Running Out Of Soybeans?

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We’re seeing a shortening of the growing season for important crops due to weather trends and changes in the solar cycle.

Our food production system, which is highly dependent on chemical inputs and fossil fuels, is becoming increasingly brittle.

And we have more vulnerability due to the global nature of modern food supply chains. Crop shortages/failures in one part of the world impact all markets now.

For example, soybean supply is tightening as bad weather in South America and increased buying by China are hitting at a time when global stocks are already low.

As the world population grows, climate instability continues, and more countries are able to economically compete for resources, experts foresee future demand that may prove overwhelming vs supply:

What if several of the world’s biggest food crops failed at the same time?

In the past several decades, many of the world’s major breadbaskets have experienced shocks – events that caused large, rapid drops in food production. For example, regional droughts and heat waves in the Ukraine and Russia in 2007 and then again in 2009 damaged wheat crops and caused global wheat prices to spike by substantial amounts in both years. In 2012 heat and drought in the United States slashed national corn, soybean and other crop yields by up to 27 percent. And yields of important food crops are low and stagnating in many countries due to factors including plant diseases, poor soil quality, poor management practices and damage from air pollution.

At the same time, many experts assert that world food production may have to double by 2050 to feed a growing population and satisfy rising demand for meat, poultry and dairy products in developing countries.

The solutions to these challenges lie in cultivating food resilience, says Westbrook – a message Peak Prosperity has been delivering for over a decade.

Regenerative soil farming. Sustainable food production at the community and household level. Working with natural cycles vs attempting to force them into submission.

To learn more about the solutions we need and how to participate in them, listen to Chris’ podcast with Ice Age Farmer Christian Westbrook.

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This storm seriously damaged crops and equipment. Images of twisted silos and knocked over grain wagons and tractors are common. However, Iowas farmers are pretty resilient people.
this has been a strange year with the virus and the impact on agriculture as well as the major flooding and other issues that seem to have caused China to increase imports.

Wow! This conversation deepened and broadened absolutely beautifully! Thanks Chris and Christian. I’ll be sharing this one.

Loved the interview. It’s great to see smart minds exchange in an open, deep and respectful way.
Don’t know if this link was ever shared on PP, but I think highly relevant to understanding the bigger picture of what is happening:
Probably not the right place to enter with this, but I don’t see another place where it could be relevant (unless there would be a specific section that would be made for ‘Sensemaking’)…

Money printing > inflation > price controls > shortages > rise of black market > collapse of government authority > wide spread prosperity > rebuild structures > psychopaths get into power > corruption > Money printing >>>>>
History is the story of human nature playing itself out over and over again.

I kind of like beets the vegetable, but Bitcoin fans have lost all objectivity since their response to how Bitcoin has a mining algorithm that was never designed to advance science is a complete and total hatred of science.

Once upon a time a shrewd tailor received an audience with the emperor. He convinced him that he spun a fabric so fine that only people with extraordinary taste and intellect could discern it. In fact, coarse ignorant people could not see it at all.
He sold the emperor nothing and called it a masterpiece. The emperor and all his attendants, not wanting to seem inferior, pretended to see it.
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Actually, it is possible to understand Bitcoin. Here is the whitepaper that lays everything out bitcoin.pdf. The whitepaper is not that hard to read and it is not that long. However, the whitepaper requires you to understand what notions such as cryptographic hash functions and digital signatures are, so if you are afraid of math, you need to either overcome your fear or be content in not understanding anything about Bitcoin. It is definitely worth it to read the paper since people should attempt to understand what they are investing in.

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It’s got what plants crave.

Hi just wanted to say. If you do raise rabbits for food…PLEASE…do not lock them in the garage or basement…Think about how lock down felt to you…Rabbits have needs too like sun, grass at their feet and be able to jump and run…So please keeping rabbits in a small cage in a basement or garage is no better than factory farming…It is just smaller scale…No one deserves to be kept in a prison. Get a dog run and a dog house.I had rabbits and they loved it. They burrowed under the house and ran and played. So please have some compassion for the creatures that will save you from starvation. They deserve a little respect and love too. Thanks.

Really happy to see Christian on PP having a bar top discussion with The Doctor. Great conversation. Paired perfectly with an English Olde Ale while I sat at my own bar with the feeling that I got the lucky seat next to two prophets discussing the future loud enough so I could hear. Was hoping the topic of the cyber polygon or cyber pandemic Christian mentioned in one of his videos last month might rise with the foam, but I guess the reset was discussed and it’s all part of it. Curious if anyone else here has any input on the subject though?

I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic to listen to this interview but I think it turned out to be one of my favorites ever. I hope you explore these issues of meaning, liberty, purpose, and stepping into your role in the world so much more, Chris. That doesn’t even capture all of the greatness I heard coming through in this interview, as I’m still processing what I just heard.
Going to listen to this one again tomorrow. I’m inspired.

I wasn't terribly enthusiastic to listen to this interview but I think it turned out to be one of my favorites ever. I hope you explore these issues of meaning, liberty, purpose, and stepping into your role in the world so much more, Chris. That doesn't even capture all of the greatness I heard coming through in this interview, as I'm still processing what I just heard. Going to listen to this one again tomorrow. I'm inspired.
I know right? I too was very pleasantly surprised at the direction this interview went. Pretty much the main value has nothing at all to do with soybeans. At least to me. These are really big times. A new era is coming. Things are happening very quickly. The choices we each have to make are enormous, but for me they all boil down to this one idea: How do you want to be remembered when all is said and done? Maybe it's my Swedish/Finnish heritage and some Viking remnants which whisper the idea that we're really here on earth to amuse the gods. They want a fine play to enjoy so you've got to really play into your role. In more New Age terms, we're each here to accomplish some sort of a soul quest. To use our gifts to accomplish something that wants to get done, and we're each possible conduits for those things - but only if we consciously step up. As Carl Jung said; "People don't have ideas, ideas have people." I love that quote. It fits with my entire adult life. When an idea has you, your only decision is whether to dance with it or not. Either way, that's fine. Just know that if you pass, someone else will 'steal your idea' and run off with it leaving a little hollow feeling inside. Or maybe a big one. But it wasn't ever your idea, you were its (possible) vessel.

This past spring my plan was to get sheep on our fields, but I had just moved here in November 2019 and it was too much, too fast. I hope to get sheep this spring.
I am currently looking into Gabe Brown. Thank you for that recommendation. What are the components that you are putting into your field seed mixture?
Thank you,
On a side note, my wife and I had lived in what could be described as a Peak Prosperity farm house in central Vermont for 10 years. It was a house that we transformed into a resilient homestead in part because of the information from Peak Prosperity. Unfortunately, it became clear that it was not rural enough and we needed more land to continue our work. The new owners must have had an abundance of food this last summer and fall. Now, we start again. Fruit trees and berry bushes were the first to go in because we know how long it takes. Unfortunately, it was unbelievably dry this season in this section of Vermont and we just could not keep up with all of the watering. A few things didn’t make it.

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Of course anticipating your response being “well gold will last forever” I will respond yes it will last as long as the universe. It is also no longer money. Any value placed on it is purely subjective.
I would have far more respect for your comments if they had some basis in reality and if instead of assertions you provided data. Clearly you are ill informed. BYE

Mohammed Mast-Can you please can it with the name calling and your anti-science rhetoric? It makes you look really bad when you say things including “Who gives a shit about advancing science? I certainly don’t.” Stop openly advertising your foolishness.
P.S. I am not surprised by the behavior of Bitcoiners like Mohammed Mast. Bitcoin has a mining algorithm that was never designed to advance science, so Bitcoin attracts science haters like Mohammed Mast.