Rapid & Affordable Testing For Covid-19 On The Way

Wow! We have even more good news to share in today’s video. We could get used to this…

First: several quick, cheap tests for covid-19 are rolling out. Finally, we should be able to do widespread testing that’s not overly invasive, too expensive, or takes forever to get results.

Second: Ivermectin continues to show statistical effectiveness against covid-19. It may be effective at later stages of infection than HCQ.

Third: the XYZ+ Hypothesis is holding up strong as more data comes in. It really does seem that the world may indeed be past the worst of the deaths from this pandemic.

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It’s crucial that an inexpensive electronic biosensor virus detection system be developed with sensitivity to the active virion spike binding affinity to ACE2 (RBD) receptor protein chain. Asymptomatic individuals who may comprise 40% of the population are undetectable by present RT-PCR and Thermal testing methods, leaving the population at high risk of infection.
Cloud connected early warning detection in crowded venues and preferably for home-use to detect asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals is paramount, otherwise coming back to normal will be agonizing and slow.

This is more where we should have been 4 mos ago. Now if we could get them to concentrate on therapeutics, even cheap ones… We could possibly control this , without waiting and hoping on some miracle vaccine… that wouldn’t be even at best case… safety and efficacy.

I think the XYZ hypothesis is still an hypothesis and needs some tweaking. Chris seems to gloss over data which contradict the hypothesis (e.g. the Louisiana data has only one region which doesn’t seem to contradict the hypothesis to some extent). Looking at Pakistan and Sweden (admittedly, only two countries), we do see something approximating to the hypothesis but the daily case level doesn’t really approach zero, seeming to level off at some not insignificant numbers (about 650 in Pakistan and about 270 in Sweden - a much smaller country). Chris does mention the long term effects again and this may be something to address for aysmptomatic people (who likely wouldn’t get tested and so not appear in case numbers); I seem to recall some reports of asymptomatic people who have later brain related issues.
The treatment options are looking better - if health authorities can be brought on board - but I’m very wary of taking antibiotics and would like to avoid that.

Coronavirus Detection kit doing a Great job. Now trump approves plasma treatment also for COVID patients.

Chris’s latest video is worrying in that Chris seems to be misinterpreting stuff. Perhaps it’s his toothache.
He lambasts a Doctor’s tweet for listing HCQ and other effective treatments for Covid-19 along with crazy stuff, like bleach. He read the tweet which asks the question, “Which medicine prevents COVID?” However, he then assumes that “prevent” meant “treat” when it clearly didn’t. It meant “prevent”. The clue is below the list, where the good doctor implores people to “Wear a mask, wash hands, avoid crowds.” That is, he’s listing things which do help to prevent the disease, things which Chris would agree with. Unfortunately, having decided that “prevent” meant “treat”, Chris got a bit angry because he knows that some things in the first list do actually help in treatment. It was a useful video, nonetheless, but, Chris, you should apologise to Dr Faheem Younus for assuming that he meant something other that what he wrote.

having the syringe helps. each tube has a notched ‘pusher’ to push the paste out the end. lots of notches. there’s a lock that can be set so you can’t push past that lock until you re-adjust it. each notch is roughly equal to 50 pounds of body weight. so a 100 pound woman would get two ‘notches’ as a dosage. Of course, I only have a particular brand, but would be willing to be most of the syringes have a similar system Reading the dosage on the package also helps :slight_smile: