Power Shift: WHO Treaty, Vaccine Cover-ups, and Capitol Riot

In the realm of health and medicine, the latest draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty, now termed the pandemic ‘agreement’, is under scrutiny. As the World Health Assembly in May 2024 approaches, the treaty is being seen as a potential shift in the world’s power structure. The treaty’s implications are being discussed in various platforms, including the “Good Morning CHD” podcast, where James Corbett and Dr. Meryl Nass shed light on the potential changes this agreement could bring about.

Meanwhile, the history of vaccine cover-ups and censorship is being revisited. Instances of unsafe and ineffective vaccines being introduced to the market, and subsequent efforts by government officials to shield them from scrutiny, have been highlighted. The digital age and rapid communication are making it increasingly difficult for such cover-ups to persist, leading to a mounting pressure to expose the truth about vaccines.

In the political sphere, new footage from the J6 incident at the Capitol suggests that the Capitol Police may have incited the riot by firing munitions into a peaceful crowd. The footage, released by House Speaker Mike Johnson, paints a different picture from the one previously circulated by the media. The video shows Capitol Police firing rubber bullets and tear gas grenades into peaceful protesters before any attempts were made to enter the Capitol building.

Protests in Panama against a mining contract for the Cobre Panama copper mine have brought the country’s economy to a near standstill. The mine, which is estimated to be worth 3% of Panama’s entire national economy, has been operating commercially for a few years but recently received the mining concession from the government. The protests have resulted in blocked roads, closed schools, and a shortage of basic goods.

In the United States, military leadership at the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota sent a text message warning service members that their “continued service” could be in jeopardy if they attended a local rally featuring a speaker from an organization supportive of former President Donald Trump. The event in question was the “Dakota Patriot Rally,” and the speaker was from Turning Point Action, which the leadership labeled as an “alt-right organization.”

In New York, the Appellate Division of the Fourth Judicial Department reversed a ruling that had initially been brought against Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Department of Health over Rule 2.13 “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures.” The reversal means that the state can now force anyone into quarantine for any reason, not limited to the coronavirus, potentially removing residents from their homes and forcing them into quarantine camps.

A recent Gallup poll reveals that 65% of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This belief has remained consistent over the past decade, with respondents most commonly citing the U.S. government and the CIA as potential co-conspirators.

Finally, “Immunization DNA” or iDNA, a new type of gene therapy vaccine, is set to begin human trials in 2024. Concerns have been raised about the potential risks of iDNA shots, including the possibility of genomic integration, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Despite these concerns, health agencies have not taken action to remove DNA-contaminated COVID vaccines from the market.

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