Pfizer 6-Month Vaccine "data" Is In...

It’s amazing how the narrative has switched from vaccines being “safe and effective” to “you can still catch the virus but the outcome won’t be as bad”. How dumb are people that they can’t see the BS they are being peddled.
Just heading back to work with a personal mission to put ‘seeds of doubt’ into as many colleagues as I can.

If a government appointed attny in a court in Alberta, cannot demonstrate the existence of a particular “thing,” or “existent,” such as the SARS COV 2 virus, in some positive manner, which may be understood and accepted by a Judge, who may be totally uneducated in such things, then what is demonstrated is the lack of sufficient knowledge on the part of the government attny to do so…not the non-existence of a fully comprehended viral pathogen.
We know just about everything there is to know about SARS COV 2. We even have some nice, actual, pictures of it, along with its entire development history.
It’s just the number of people in complete possession of all this knowledge is small, the information is not presented to the novice, and the contextual relationships are not available to the lay public, unfamiliar with the concepts involved.

Thanks, nitro. This is also posted in the International Corona Court Forum. I want to underscore the humongous and far reaching implications of this. This is precedent setting - for everyone, everywhere!!
See more here.

Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!

...Patrick showed up in court the next day and called ‘procedural violation’ to which the judge agreed. Patrick requested adjournment that was declined. Patrick reiterated this was procedural violation at which point Deena Hinshaw’s lawyer spoke up and said “Well your honor, Mr. King is requesting evidence we cannot get”. CMOH Has No Material Evidence … to provide Mr. King for his defence, which basically means everything Patrick requested in Schedule A i.e. ‘isolation’ of the SARS-COV 2 virus that needs to be 100% isolated in order to base scientific facts on these public health acts, you don’t have material evidence for this, and they said “No.”
Patrick reiterated to the judge, “Your Honor, just for the record. I want it to be on the record duly noted that the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Alberta does not have the material evidence I request to which the judge responded “Yes, they did say that”. ...
The legal implications of this are far reaching and will bolster other legal actions. This is also a key piece of crucial evidence to share - to plant seeds of doubt and WTF?!? It also supplies hope, which is in need of reinforcement especially after the Dr. Mercola announcement. This is a David and Goliath moment!! Please share the info re the court victory far and wide in your networks.

There are bigger, more far reaching implications here, irrespective of what government lawyers may or may not know about the existence of the virus. It is about credibility and trust.
What this court case does is establish that the government of Alberta created an Emergency Act that was coercive and punitive, violating the constitutional rights of its citizens, without having the proper evidence to support the Act.
In other words, this is all a massive fraud based on lies and deceit, which has now been exposed in the courts.
It is a big freaking deal - one that has the potential to turn this around. But only if the people know of it happening - which we know the MSM will not help us to do… so it is up to us to spread the word far and wide and hope that this is one of the big seeds to wake people up.

Back in December when I was working on getting my lungs back I did come research and decided that Bromhexine was worth a try. Much to my annoyance the Amazon search found only guaifenesin formulas so I got Mucinex instead which did nothing for me.
I just repeated the search, getting the same results except one new item right at the very top -“Quercetin Zinc Immune Support Supplement - with Vitamins C&D3, Stinging Nettle Root, Bromelain - Immune Boost to Fight Flare-Ups, Improve Respiratory Health and Energy”
OK, it does contain the similar word bromelain which however is nothing like bromhexine and unspecific to lung problems. So most likely people are buying that after searching for the covid drug. Not going to buy any of those, looks like someone trying to fool people because for some reason they can not actually include bromhexine.

I think Chris meant to say Bromhexine was available on Ebay. I purchased it there a few months ago. When looking today, there was none available on the Ebay US site however it is available on the Ebay Germany site. Problem is they don’t ship to the US. Perhaps others here might know a source?

I’ve been trying to understand why Alberta just out of nowhere dropped almost everything. A court ruling that cuts the legs out from under the entire program would explain things.
Of course by the same logic they can come back with a new program backed by sturdier legal arguments later on. And now I don’t have to be surprised when they do.
Hinshaw has had moments where she seemed relatively reasonable. She usually wasn’t fanning the hysteria like other health officials, but she still followed the party line (including No Treatments For You) enough that I could never see her as one of the “good guys” doing the best they could in a world they never made.
There was no way Kenney was behind the sudden change either. He has no principles whatsoever except that of syphoning off money to his buddies as fast as he can and waiting for his expected coronation as Federal Conservative Leader.
I havent lived through a descent into dictatorship before so I know as little as most here, but Ive observed that authoritarians really like to cling to the legality of what they are doing. Its important to them to appear to be civilized even more-so than regimes that actually are civilized.
As usual I have no links, but there was story in Nazi Germany about a guy who had a job guarding a camp. One day he gets the order to take some prisoners to a shower and he refuses and is court-marshalled.
At the trail the judge asks him how he pleads to the charge of disobeying a direct order and he asks, “What order did I disobey?”.
The case is dismissed because they apparently don’t want that in the transcripts.
Of course such events don’t stop the overall program. But they are necessary because they undermine. They give hope. They are kinda funny too. I have other examples Ill try to work into future comments.

Daiichi Sankyo LULU Attack EX 24 tablets Cold Relief From Japan with tracking
It is looking like a 50-50 split so far, which is encouraging but not good enough for me! Please vote NO to send the message we will not support vax passports.

In Feb 2020, I was diagnosed with type A flu. I can be prone to rather lengthy and bad coughs. In fact, the only reason I went to urgent care was to get some GOOD cough suppressant. I only got mediocre stuff. Not sufficient.
Looked online and found a paper describing the use of potassium iodide (or iodine, can’t remember which). Anyway, I did take a few drops of Lugol’s 2% solution. (Amazon). Really helped thin out the mucus and keep the coughing reduced to a moderate level. Probably I would have needed to take that a couple of times a day.
Now, iodine/iodide solution is not something i would ever recommend someone to take. I have no idea of how it effects your thyroid and thyroid hormone levels. If you consider it, you REALLY need to read up on it.

I ordered bromhexine today from (apparently intentionally misspelled). Supposed to be based in Europe. We’ll see if it arrives. They sent a confirming email and tracking number, so appears legit so far.
Based on Dr. Been’s presentation, I don’t think bromhexine’s use as a mucolytic is the reason it is recommended for C19. More so it’s ability to block TMPRSS2 (transmembrane serine protease 2).

Hi Wotthecurtains.
I see Derek Sloan has been campaigning hard in Alberta and looks to be establishing a new political party.
A lot of what he is saying resonates with me.

Hey Jan.
Thanks for posting that but I could not see the link for voting.

I rinse daily using a nasal rinse kit spray bottle and Xylitol. It has eliminated my Sinusitis infection. I believe this lowers my risk of being infected by Covid-19 as well.

I search PP to see what others had found/posted earlier about Bromhexine and found this post from Netlej. I followed her link. It does indeed say that Bromhexin is sourced from Vasaka. This is available on Amazon and eBay… and likely other herbal sites as well.

<<Bromhexine, regular cough suppressant

Everytime I get a cold it turns into bronchitis. Since I started using Vasaka I have not had bronchitis in over 15 years. I use the powder and have been taking it daily since the C-19 started. bromhexine is a derivative of vasicine or Vasaka;

Here’s the first study on bromhexine. Note there are also trials, but this paper talks about how it works. And perhaps more interesting for us right now, how bromhexine is often included in cough syrups. So. That’s maybe a way to get bromhexine OTC. Via a cough syrup. Cough cough.
Bromhexine is a potent inhibitor of TMPRSS2, a key protease in the infection and transmission of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, bromhexine has the advantage of low price and greater safety (Sagawa et al., 2020).
And there are pretty pictures in there too.

I ordered Bromhexine on eBay.
Since I don’t read Korean or Japanese, I ordered the one with the English word Bromhexine in big letters on it!

UK Vaccination rate as of yesterday: 38,590,000 / 68,250,000 = 52.6%
Vaccinated deaths as percent of total = 224 / (224 + 165) = 57.6%
If this is true, then the risk of death for the vaccinated relative to the unvaccinated = (57.6/52.6) / (42.4/46.4) = 1.2
This disagrees with other data I’ve seen. Is it wrong, or has something changed?

10.99E for 50 8mg tabs 3.99E shipping to US