there is no DNA/RNA match with the COVID-19 shots, suggesting they may be purely technological.

On the geopolitical front, Charles Nenner, a renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert, predicts that a once every 120-year war cycle is upon us. Nenner suggests that this war cycle will surpass the death toll of previous cycles, potentially resulting in the loss of a quarter of the world’s population. He also foresees a war cycle affecting the United States through its southern border. In terms of the economy, Nenner believes that the dollar is currently stable, but interest rates will continue to rise, inflation will increase, and a global war could cause the Dow to plummet to 5,000.

In the realm of health, Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea’s research on the effects of COVID-19 vaccines on the human body has confirmed the shedding of the vaccine from vaccinated individuals to unvaccinated individuals. This raises concerns about the spread of synthetic technology into the environment. Dr. Ana’s findings urge individuals to reconsider getting the COVID-19 vaccine and to consider the potential implications.

Lastly, in the world of decision-making, the element of time plays a crucial role. Whether we have ample time or are pressed for it, time is a factor that can optimize decisions. By breaking down decisions into smaller pieces when time allows, we can create more options and opportunities. As we slow down, the problem itself can evolve, sometimes even solving itself. This is a real-world example of selling an option at zero. Optimized time not only brings about better solutions, it sometimes is the solution.

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