Sept. Peak Insider Live Q&A Replay

Chris and Evie spanned the globe answering questions directly from Peak Insiders. Nordstream, oil demand, the oncoming and bleak European winter, surviving nuclear war and nuclear winter, central bank pivots and resilience communities.

Critical information for anyone worried about and planning to survive the future.

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Check if your woodstove can also burn coal. If so, buy it in the largest quantities you can afford and store. Important: pay cash!



Reactor 4 didn’t blow up. The cooling pond ran out of water and the rods went critical. Had the reactor exploded it would be like Chernobyl and require a similar level of containment (concrete sarcophagus, no one living within many miles, etc).


Nuclear War, Infrastructure Attack

The supply chain issues resulting from a temporary shutdown of “non-essential” businesses should give pause to the idea that we could recover from any serious assault, nuclear or otherwise. The plandemic did not destroy any physical infrastructure, it only interrupted operation of that infrastructure, yet shortages abound and continue.
If an attack destroyed major infrastructure it’s not clear that it we would ever recover. .


That is a grate idea!


Dan Crenshaw

That guy is a WEF guy isn’t he?


Sorry, I misspoke. Reactor 3. It definitely ‘blew up.’
Where 1 & 2 had what I could ascribe to hydrogen explosions (white smoke, some concrete dust, fairly small in scale) reactor 3 clearly blew out the inner reactor vessel, later confirmed by pieces of fuel rods being found miles away.
The shape of the inner reactor vessel being a bulb on the bottom and a tube pointing upwards basically turned this into a gigantic shotgun. It went supercritical and then sprayed the fuel rod contents all over the landscape.
It really doesn’t get any worse than this (note the shape of the ejected column as compared to #1):
I do believe that TEPCO lied about the nature of this explosion, and continues to lie. The finding of radioactive particles containing both cesium and plutonium up to 200 km away from the site also tells us that things escaped somewhat violently from the site.
But I tend to believe my lying eyes…no way can you convince me that a square building filled with hydrogen decided to blow a defined column straight into the air. That, my friend, is a focused (contained) explosion. I would need to see some serious explanations for how that could be…no handwaving by TEPCO officials or NRC staffers.
There were also reports at the time of detected neutron flashes, but those went down the memory hole quite quickly.

If an attack destroyed major infrastructure it’s not clear that we would ever recover.
No, I don't think we would. Not back to baseline. The attack would mark a high water moment for human technological complexity. That could be a good thing if it meant no more Facebook or Twitter.

Yes, he is a WEF member.


Nice Q&a

Thanks Chris and Evie. Seeing and hearing you both is kind of soothing.


All Being Done For Us Economy?

I think everything that’s happening to destroy Europe is to prop up us economy. If all these factors from Europe and China come back to the US it will boost the US out of this current recession. Longer-term it just kicks can down the road one more time while the rest of the world fails earlier instead of us all failing together by 2025. Eu fails 2023 and US makes it to 2030 or until ww3.


World Made By Hand

I’ve been following you for a long time (since you first published The Crash Course). Evie’s vision of creating a place that embraces the Spiritual slice of the long emergency (thx JHK) is very inspiring. Check out Heritage Homestead in Waco TX. The original members of that group didn’t have any skills when their tribe originally came up with the idea while living in CO, and each family chose a skill to negotiate a world made by hand (thx JHK again). Thanks for all you guys do. Homestead Heritage cheers from the Free State of Florida.


I Hope Emp Danage Is Spotty Like Solar Storms

I agree there are a lot of unknowns when it come to damage from EMPs. It seems like a lot of the speculation comes from Operation Starfish. I feel our aging grid is vulnerable to attack. Our US grid need an overhaul but I see the Biden administration is hell bent on blowing all our money on renewable crap.
And when it comes to is nuclear war survivable, I say Utah. People live in Utah.
I admire your attempt to be resilient and regain skills that have sustained generations of our ancestors. We have a place like that in my state, Silver Dollar City. Yes, it is a tourist attraction with rides but they have blacksmiths, glass blowing and many talented craftsman. It’s fun to watch.
Thanks, Chris and Evie for your discussion.

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Thank You

Dear Chris and Evie,
I want to thank you both for the opportunity to join you and the Tribe for a gathering at Honey Badger Farm.
Chris, you mentioned that for you to spend one minute with each of us would take five hours and yet you made yourself readily available throughout the event (though you were looking a little glassy eyed by Sunday morning :smiling_face:).
Evie, your mandala and the grief circle were both highlights for me, though neither were scheduled events. I knew I was in the right place when you asked if we would please bless your field by peeing on it during your opening remarks (I’m pleased to say I did so on several occasions).
I wish you both good health and prosperity, and I am looking forward to next years gathering, should the fates and powers allow.
John G.


Norway-poland Baltic Pipeline

Whilst my first reaction was that the US was involved in an attack on NS1 and NS2, to destroy any leverage Russia may have on Germany and the EU as winter hits, a European friend of mine has proposed the following hypothesis based on the timing of what happened:
(1) The Norway-Poland Baltic pipeline was commissioned on 26 September.
(2) Whilst NS1 and NS2 appear to be useful bargaining chips with Europe for Russia, perhaps they have decided that relations are not going to improve in the foreseeable future, Germany is not going to cave, and hence NS1&2 are sunk costs with little future value.
(3) Poland is an aggressive supporter of Ukraine.
(4) NS1 and 2 blowing a two days after the Baltic pipeline is a shot across Poland’s bow: “That’s a nice new pipeline you have there…would be a pity if something happened to it.”
(5) It also send the message to the EU, that the Norway-Poland pipeline is vulnerable, and that Russia would be willing and able to do the same to it…so don’t count on the EU’s gas supply issues being over.


Social media has set human and societal evolution back 100 years.



Yes Evie,
The variety is gone in the supermarkets… it’s happening in Australia too.


Baltic Pipe Line

I can think of an entity that has the technology and a long plan and who would like to stir the pot and see what happens.
Recently one of our surveillance planes (propellors) was doing a regular check of our northern ocean and was buzzed by two jets that released metal shards. No harm was done but it was a message. You could think that it was a suggestion that a large piece of useful land inhabited by good natured dreamers happens to be in the South China Sea!


Frankie and I agree DaveDD. It’s the next best thing to having a live fireside chat with the two of them. I appreciate the candor and the laughs. Very therapeutic.
Attending the Honey Badger event has been a really nice experience. My energy level and overall spirits are really up. That surely is a big help in wading through the events of the day.



If you need a break, you are always welcome to come visit us in Istanbul, Evie and Chris!
We have plenty of extra room.
İstanbul is a safe and magical city. The Turks are romantic, dramatic, poetic people who would welcome you to their country.
Thank you for all you do!!!
Xoxo ?