Shadow Bank Runs & Central Bank Gaffes

Chris just recorded an interview this afternoon with Capital Account's Lauren Lyster discussing shadow banking & crisis risk.

Watch it below (Chris is introduced at 03m:35s):

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Great interview, Chris!  And you were treated well/respectfully received; It was nice to see.

I am a fan of Lauren/Capital Account and great to see Chris invited on her show again.  Great job as always Chris. 
A couple technical suggestions on your video feed though (I used to work in video production).

1)  The lighting -  a little better than the last time you were on her show where your face looked yellow!  This time you look kind of pink (could be my monitor, so others will have to confirm)  I think you should continue to try to improve it as it still looks a little funny.  I'd suggest a softer, more diffused light right in front of you instead of off to the side like in this video.  Most video cameras have an ability to set the "white balance" which often fixes the color problem, but I assume you are using a webcam and I don't know if they have that ability.

2)  Tilt your camera down a bit and lose some of the wasted space above your head.  One, it looks better composition wise, and two, provides more room at the bottom for their graphics (which were close to cutting off your chin/mouth at times.

Just trying to help you look your best as you get the word out.  Unfortunately, no matter what you do, from a visual/physical persective you will always pale in comparison when matched up against the lovely Lauren Lyster!  ;-)   I must confess that I sometimes wish she looked more like Candy Crowley on CNN so I could focus 100% on the information and not be distracted by her many fine physical assets.  Chris, you showed no such distraction, but that is easy when you have such a beautiful partner of your own like Becca!

Keep up the good work Chris.  I hope you can make an appearance in the Seattle area some day and I can shake your hand and thank you in person for all of the valuable information and insight you have afforded me over the years…


Really fantstic interview, Chris. I mean really, truly outstanding.
I also have to admit to being quite impressed with Lauren as well. At risk of sounding sexist, my first reaction was "Oh, another known-nothing cutie just like the "blow-drys" on CNBC and Bloomberg…" But she asked excellent questions, and really made the interview interesting. I'm humbled, and I guess I better stick with audio! I would like to think my own recent interview with you was just as good as this one in terms of subject matter content, but I definitely can't compete with Lauren in terms of curb appeal…

Incidentally, Chris, you look fantastic yourself. Although it's been obvious that you got "back in shape" ever since your "New me" post and new photo on the site, I had assumed the photo was a lucky shot. This video revealed that you have newfound energy, health, and great spirits. I'm jealous!

All the best,