REPLAY: December Peak Insider Live Q&A with Chris and Evie

A special date and time, but all the same insightful, time-saving, dot-connecting information.

It was a busy afternoon for this special show. Chris and Evie answered questions about

  • Japan's financial cliff
  • Why banks aren't fighting Central Bank Digital Currency
  • Whether mRNA spike proteins impact people up to a year later (or more)
  • The WEF plans
  • Should you buy gold and silver now
  • Who is really running the global political show
  • HCQ impact on the common cold and White Hats releasing Omicron
  • How to fight the totalitarian movement overtaking the West
  • Why is it the West that is moving away from fossil fuels, but no one else
  • How to deal with difficult conversations,
and so much more.

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Where Are These Spike Protein Tests?

Only see the antibody tests online in the search engines.
Seems like a good way for the vaxxed and worried to sleep better but also for the unvaxxed who worry they have been exposed to shedding.
I’m actually a bit surprised I haven’t heard of anyone studying this, but maybe there are good reasons for that.


Happy Birthday Evie!

Wishing you blessings and prosperity for your new birthday year. I feel blessed to have you as a member of our tribe. You radiate love and peace. We can all use more of that in our lives. I am grateful for you and everything you do here.


Happy Birthday, Solstice Lady.

And thank you for the wonderful poem.


Covid Update

I finally got it! And my 17 year old daughter too. I did treat it with everything I had (IVM at ~ 0.75 mg/kg, HCQ, nigella, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, NAC, nasal rinses, mouthwash, Xlear)
Our trajectories were similar:
Day 1 - body aches and headache starting in afternoon, low fever (she had a sore throat)
Day 2 - same, but a highish fever (102F at bedtime).
Day 3 - body aches, headaches nearly gone, low fever, shoveled snow, resumed walking dog. Developed slight productive cough.
Day 4 - no fever.
Today is day 9. The cough is nearly gone.
2 1/2 days of illness. Stayed on meds for 6 1/2 days to clean up that spike.
Yay for natural immunity.


Thank You For This! And Cow Farts.

I enjoyed the entire live show this morning, and I’d like to try to be live next time. Yesterday I was visiting my hubby in hospital, plus going to a local farmer to buy veggies. Otherwise, afternoons (Eastern Standard Time) would work great for me.
I always laugh at the concern about cow farts. Not only are they zero sum because the cows are eating grass, but don’t deer fart? Moose? Raccoons? Wolves? If every animal poops, doesn’t it stand to reason that every animal might toot once in a while?
I homeschooled my kids, too, and most of my grandkids have been homeschooled as well. They all can think for themselves and don’t seem to fall prey to group think. I’m thankful for that.
I’m not testing myself for covid, but I did come down with a cold yesterday. Felt it coming on the day before. My usual protocol is to oil pull first thing in the morning, using coconut oil and swishing and sucking for 10 minutes. It’s amazing how much phlegm I cough up after that. I always add lots of vitamin C, hot tea with ginger and cayenne pepper, and my usual daily dose of vitamin D3 plus K2. I felt rotten when I got up this morning, but after the oil pulling and vitamins I just have a bit of a headache. I’d test myself if I didn’t have to stick something up my nose. My inlaws (both in their mid 70’s) have had the jab (brother in law 3x; sister in law 2x) and they’ve both had covid and other symptoms. My bil is often dizzy and finds he can’t eat sugar without being sick (better he doesn’t, anyway) and my sil has had heart arrythmias and joint pain. They thankfully have listened to John Campbell who started out pro jab and now is decidedly anti jab, so they’re not going to get another one. I’m so sad to see how my bil has aged this year, since the jab. He was formerly so healthy, kept a large garden, lifted box after box of compost into my truck to help me in my newish garden. He’s now got a gray complexion and is often dizzy and feeling unwell. I fear for him in 2023. I wonder if I got this possible covid from them. Is it possible they are still shedding months after the jab? I love them and will not avoid them, but I’m just wondering about that.
Thanks for everything you do.


Yes, Happy Birthday, Evie! I like how you choose a poem to end the session with.


Good Time Slot

Hello Chris & Evie,
First of all happy b-day Evie and this time slot works better for me as I have a work meeting daily at the other slot so I usually watch the recording.
Merry Christmas,


What A Team!

I always think this, but today I will say it.
Chris and Evie make a lovely complimentary team. I like the perspective that Evie brings to the conversation. And her poem choices!


Merry Christmas!

Thank you for taking my question. Didn’t mean to sound so depressed, was just very tired when I recorded it.
Thanks for the hint, I’ll look for the tests.
Was a kid when SU collapsed… But current events bring back memories and make me reevaluate some things.
Best wishes for the holidays!



It’s interesting this question of “who’s really in charge”. My opinion, is that it boils down to Freemasonry. That’s how they all meet each other and I think Evie’s point is so key here: it’s a lack of balance. In reality, Christianity was really out of hand in the early days of Puritans coming to this land. The witch burning, etc, snitching on people… But people like George Washington were Freemasons.They believed in more freedom just like Chris mentions. They had to be covert to skirt the oppressive nature of how Christianity was presenting itself in those times. But now we don’t have that counterbalance and Freemasonry has gotten more and more out of hand. If you watch a compilation of Hollywood elites, and the gaudy upside down crosses and “darkened eye” pose…there are SO many movies that are just witchcraft, satanism, psychopath, or a team of all three being school chums and fighting something ? It’s ubiquitous now and like Chris says it has developed on its own like an emergent property in a complex system. I think Washington would be disgusted with what his religion has become.

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Wishing you well. I had a thought about your question: I don’t believe US people are serious and focused enough to do anything for 70 years. There’s a huge backlash growing already. I’m a huge fan of Russian culture btw, and hope you feel welcome here and happy.


Follow-up Question To The Live Question I Asked On Esg

Hi Chris & PP members. At Wednesday’s live event, I had asked a live question about ESG. I had a follow-up question which I was not able to ask:
If the West will experience a great reduction in the availability of all natural resources, what does this mean for the availability of all natural resources in the rest of the world (i.e. South America, Africa, south-east Asia, etc)? Will there be a rebalancing, such that the rest of the world will get their “fair share”? Or, will the developing nations and 3rd world countries remain just as poor? What’s your thoughts on this?

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On Conversing With A “believer,”

Sometimes, just to create a moment of silence in a conversation with someone steadfastly stuck in the “mainstream narrative,” I’ll borrow a quote from Mark Twain,
”It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”


When did you start the different treatments?

We Need Neutral Facts With No Culprits Identified

You mentioned connecting with those under the sway of the current mass psychoses (on both the left and the right) by using I statements about how you personally see things. Not starting with making it about their delusions.
Good advice. And I would take it a step farther.
We are angry about what is being done to us by the sociopathic elites. We should be. We want to take names and kick posteriors. We want to punish the people behind the awful things that go on around us. NO AMNESTY!!!
AND we each must now ask which we want more.
Vengeance for their crimes against humanity [and us specifically] orSurvival of western values, survival of the US Republic, and physical survival of main street.
For those of you who know Spiral Dynamics, we are the remnant of the individualistic, healthy Orange modern enlightenment. We insist on judging actions and ideas by their objective outcome in the real world. And that is not enough. We must now move beyond post-modern tribal ISMs that foster group delusions that cannot be swayed by facts or observations. That involves moving to a much more sophisticate type of systems thinking that is sometimes called 2nd tier, sometimes post-post-modern. That involves building better options, one neighborhood at a time and then inviting the shell shocked to see what we offer.
The problem with individualism is that we have a drive for credit for our own ideas AND we too often join the ISMs in wanting to destroy the “heretics” that are holding back a better world. If you look post WW2, you see the Marshall plan putting more energy into rebuilding and not being distracted by making the Nurnberg trials the main show. Yes, we went after offenders, but unlike the Jan 6 committee, the Allies did NOT spend all their energy on witch hunts and vengeance. [Compare to the WW1 vengeance against Germany which was the direct cause of WW2.] As a result, former toxic enemies were able to reform internally and reintegrate themselves into the modern world, pushing out the most radical voices themselves.
So, ask yourself. Do you want to play the blame game, which is exactly what the Davos Crowd wants. I suggest that we take back our neighborhoods first. And that means we cannot rant against individuals that we know are guilty.
We must instead reveal the broken parts of the system in a Modern, Enlightenment methodology… “Just the facts, ma’am!” I also think the western economic system, not elections or healthcare [OK, lack thereof] is a good starting place as both elections and medicine have been contaminated by warring, toxic mass psychoses on BOTH the left and the right. Politically, the Duopoly is winning it’s war against the Republic.
Chris and Dave F., you have amassed some wonderful data on the problems with the broken, fiat-currency, debt-based financial system. It is possible to present that information in a public forum without point fingers at the culprits. You could teach main street how the economy shifts assets to the wealthy and manipulates prices with many simple graphs. Falling oil prices in the face of shortages. No need to say who did it. Just show the graph. Markets in lockstep - show the graph. Overnight trading swinging market prices - just show the graphs. Us baby boomers syphoning money from younger, working adults to fund cushy retirements, while young families struggle to survive. Show these graphs with the inflection point. It’s not any longer, as the poor believe, that upper middle class 100K incomes and 1-2 million assets are the problem. Yes, to the starving poor that seems rich, AND NOT when you look about middle class and see half-billion dollar salaries and assets siphoning money away from main street. No blame, just show the graphs. The 100K laptop class in NOT the enemy. The inflection point is way above that.
Perhaps, if we just show economics like it is, with NO BLAME, just the facts, we can then use these graphs to send out everywhere with no vilification. I would love to be able to go into a rant against the Fed and Wall Street and every form of corruption in our money-controlled government, AND that doesn’t serve us, It just increases polarization.
Just food for thought.

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My thoughts are that ESG has absolutely nothing to do with fairness or balance. It’s about getting the little people to stop consuming so much, to leave more for Team Elite.
If any of this results in less being consumed by western nations so that currently impoverished countries can have a turn at what’s left, I will be utterly shocked and have to reevaluate many of my belief structures.

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Do Not Do The Live During Working Hours

I understand why it’s easier for you do do this during the day, but that’s not fair to those PP subscribers who work 8-5. They really need to be able to participate also, without worrying about that interfering with their day job.
What I have done when working with global teams is to alternate an early morning time (7:30 or *AM Eastern) with an evening time (8 or 9 pm Eastern). One of the two usually works for most people.

I Live In Phoenix And My Partner Thinks He Should Be Allowed To Be A Grasshopper…

Knowing what we all know, I am deeply troubled by this. We just had a baby, and he works as a head chef of a fairly popular restaurant here and I am allowed to be a stay at home mom; things are tight, but we are getting along just fine… or so he believes. He isn’t willing to live within his means, and he doesn’t want to have to do anything extra, up to and including watch these videos. I do not know how to get through to him that we need to be better prepared… his solution was to open an IRA and I just about came undone… he isn’t willing to believe that this whole system is crumbling and is only preparing for the future he wants to see… I have no family here officially anymore, as the last of them just move back to the east side of Texas. He doesn’t want to move, he doesn’t want open his eyes and I so desperately feel like he is dragging me off a cliff… I truly don’t know what to do. I do love him, and he is a good father… but like how do you fix the fact that our life paths seem to not be as clear as we had thought

Barbara - we have subscribers from pretty much every time zone. So, one person’s gain is another person’s miss.