REPLAY: December Peak Insider Live Q&A with Chris and Evie

Eu Inflation

Chris, you mentioned the EU deindustrialization. I hear this with increasing frequency.
OMG. This will only make their inflation that much worse. And their standard of living will plummet.
Now they will have to import all the stuff (fertilizer, food, aluminum, finished goods…) that they were producing so well in the past decades. And that stuff will come from the U.S.? Maybe a bit of it, but a lot of it won’t be replaced by anybody. Creating such lines of supply takes a lot of time, I think. And massive amounts of capital that might not exist or will be crushed by deflation/stagflation and stupid U.S. policy.
The rock and the hard spot are squeezing together. Wiggle room is vanishing.

The Rockefeller File By Gary Allen

Red Light Therapy

Hey Chris - curious about what brand of light therapy box you are using. I’m considering buying one and would love insight and recommendations

Born In The Wrong Body ? Let’s Market That Idea!

CM: “…but, maybe…” And maybe what else?
Maybe we should consider that this is an information age in which data is worth more than thin-air money, and that every time a child or an adult is shepherded down the path of gender-reassignment, hormone therapies, surgeries, et al, that someone is collecting a shitload of data, which they can then use on their continuing transhumanist project of re-engineering the human race, so that the global ownership class can finally feel safe from the rest of us, once we own nothing are are happy with the arrangement.
We are here to be experimented on, and however much the investors/experimenters spend (in dollar-terms), in providing free or low-cost gender-reassignment procedures and therapies, it all works out in their favor.

Does Some One Have A Good Link To Death Statistics By Country Vs Vax Rate?

Since Chris mentioned it: Does some one have a good link to death statistics by country vs vax rate? A friend of me who is a medical doctor and anti vax said there is no correlation, so i wonder what is truth.

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Did you not forget Melatonin and Quercetin?
For me it was few days strong running nose and some strange taste in mouth. And then i took high Melatonin as recommended and next day it was gone. Second time it was similar except the nose was not running that strong. Both times it ended when taking Melatonin. Took also before regularly high dose Vitamin D and Multimineral Supplement plus Magnesium.

Read Infiltration by Taylor Marshall.

Chris’ Opinions

Chris, when you talk about something such as fracking, for example, I would love to hear your opinion on it. So often you are so objective I can’t tell which side you are on. Your opinion is of utmost importance since you have such a wealth of knowledge.
I would like to know WHY leaders from such countries as the Netherlands are willing to purge farming from their country. Why isn’t a countrywide revolt happening?
Can unvaxxed with Covid have the same spike protein damage as vaxxed? Is there data?

Timestamp Request

Hi all.
There are a number of interesting topics here but I often don’t have the time to watch the whole video at 1h 41m. I like the listing of some of the questions, which gives me a heads up about the content.
Would it be possible to have someone add rough timestamps to the questions list, so I can jump to the discussion of interest?
Wish I had time to watch the whole thing… and I’m amazed at how much content Chris can crank out each week!
Here’s an example from a recent Palisades Gold Radio interview on YouTube. While it’s nice to be able to click on the timestamp (in blue) and the video autocues to that point, that isn’t that critical to me. It’s not hard to manually cue up a section of interest.
Thanks again!

Cost Of A Pond

No need to worry about permits in my humble opinion.
You could transplant some beavers to build a pond and wetland for you per a Brett W interview yesterday.