Peak Insider Live Replay: June 22, 2022

In this latest Peak Insider Live, Chris and Evie answer questions on COVID, the Russian conflict, the economy, and building resilience.

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Another Answer To What To Get For The Garden

All the items Evie listed are perfect for what to buy. I’d like to add one thing for what to get and that is busy. Keep building and improving beds or rows, or whatever your system is. Then plant them with something.
I’m in the northeast where regular gardening ends after autumn. But have successfully grown my own “winter CSA”, most of which needs planting in July through the end of August. It’s possible to start right now and grow a ton of food for winter, when most of us expect the biggest shortages to begin. Start with the easy stuff that takes longest. Plant potatoes - it’s not too late. Start now for winter squash. Corn can still make it - it’s worth a try. Same with beans and sunflowers. You can live on that stuff alone. I have a variety of sweet potato called Mahon yam, bred for our climate that’s delicious. It’s from Johnny’s Select Seed. I just checked and it’s out of stock, but I’d try supermarket sweet potatoes if I had the room and that was all that was available. The greens are delicious so if you get to the end of the season, dig up the plants and if the roots didn’t have enough time to fill out, just harvest the greens. If you look for short season tomatoes, peppers and eggplants you can probably get those too.
The July through August stuff can be carrots, turnips, daikon radish, cabbages, broccoli, spinach, all the “cool weather” crops. Eliot Coleman is a great reference for producing for winter in a four-season climate.
Having said all this, if you’re new to gardening please don’t try it all. Pick the calorie crops that your family likes to eat and start there. Spend your time and attention mostly on those and if you still have the bandwidth, pick something else. In 2020, before the meadow voles found my garden, I grew more potatoes and sweet potatoes than we could eat all winter. If it gets too late or you don’t have the mental energy, keep building beds and put in a cover crop. It will improve the soil and should help keep weeds out. Or cover with the plastic Evie suggested buying. Then they’ll be ready to go in the spring.
Good luck with your garden. You’ll be surprised how much you can grow the first year. The pests usually haven’t found you yet so you may get lucky and grow a bumper crop. And you’ll learn a ton!


Give Yourself Enough Time To Fail

Evie, of all the amazing information you two put out in this presentation that comment really resonated with me. I have jumped in with both feet to get my gardening, fermentation, and baking skills back to a journeyman level. There have been several months of failures with just enough success to keep pushing. I have perfected my lacto-fermented sourdough bread that I bake in a solar oven. I’m in hot, dry Arizona but I’ve got pots with tomato plants, just planted potatoes in 5 gal buckets that I started from organic sprouted potatoes, mint, parsley, and cilantro. I’ve already had one batch of cilantro go to seed and I harvested all the seed I could for the next batch. I believe if I get these plants to produce in summer, Katie bar the door, my place will look like a jungle come winter. Water is the main concern and I’m capturing all the rainwater I can during monsoon season which is just starting. So I hope I have enough time to fail in my container garden endeavors and can expand them.
To try to buy more time to fail I am dehydrating, canning, and fermenting anything that doesn’t run away from me, hording organic seeds anytime I see them in the stores. I look a lot like a Kerr/Ball store with all the jars I have waiting to be filled and as many that are filled in every nook and cranny in my little house. To try to practice close to zero waste I took 5 pounds of hamburger, browned it to use in multiple favorite recipes, then took the rendered fat and made soap. Although the fat did smell like hamburger the finished soap came out a pristine white and no “meat” smell at all. (I left it unscented and I wanted to see what odor there could be) Sodium hydroxide is magic! From my hamburger I got five lovely bars of unscented soap and multiple meals ready to throw together at a moments notice. Bacon grease is next as I keep all of that to cook with and I’m getting a surplus.
My Mom was a child of the depression and did all of these things and more. How thankful I am that she taught me these skills and how sorry I am that I didn’t embrace them more when she was around.
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
― Thomas A. Edison


Masks In Nyc

Chris and Evie, great show as always. Just a note…I live in NJ and a few days ago, we went to visit my parents in Queens, NY. The GPS took us through Manhattan to avoid traffic. My wife and I were amazed, lots of people on the streets are still wearing masks, outside? Also noticed people wearing masks in the car by themselves. We could not believe it.


Ivermectin & Npr

Regarding wotthecurtains Ivermectin question, my take is that NPR is (still) negatively trying to associate the ‘horse dewormer’ as a bad product that could cause abortions, especially for anyone on the fence as to its efficacy. I don’t pretend to be a doctor (especially regarding medication and pregnant women), but those who know better are not NPR’s target audience.


For what it’s worth, I have heard many reports of stateside forces repainting their equipment from desert brown to woodland green.

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My question got slightly lost in translation actually. I was referring to the Vice article mentioned here:
Vice was saying that if Roe vs Wade goes “the wrong way”, women could take this drug to induce abortion on their own and one way to get it is a veterinary grade version for horses. In the same article they had the gall to say this isn’t like taking Ivermectin for Covid because thats crazy horse medicine that could hurt you.
But after I got over my anger I realized Vice is advising “Take matters into your own hands because the govt doesn’t care about you” to a group of people who probably aren’t used to hearing that message.
Leaving the specific drug and use-case aside, I thought that was kind of hopeful. I dont like “left/right” stuff but if people who identify as Liberals are getting this message now, it might be a positive overall sign.
I was going to ask Chris if he had seen any other positive signs of more people waking up in their own way, for their own reasons and realizing they need to get resilient.
It was all kind of convoluted but, hey man, thats just how my mind works.

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Question Answered?

Was my dual question answered in the video? and if so at what minute?

For The Garden

Everyone needs an Evie.
A Fail = A learning opportunity
Odd shaped vegetables still taste good

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I haven’t finished watching the video, but you might try opening the video transcript and doing a “search” for your username.

Your question makes more sense now! From reading your other (past video) posts, you’re definitely someone who reads well between the lines; my answer seemed too easy from that standpoint.
My thick head would’ve still read the initial message (that angered you), but I hope some of those who follow NPR religiously would read between the lines similarly to your 2nd interpretation.
I don’t know too many people who have woken up on their own, maybe some of the newer tribe members who have found PP? My dentist is one who figured it out (sadly after her 1st booster), yet is still slowly coming out of the Covid “fog” that I don’t think she’s connected the dots beyond. There are others who are still believers but who know that Klaus Schwab is evil, and one of my family members who doesn’t want to think about any of it, just return to “living her life” (so I told her what she needs to do, and avoid)…a real mash-up. As someone mentioned in the comments of another video, I just try to mention the importance of starting a garden, making new financial decisions, etc. because we all need to do so ASAP. Fingers crossed, they will sooner rather than later.

Make Me An Angel

For our tribe…

Downloading Video

Hey! I can’t figure out how to download the video anymore, it is just allowing me to download the audio. Thanks!

The mask in the car by themselves is the funniest to me. Who said Zombie’s were not real. What part of NJ? I would love to connect. I am currently in Bayonne and moving to old bridge.

Linking Members

I am very interested in the idea of connecting members and working together on projects.
For example I am looking into buying farmland in my area of NJ but have no idea what I am doing. I like the idea of someone earning sweat equity, partnering, merging capital with knowledge and experience and so on. I agree with you Chris there would be some details to hammer out before engaging in something like that to mainly protect everyone. The main thing would be long term vision alignment with very clear exit strategies if disagreements arise. I definitely think we are more powerful together. I look forward to seeing everyone in September!

Yeah. Desert brown kinda sticks out in Eastern Europe…