Peak Prosperity Named A 'Top Prepping Resources' Website

Well, that was a nice surprise...

We were just contacted by Happy To Survive that they rated us a top website for "preparing resources". In fact, they not only included us in their list, but placed us right at the top: we're ranked #6 out of a list of 250 websites:

That's recognition we're pleased to receive. We work hard not only to bring context and information about The Three Es, but to provide actionable guidance and resources here in our Resilient Life section.

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i have personal experience with natural news.
they posted false information about battery based, grid tied solar electric systems (what i installed for my career), not being allowed in the united states because of government regulations. the article was laced with conspiratorial suggestions that this was to stop people from having back up power from their solar electric system during grid outages.
when i tried to correct that error, my comments were deleted.
so… when i see this as #1 on a list of 250, i stopped right there and closed the page.

at the top of the list it says:
"So without further ado here are the best of the best in no particular order:"

#1 through #5 are i'd agree are pretty bad, with stretching the truth, fear-mongering, etc.

but the list is worth checking out anyhow, it looks like there are some gems in there.

kudos to adam and chris for their hard work and dedication, and efforts to inform; it's good to be recognized.

Well, there's another list we're all on wink.