Revisiting The Great Taking with David Rodgers Webb

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Today, I welcome back David Rodgers Webb, Author of “The Great Taking”. For me, this journey began after an initial weekend of reading David’s book, a weekend down the rabbit hole followed by my first interview with David last November. Over a thousand hours of research later, and a complete series of deep dives on the topic, I am pleased to talk with David again on recent developments surrounding The Great Taking, and how David sees things developing including some of the recent events with states such as South Dakota and Tennessee taking notice of David’s work. Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out our digital webinar – details below.

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If Tennesse is taking notice, that might be my next place to move!

I just made a settlement offer to an HOA that is denying my easement request. Hopefully they will accept it and buy my land. I will then look for opportunities to buy a plot of heaven of my own.

I do wonder if the best defense to the “taking” is to own your home/land out right and place the ownership in a trust controlled only by the trustees. Perhaps “renting” it from the trust will give you additional legal protections of you are suddenly unable to pay the property taxes due to no fault on your own. If you had a long-term lease that was paid upfront, evicting the tenants might put an addition speed bump in the way of the state foreclosing for back taxes.


I’ll reiterate a point I made a while back: the fact that TPTB make such an enormous effort to hide things like this means they are vulnerable to the general public knowing about it.

So spreading the word about TGT and similar plots is a powerful weapon on our side. Yes, we should take precautions for self protection, but we are far from helpless here.

Webb’s story about the TN legislature is inspiring. The fact that state legislatures could do two simple things to undo this is amazing; it reveals how vulnerable their plan is.

Kudos all around for the great work on this topic.


I did a presentation on The Great Taking for our local Patriot group and one of our members is a broker / agent for New York Life. She was horrified by the thought that she might have been unknowingly selling garbage to her clients, so she’s been trying to look for solutions and rattle cages at her work, but so far she is hitting a wall of apathy and “oh, that will never happen.” But after my brief, she double-checked my facts and, yup… her long-term brokerage clients are vulnerable, no matter WHAT her bosses believe. So now she’s in a dilemma.

Unfortunately, awakening my twice-vaccinated husband from his denial has proven a lot more difficult. He flat-out refuses to watch the documentary, check facts, or even look into it. What can you do when people refuse to see the evil that is standing right in front of them? I’ve tried to warn other friends and they have absolutely no interest in even hearing about it. Only the vaccine-resistors seem to understand that the system is rotten.


“When you learn a thing a day, you store up smart.” Festus Haggen

Boy, did I store up a whole wagon load of smart with this interview! It absolutely confirms my belief that investing in the Bank of Ball/Mason is the right thing to do. The complexity itself, is the obfuscation tool used by these tyrannical maniacs.

Derivatives = 20 times world gdp, indeed. And all it takes is one snowflake shifting to create the avalanche that will bring down the whole dog and pony show.

Mucho Thanks, Chris and Dave, for all you do!!!


I’ve been thinking about how to put TGT in context.

In economics we face a trifecta of impending destruction. The base is debt-backed currency expanding exponentially which will collapse of its own weight in the near future.

On top of that is the derivatives complex, which is too complex to untangle. No participant can really assess their counterparty risk individually because of the unknown interconnections within the complex. But it is so interconnected that a sufficient player’s collapse would bring all of it down - meaning the derivatives intended to mitigate risk actually accelerated it.

It is so complex that decades of court battles would be unable to resolve it all.

On top of that is the icing on the cake - TGT. It is a horrible act. But: if the money collapses, and derivatives go with it, the resulting mess would be impossible to untangle. From that perspective the authors or alleged beneficiaries of TGT would end up with nothing as well - unless they force through the courts rulings in a reasonable time frame.

I don’t want to trivialize TGT but in that context I don’t see how TPTB would benefit if the economy and legal and political systems collapse.

As Chris points out: complex systems collapse into simpler systems. I think that is what has to occur. I don’t see a way to untangle derivatives or fiat money or both in an orderly manner.

So primary wealth will be what matters at some point.

But another context: the hybrid war.
Big Pharma gave us COVID vaccines.
Big Finance gave us TGT.
With some thought and exploring I bet we can find every industry has been turned into the opposite of its alleged mission: big medicine is anti-health; big money is anti-wealth; big ag is anti-food; big education (universities and public schools) are anti-knowledge and anti-thinking; Hollywood is anti-culture and anti-art; etc. etc.

All of this hybrid war has weaponized the economy against the general population. Each front in the war needs to be opposed. The bastards are doing all of this at once so we are too busy to defeat all of their attacks.

So it is a big nasty war. But we are just realizing the war is happening and have not yet begun to fight back.


This banking cabal, though evil are not stupid and have surely gamed this out so that they in fact do end up with all the marbles. They’ll spread around a bit of the spoils to their buddies in the various Rules for Rulers groups - bankers, military/industrialists, tech/media, health/pharma/universities, and spies/police.

I agree, The Great Taking is too outrageous all at once - but perhaps not after a series of these various precursor mini-collapses. What if they never let the whole system get to the point of absolute collapse. Instead, they engineer a series of mini-collapses that conveniently happen over the weekend. Each crisis results in a successively simpler, more centralized and authoritative system and extracts more and more concessions made by a public who are happy to have someone bail them out and protect them from complete ruin.

At each mini-collapse along the way, more and more enabling changes are made needed to exert more control and roll out the next crisis and new “solutions”. For example, solve the debt crisis and control misbehaving peasants by introducing a new CBDC. Run ads on TV and social media, “Trade two greenback and get 1 digital daddy Biden Buck. Turn in $10,000 or more and get your ‘10 for the big guy’ commemorative pen.”

We already know what some of the potential crises are that might be precipitated or amplified by agent provocateurs: war, terrorist attacks blamed on the Russians and super MAGA, grid outages, extreme weather/climate, food shortages/famines, pandemics…

Most of the public will fall right in line and demand fixes, will trade more and more freedom for less and less safety, and will turn in the neighbors for spewing hate (fka truth).

How to predict how it might shake out, what to look for? Couldn’t really smart game theorists or could game this out? Run a series of Monte Carlo simulations? Maybe discern using AI analysis of what the sci-fi and spy novelist and Hollywood are writing?


I think we can all agree that the cabal would like nothing more than for the system to continue ‘as is.’

Consider the virtues:

1 - They print the money and distribute it themselves, mainly, with a few crumbs for the bottom 25% who live off the spoils too, just not nearly as generously.

2 - The middle 74% toil away expending their entire lives slaving away making the goods and services that the 1% really do enjoy.

If that system cracks there has to be a replacement system, so what would that be?

Hopefully the truly powerful aren’t so dumb as to actually think that somehow people crammed into 15-minute cities and drawing a UBI will continue to slave away productively.

If they are that dumb, then all is lost.

But assuming they aren’t, there has to be some other plan for adjusting to the new realities which are (a) declining net energy from oil (and, yes, even a decline in the rate of expansion of net energy is a shock) and (b) out-of-control, late-stage exponential debt expansion.

How to square all that up without big, scary disruptions? I haven’t a clue.


For the life of me, I can’t imagine a “cabal” of people able to conceive, organize and exact such a feat. There is a self organizing evil that is gestating in the lives of these groups. We’re living thru parturition, the birth pains are so real I can’t fathom what will be born.

Good luck


Chris! As a long time truth warrior, I am so glad that you have accepted this monumental undertaking. Open source intelligence is a very powerful tool and you’re using it as a master. I am so proud to see a coalition of “alternative” voices that are speaking truth to power, Robert Kennedy Jr., Bret Weinstein, James Corbett, Whitney Webb, Maajid Nawaz… You are doing great things, Chris.
Welcome to the rabbit hole.


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
You can lead a man to information, but you can’t make him think.


I thoroughly have enjoyed learning more about this topic from people who are outside of the system. I have recommended this book to many people. It is quite clear that lawmakers are bought by big players to steal from the average person. Some retail investors who have known about this issue since 2021. Over 70,000,000 shares of GameStop have been taken back by retail investors into their own name via transfer agent and out of the dirty hands of Cede. This is an ongoing battle for retail investors vs the protected class. The system almost broke in Jan of 2021 due to the basket of “meme stocks”. Thomas Petterfy even said so.

To not know is bad, choosing not to know is worse


My friends and I play a dumb little card game called Guillotine. One of those to behead is Robespierre, who helped create the revolution. It never occurred to him that it might come for him.

They just might be that dumb. Not dumb, but clueless at the mess it creates and how it actually would impact them.


I see it as a form of hubris: they are blind to potential negative consequences of their actions on themselves.



I think this is related to that “Rules for Rulers” video @cmartenson linked to a few days ago. When a new ruler gets in, he/she eliminates many of those who helped him/her get to that place.

I think this might be similar to what the cabal are thinking. They believe they are essential and will (continue to) be rewarded in the ‘new’ system. But in the new system, whoever ends up at the top will want to eliminate most of them to minimize the dependencies.

In short, all is lost. At least, Robespierre’s head was lost!


I think the hubris runs deeper.
If they crash the global monetary and economic system, and go through with TGT, how will others live?

They want to have the masses in 15 minute cities. But I doubt most will go willingly at that point. The middle class having lost so much will not have much left to lose.

How will this great society of the future be maintained? Freedom is necessary not just for innovation but for keeping the lights on. It takes freedom of thought to just maintain a level of technology.

The master planners will show their hubris as “the fatal conceit” Hayek wrote about - the falsehood that technocrats can replace the market in price discovery.

This hubris will show up in all areas they seek to control. Agriculture? Likely they’ll ruin topsoil, deplete aquifers, and starve cattle.


Does anyone know if Martin Armstrong changed his mind and agree with the findings of TGT? I wonder if anyone will bring it up at his up coming conference?


I’ll make a counterpoint and say that I believe wholeheartedly that they want big changes, and they’re getting them a lot faster than most of us realize - hence the big changes that the West has been enduring.

They’ve given us enough clues to disseminate the “what” that change looks like and “how”. There’s also reasonable assertions that can be made for “why” the West and Christianity are being systematically deprecated, and that’s because the end state of whatever it is that they’re going for doesn’t include private property / individualism, Liberty, God, nor anything righteous from the tenants of the American Constitution.

Rewinding a bit to several months before Biden “won” the 2020 Presidential (s)election, a strategy that was made publicly by Tony Blinken and a couple of others associated with the American IC was that the U.S. had to become more like China in order to be competitive - painting China as their greatest adversary. In this endeavour, we would also have to unite with our closest allies in order to have economic and geopolitical leverage over China. I think this was a sufficient BS narrative to muster the support of Western IC analysts and all of those who would have to commit treasonous acts in order to pull off this vile transformation of the West.

Now I very much admire David Rogers Webb, and I strongly agree with the logical case that he made in this interview about the banks being in control of governments. I think it should go without saying that CIA and its allied counterparts do not have the best interests of their respective citizens, certainly not in any way that reflects or respects the Constitution. The nature of their actions are categorically gnostic - as if they (g)now better than you and I.

Given all of the reprehensible shit that has and continues to destroy America and it’s closest allies, we can assume the IC is in on it. I will go as far as to say that there’s more than ample evidence to suggest that they are orchestrating it. If the banking class controls the government, then logically the IC is accountable to the bankers.

So if the cabal doesn’t want the system to continue ‘as is’, then what do I think they they want? My guess would be that they desire a one-world government system that is instrumented with global corporatism (really communism) to rule over an atheistic, androgynous world population made up of highly dependent people who have absolutely no unique identity, no ontological connectivity, and a severe case of mental atrophy for critical thinking and self-reliance.

Why do they want this change, and why now? I think there’s some probability that it could be driven by the inherent risks that quantum processing + AI/ML pose to their transparent global control structure and wealth. This technological emergence has been forecast for many many decades. You can imagine that there have been think tanks, economic and geopolitical war gaming, and the like to ensure their continuity of control in a world where private entities wield the power of nations. The technology has the power to disrupt and dominate global power structures.

In terms of who “they” are, I think there’s some interesting connections that are evident with the BIS and many of the strategic European/Swiss banks that lead to a group of royal banking families (really old money and they’re like the permanent Eye of Providence). Going down this particular rabbit hole has some sobering side tunnels, like why is it that the Knights of Malta has chosen to knight all of the scummiest of scumbags surrounding this big transition that we’re in (incl. Gates, Musk, Fauci)? Really interesting overlaps with KOM, the banking class, heads of state and the IC, and all of their members evidently carry those blue passports granting them global diplomatic immunity.

I’ll leave it at that (working on a monster series for Substack with receipts for this specific angle).


We are getting into some dangerous territory here. I see TGT as a financial version of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

If TGT starts and people lose everything, you will see violence on a mass scale because people are going to blame others around them and lash out in unpredictable ways.

Imagine being the “ant” in this scenario and your grasshopper neighbors deciding that they are entitled to whatever assets you have in the house. I can see some scenarios where a person could successfully defend what little they have left but it will attract a lot of attention and you will then have to decide if you are going to play the role of undertaker or deal with the awful smell and incessant noises of the buzzards as they clean up the mess. In other scenarios, you would lose and most likely not survive the encounter.

I am not sure what can actually be done to prepare for this eventual breakup. The best thing to have when the shit does hit the fan is rational neighbors that you can trust that have skill sets that you are lacking. It might come down to a mutual defense situation and laying low until attrition has greatly reduced the grasshopper population.

Assuming the country survives, and the authorities are able to restore order, the thieves will not be allowed to keep the stolen property. The best way to assure that your property is not entangled in the legal mess is to own as much property as you can clear of any liens. I am fully committed to paying off my mortgage and transferring the title to a trust that I am a settler/trustee of.


Not surprising the Tenn Treasurer claimed Big Financial Institutions BFIs would leave the state (or probably any jurisdiction) if an amendment to the law passed black lining out the many exclusions that supporting BFIs interests over shareholders claims. (Got to love Post-Modernism tactics of changing terms/language like your stock being a “contract” now instead of a “security”.)
However, you would have individual customers (like me) flocking to jurisdictions that WOULD/WILL protect my securities. And I’m pretty certain the way capitalism works, eventually financial services would start up to service these demands. So the truth is possibly the exact opposite, where Tenn would be a financial haven and destination for my $$$.

Am I correct here?