Resilience As The Key To Crisis-Proof Wealth

Given Friday's important swing low in the precious metals, we're hard at work this weekend finishing up a lengthy analysis of the fundamentals ahead for gold & silver.

But in the interim, we want to make sure that our podcast listeners don't go without their weekly fix.

So below are several recent interviews Chris and/or I have given as we've been getting the word out about our new book Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting:

Greg Hunter: Everybody Knows This Economy Is Unsustainable


Jay Taylor: Prospering and Creating a World Worth Inheriting

James Howard Kunstler: KunstlerCast 272 — A Conversation with Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart

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Love to see the "air quotes" in action.  For me, Chris's ""Markets"" is now shorthand and an ideal replacement for when the MSM uses Stock Market Quotes. 
My sincere best to all involved!   Adam's book "Finding your Way…" has put me on the right track to finding my authentic career.  The work isn't easy and the timescales are not insta-point-and-click-done as on social media, but the benefits are lifelong and meaningful. 

Good luck.

CM and AT; you maybe having more of an influence than you think! After an enjoyable weekend in the woods, a return to mainstream media and a late evening listen to the PP podcast made me wonder; "Is the president's response to the shooting in CA indicative of a major rethinking of the US's role in the mid-east or a response to listening to PP podcasts?"

"We will destroy ISIL and any other organization that tries to harm us. Our success won't depend on tough talk, or abandoning our values or giving into fear. That's what groups like ISIL are hoping for. Instead, we will prevail by being strong and smart, resilient and relentless," Obama said.
Perhaps that is also driving companies like Devon Energy to use some of that recently printed FED money to secure working assets in NA, just in case things blow up in the near east. Can't encourage you fellows more in your endeavors. Resilience? You bet! Keep up the good work.

I listened to all three consecutively and will go back for snippets to share with a few family members who (finally!) want to know what it is I've been trying to talk about the past 8 years.  It was great to hear your voice in the mix Adam, and together you two still have that quality that keeps me here - great information with a steady, grounded delivery.  Don't stop! 


The true function of education should be to teach the kids How to Think. Not what to think. 
Of cause there are artisan crafts that go into the pudding too, but the majority of the recipe should be on Great Blunders that have been uttered by has-been authorities.  While we may offer them examples of our mistakes,  they have to make their own. It is the nature of Reality that we are offered the examination and then given the lesson.

And they really must understand the all-pervasive sea of propaganda they live in. It is in essence a Battle of Memes.

I have two sons. One of 40 something and one finishing university.  The 40 year old is amenable to my input (But balks at the results of the Quantum Erasure Experiment. He is intelligent enough to understand the implications. )

The younger one is far better at mathematical integration than me, so he is very dismissive.

They must also know that the future belongs to them.

Arthur said:

The true function of education should be to teach the kids How to Think. Not what to think.

I just wanted to belatedly commend this statement. This is exactly what I try to do with my students and probably why I am considered terrifying, ....though somehow my teaching is always highly rated...(go figure). Although we often berate our education system for not teaching creative or critical thinking, parents, teachers, governments or other vehicles of authority are often displeased with the results if such thinking is instilled and turned on them. You cannot have it both ways. Such thinking is invaluable but often uncomfortable when the child comes home and starts questioning the family's politics or religion, for example. That said, the problem is not all external either as many people simply do not want to have to think at all. It continually amazes me just how hard some people will work to avoid having to think. How many people just want a recipe for life that they can memorize and then repeat thoughtlessly? There is no one size fits all education path but at present society is enjoying the dream of infinite growth and supposedly increasing standards of living and so those critical thinking skills are devalued. Why? Because few want someone thinking outside the box to come along and wake them from their comfortable dream with a cold bucket of reality. Chris and Adam are to be commended for wielding that bucket steadily to try to help more and more people out of their stupor.