QE 4: Folks, This Ain't Normal

It makes perfect sense. 

We live in a world of contrived happiness. There is a lot of people that expect stuff, by and large because they had stuff in the past. Most of these people fully well realize the party is over and this roll of the dice is not going to last even if we all inherited super powers or fusion tomorrow. 

So what the established interests do, for as long as they can bear with it, is pour any kind of volatile in to the engine, in the hope it will last another few days. They have been pouring all the brandy in the gas tank and amazingly the engine has not much sputtered yet. But very soon it will and people will start dying in droves, the protesting will start, and then the looting and then the angry mobs will start looking for the assholes that did this to us. And trust me, they'll find them.

Or at least some of them. The very rich (I know a few) have diversified their investments. Check up on these people buying incredibly remote estates. I know one who billionaire bought a massiver, almost insanely hard to reach estate against the border of Canada. Huge sprawling estate build over a former nuclkear fallout shelter on some hill. Veritable maze of roads leading to the estate. Guns. Massive stores of nonperishable foods and means to make more of it in splendid isolation. Hydrogen cars and means to make more of that, such as solar panels.

I read these kind of investments by those people as a giant "you are on your own, idiots". And I guess we are. So my suggestion is, when all this collapses, is to look really hard for where all the rich responsible people went. Because clearly we'll have a lot of lynching to do and they won't majke it easy. 

Atlas's head rolled from the Guillotine, right?