Should I Be Worried About Monkeypox?

It is strange and a bit obscure. Don’t want to jump to conclusions, but are they trying to keep whatever they are doing unexamined? I reread the work and still do not grasp what technique they are ‘monkeying’ around with and why (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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Greetings Bob, thanks for the link but I am too ignorant of the subject to use the information. Can you explain the relation it has to the Adobe website?

New Bulletins From Dr. Mike Yeadon
This former Pfizer VP is sounding the alarm once again! Share this out people!!

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Adenovirus Sequencing

Anybody on the list from South Africa. They appear to be able to quickly sequence (unlike the US). Are there any adenovirus / hepatitis cases there? Could we somehow help them to sequence?

No announced cases of monkeypox or hepatitis in South Africa.
I get the impression that the sequencing and reporting of the Omicron variant was an anomaly of competence in a sea of corruption. The SA Medical community is largely bought and paid for by BMGF/Wellcome Trust/Pfizer etc.

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This Guy Basically Just Sits In His House Freaking Out About Viruses All The Time Now.

There Are No Viruses

it’s all a cover for the adverse effects of the jabs.
just a reminder from the other side of the germ-terrain pond ?

Childhood Hepatitis

I share your intuition about the radio silence of health authorities over the childhood hepatitis outbreak: there may be something going on that officialdom prefers be suppressed. My own theory of causation, which I would love to see supported or shot down with some easily analyzed statistics (that would unfortunately only be readily available to public health investigators who seem reluctant to consider such possibilities): close post-innoculation contact with an adult recipient of adenovirus vector COVID-19 vaccine, with uptake of ingested shed vector virus particles into the liver of an adenovirus naive patient, followed by ongoing low level expression of the vector genome (coding for adenoviral and SARS-CoV2 spike proteins), then a Hoskin effect triggered by subsequent wild adenovirus infection, provoking severe acute “autoimmune hepatitis” basis antibody production attacking the hepatocytes expressing the combined adenoviral and SARS-CoV2 spike proteins, (the latter being well known for possessing “superantigen” properties that stimulate intense inflammatory reactions). If you have contacts in the research community willing to entertain the heresy of serious COVID-19 vaccine harms, and agree the concept is worthy of serious consideration, I would appreciate your forwarding this hypothesis for further study. Thank you.

Chris, I guess you may have seen this on jikkyleaks, but there are apparently unusually high levels of mutations being seen in the current strain of monkeypox

Monkeypox Lab Variants

Today Robert Malone released this interesting article that suggests monkeypox has been tweaked in a lab. Perhaps making human transmission easier.