Rural White Rage and Failed Peace

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In the realm of economics, a paper published last year by Gerald Auten and David Splinter has sparked a debate over the rise in income inequality in the United States. The authors argue that the perceived increase in inequality since the 1960s is largely a statistical illusion, a claim that challenges the widely accepted narrative. The disagreement hinges on the treatment of unreported income and the definition of “income” itself. While both camps base their estimates on IRS audits, newer research suggests that the top one percent’s unreported income may be higher than previously estimated. The debate underscores the limitations of economic analysis and the importance of considering lived experiences when studying inequality.

In international news, a confidential document outlining a failed Ukraine-Russia peace deal from April 2022 has been obtained by The Wall Street Journal. The draft treaty proposed Ukraine becoming a permanently neutral state, with limitations on military alliances, foreign weapons, and military size. The future of eastern Ukraine was left for further discussion between Putin and Zelensky. The negotiations ceased in June, with reports suggesting the UK discouraged the deal. The ongoing conflict has resulted in significant casualties and destruction.

Meanwhile, Germany is investigating an alleged eavesdropping incident after Moscow claimed a recording of German officers discussing weapons for Ukraine and a potential strike on a bridge in Crimea. The authenticity of the recording, which was posted on a Russian state TV journalist’s Telegram channel, has not been independently confirmed. The potential leak is being treated as “very serious” by Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

In the United States, the upcoming November election has sparked a wave of media attention and commentary. A recent MSNBC segment featuring University of Maryland political science professor Thomas Schaller and op-ed writer Paul Waldman has drawn criticism for its portrayal of rural white voters. The authors, promoting their new book “White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy”, labeled this demographic as “racist” and “anti-democracy”. The segment has been criticized for its overt stereotyping and generalization of an entire demographic.


Mainstream Media Faces Backlash for Racist Comments Toward Rural Voters

“They are the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, geodemographic group in the country,” Schaller said.

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Germany Investigates Alleged Eavesdropping on Call Discussing Ukraine Weapons Deal and Crimea Strike

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, speaking on a visit to Rome, called the potential leak “very serious” and said it was “now being clarified very carefully, very intensively and very quickly”.

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WSJ Reveals Details of Failed Ukraine-Russia Peace Deal from April 2022

The draft treaty states that Ukraine, while being allowed to pursue European Union membership, wouldn’t be allowed to join military alliances such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization," according to the report. “No foreign weapons would be allowed on Ukrainian soil.”

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Debate Rages Over Accuracy of Income Inequality Data

But the deeper I dug into the debate, the more I felt that both teams were underestimating the extent of inequality in America.

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Step 1 dehumanizing and disenfranchisement…check.

Step 2 disarm…in progress.

Step 3…they can’t wait for this one to try to satiate their deepest diseased psycotic desires for ultimate control.

Interesting times are brought to us once again by the reptile brains. I watched the interview. The class hate they exuded was so palpable Charles Manson would have thought…“damn…I a rookie.” YMMV


What is the story behind this photo?

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Ukrainian Holdodomor (1932-1933) brought by J Stalin to those white rage filled Kulaks that really didn’t need, or want the blessings of compassionate Communism. Millions starved to death by design. A lot of my family tree was erased by both Communists and Nazis. :confused:


When I first heard the phrase “white rage” and every time since, my mind defaults to this historical gem:

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That’s the greatest, haha.

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Will be difficult to disarm and starve the people who produce all the food and own all the guns, though. In a rural-urban conflict in the US, the rural side wins hands down

I hope you are correct in that assumption. In fact , I’m probably banking on it. Yet here they go again with another attack campaign. Like moths irresistibly drawn to the flame of chaos and irrational destruction. Their dogged and passionate pursuit of such hateful marginalization and distruction appears to be demonic for lack of any other rational explanation. These creatures are very unsettling…


Cities and rural areas in the US are as divided as possible. The city folk have no appetite for violence against an enemy that’ll fight back. Should orders come from on high to disarm or anything else, I expect rural communities will simply ignore the ruling. “Come enforce it,” basically. I don’t see any way we get out of the next few years without internal violence on a large scale

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I truly hope,you are incorrect in that assumption. While speaking of marginalization in my last post, I refered to the “white rage pushers” as creatures. They are acting like creatures because of their agressive behavior and lack of percieved human empathy. That said, they still possess what I consider a salvageable soul and they are prayed for.
While involved in opposing some rather draconian firearms legislation pending in my state a number of years ago, (coincidentally heavily pushed by our now sitting chief executive) a great concern of mine, besides the actual restrictions, was the fact that such poorly crafted legislation would cause a complete disreguard for, and an erosion of respect for the legal system. When a legislative body has no empathy for its constituents and their wishes it breeds non compliance and contempt that results in an overall degradation of everything political. A legislative body acting with malicious contempt focused to injure a opposing view point constituents multiplies the effect. Sadly this has been the result in my area. They pretend to make laws and we pretend to opey them.
Interesting times indeed.

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