Preparing for An Uncertain Future: New Help For You

Today we're introducing another new series on the site. One that will surface actionable, experience-based advice on how to prepare for the kind of future predicted by the Crash Course.

The pace of major developments happening around us is accelerating - think QE2, currency wars, runaway commodity prices, to name just a few. As a result, we're hearing more urgent requests than ever before for guidance on how individuals should position themselves.

Hence this new series which, by the way, will be written by our readers for our readers. There are seasoned members who have been taking steps to put the ideas discussed on this site into practice - and they are graciously willing to share the valuable knowledge they have gained in doing so.

The purpose here is to surface practical gems of wisdom that may otherwise be difficult to pinpoint amidst the multitude of forum threads. And to enhance them further via your comments to these articles. The intent is to save less experienced preppers hours of hunting and heartbreak in trying to learn these lessons via research or trial-and-error.

I couldn't be more pleased with the line-up of authors who have stepped up to share their experience with us. Today's maiden post, A Case Study in Community, is from SagerXX -  it's a wonderful recap of how, after moving to a new location where he knew virtually no one, he's systematically building a local group of people who increasingly are supporting each other in ways drawn from the type of "community" our grandparents knew.

Soon to follow will be posts on aquaponics (Farmer Brown), healthy garden cooking (EndGamePlayer), making the ex-urban transition (joemanc), influencing the political process (ccpetersmd), solarizing your home (rhare) - with others coming soon after. And if there are topics you'd like to see featured here, or if you have interest in contributing a post on a relevant area of your expertise, please indicate so in our What Should I Do? feedback forum.

You'll find this new series located in the new "What Should I Do?" blog module immediately below the Daily Digest on the front page. Please give Sager's piece a read and let us know what you think of this new addition to the site.


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If these are your initiatives, you’re definitely providing value-add.

I just read SagerXX’s post and really can see how community building can start small and grow and be meaningful. This is great for those who have seen the Crash Course and want to know what they can do.


This new series of writings is such an unbelievable awesome idea and I can’t wait to read everyones experiences,. Thank you.
There is only so much hashing of the days events that anyone can take before they finally take action in their life. The people at were an inspiration to me and undoubtedly others. What a great feature to the site this will be.


This idea came to me driving home tonight - appoint a person or small group to assemble a researched, thought out post on a specific topic of interest, that might offer more than the random threads - and here you are already implementing it!  thanks, Tom

Adam & the rest at,
One again congrats on your input & efforts to make one of the most valuable sites on the web.

I’ll be sure to read everything, 'cos there are some great contributors.




Re, any thoughts on holding paper stock certificates as mode of securities ownership versus electronic record with a broker/DTCC? If we get a bank holiday or worse…dollar/treasury default, don’t know what happens to the US brokerages.
OT…Steve Keen is awesome :<)

Thank you Adam…   It is a strong reinforcement of this web community to tap the individual skills and expertise of members this way.

This is a great idea.  My Teacher said long ago, “You get information from those who have it.”  I think this, in part, is what he meant.

Everyone like to save his future. And He doing hard work for get success.

Either that or maybe he meant, “Leave me alone, I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.”