Should I Be Worried About Monkeypox?

Monkeypox! You know what? It’s absolutely nothing you should worry about from a personal or public health standpoint.

Even better, there’s no evidence that it has come from a lab – so that’s a huge relief. In this video, I explain all the reasons why it’s not a health concern.

However, the way it’s been used by the press and health authorities to spin up more fear/anxiety and to reach for quarantine powers is disturbing.

Just as troubling is that there was another Event-201-like simulation run in spring of 2021 that featured monkeypox as the lab-tweaked pathogenic agent unleashed on the world.

Man, I hate coincidences.

At any rate, many of the same disturbing cast of characters sat in or contributed to this exercise as they did for Event 201.

Moreover, there were a very large number of high-level U.S. government officials involved as well as a bevy of corporate and top-end university players.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no rush to disclose the sequence of an actual public health concern which is the adenovirus linked to the many severe and even fatal cases of childhood hepatitis. Why is that? We got the sequence of omicron within hours of its discovery, and ditto for monkeypox. Why not the adenovirus associated with these tragic cases of hepatitis?

One possibility is that the sequence would be embarrassing to someone. Or a whole lot of someones. Or maybe it’s simply too hard to isolate…but the silence is becoming deafening. It is increasingly becoming a sin of omission.

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I’m not sure about worried so much as where the hell is this coming from? Same as Omicron - it isn’t spreading, it’s popping up in clusters with no viable reason for it to do so other than it was already in us and getting ready to sprout. They are not talking because they already know. I suspect the only thing we can do is wait for virologists etc to get hold of a sample and do an independent analysis. Thanks as always for your work.


Put on the tin foil…I think maybe this has to do with the vaccinated…who is getting it? I have read men who like men (can I say gay)…So why is this…something strange is going on…Did the people who got the pox also got the vaccine? is it planned like aids?

Stop The Rollercoaster, I Would Like To Get Off.

It seems like those that don’t take the experimental jabs will be on this rollercoaster of exile for eternity. How do we stop this madness?


It’s All Bullshit

Let’s everyone just keep our eye on the prize. We know they are trying to disrupt and ultimately take down our society. We know distraction and fear is their main method. Let’s just wait and see what Chris has to say about monkeypox. And the miracle of them having a potential vaccine for this around the same time it was announced. We know it’s all bullshit. Hopefully everyone’s got supplies, ammo, gold, A warm house and a garden in the backyard. I’ll be stocking up on many things, hopefully I can share. Some chicken coop it’s gonna be a good idea to…


Hybrids Coming

Even if it’s just regular Monkey Pox now, who says they don’t have a new engineered hybrid with Small Pox ready to go in a few months? Billy has predicted a small pox pandemic. They have the vaccines. The NTI document outlines the timeline of their plans and specifically says that the “hypothetical” new virus is engineered in a lab. My opinion is that the regular Monkey Pox is designed to introduce people to it now, then successive strains will be released as required. People aren’t going to get vaccinated based on 10 isolated cases hyped up out of proportion. But they will when they see relatives covered in sores from Small Pox.


As I say in the video, with a double-stranded DNA code and proof-reading capability as part of it, if we see any sudden mutations speeding along in monkeypox we’ll know someone is releasing it from a lab.
I’m going to be keeping a very sharp eye on the strain data these next few months.


I’d Thought I Share This Great Interview From
This expert is saying the same thing David Icke told Chris Martenson in a previous interview. Unfortunately David Icke has been labeled a kook and a nutjob, a conspiracy theorist.
Now we have Dr. Michael Yeadon saying the same thing, ONLY WORSE and it all sounds plausible. Chris how about doing an interview with Dr. Yeadon?


Chimpanzee Adenovirus Vector Used In The Astrazeneca Sars-cov-2 Vaccine

Virus Res. 2021 Sep; 302: 198466.
Published online 2021 Jun 1. doi: 10.1016/j.virusres.2021.198466
PMCID: PMC8168329
PMID: 34087261
“Adenoviral Vector DNA- and SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-Based Covid-19 Vaccines: Possible Integration into the Human Genome - Are Adenoviral Genes Expressed in Vector-based Vaccines?” by Walter Doerfler


Rashes For Monkeypox

Or don’t have sex with people with rashes or black eyes.


Help! Can someone much smarter than I am explain what this research article: “Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome, etc.” is trying to convey? The Wuhan Lab connection and the February 9, 2022 date caught my eye. Thank you…

Ignore the ‘o’ in front of ‘https’. That was a typo.

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Greetings Robin. Seems like a strange website to be publishing info pertinent to biological virus questions. What do you make of that?

Other Similarities Between The Simulation And Real Life.

Here a few things of slight concern which may not transpire, but interesting the co-incidences.
Simulation: In the fictional scenario, the first release in Brinia results in initial infections on May 15, 2022… By June 1, travel from Brinia has seeded infections in the rest of the world.
Real World: “on 13 May 2022, the WHO was notified of two laboratory confirmed cases and one probable case of monkeypox, from the same household, in Britain. On 15 May 2022, four additional laboratory confirmed cases have been reported" – this is the exact date on which the fictional scenario also started!
Simulation: Another major release occurs on June 5, 2022 in Brinia, but the outbreak takes place during a national holiday with extensive domestic and international travel by Brinians.
Real World: in Britain, we have an unusual national holiday this year due to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which runs from 2 - 5 June. June 5th is likely to be a day of extensive travel at the end of the holiday. Normally, June 5 would be an average day.
Simulation: Because monkeypox is not naturally found in Brinia, local and international experts consider this outbreak to be unusual. The Brinian government welcomes international outbreak investigations and requests medical support from the WHO.
Real World: The BBC: “However, this is an unusual and unprecedented monkeypox outbreak. It has taken scientists who specialise in the disease by complete surprise and it is always a concern when a virus changes its behaviour.” As of today “More than 80 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in at least 12 countries. The World Health Organization has said another 50 suspected cases are being investigated - without naming any countries - and warned that more cases are likely to be reported.”
Simulation: Eventually, the Brinian intelligence blames the engineered monkeypox virus on an independent Arnican [the neighbouring country] terrorist group—the SPA – for releasing a highly contagious, deadly pathogen and dispersed it at crowded train stations in Brinia during the national holiday, when much of the population was travelling domestically and internationally.
Real World: In Britain, with the recent set of local elections, a unified island of Ireland is currently very high on the agenda again. According to Rueters in March 2022,”Several groups of dissident Irish nationalists remain active and carry out occasional attack… Although the IRA has been disbanded, the threat in the region from domestic groups is “substantial” and “likely” according the British intelligence.
The conclusion from the tabletop exercises in March 2021 was that a global pandemic treaty and response plan is absolutely, urgently needed. On June 22, the WHO are meeting to ratify a Global Pandemic Treaty which cedes them massive, unelected power to affect all our lives.
Just a lot of bizarre co-incidences, I guess, but it will be “interesting” to see if the scenario continues to play out in reality…



The Bastards Scared Me Into Getting The Hepatitis A Vaccine.

Here in Roanoke, VA last year, there were a couple deatsh from Hepatitis transmitted from kitchen staff at two Famous Anthony’s restaurants, (short order table service mostly breakfast place.) This month, Luigi’s (white table cloth, celebrate your anniversary for $150 and be delighted by service and quisine ) and Tuco’s Taqueria, (table service/take out to the brew pub across the street, feed two for $20, very tasty, shrimp or tuna tacos. ) Have both made it on the news with Hep A kitchen staffers. And guess who has eaten at both of those on the specific dates mentioned on the news?
Wahlgreen’s clinic doing Just in time stocking of the vaccine ran out in the minutes prior to my first attempt to get poked. When told, “It may take an hour” and asked, “do you still want to wait?” I knew they were messing with me and said, “Yes” So I got the damn Hep A vaccine five minutes after starting the wait.
I’m not dead yet, so I guess it will be okay.
what scares me? This:
it’s not just the genderneutral silicon valley Apple fanboys/girls……

NTI scenario…

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The NT in NTI is a cover. That is easily recognizable, when looking at the collaboration with people who have no interest in less nuclear threats.
One of the more important tasks NTI pursues (and they are quite open about it) is fighting Malaria with Gene Drive…

Geert Vanden Bossche Predicts Covid Is About To

take a turn for the worse.
‘Monkeypox’ may be the least of our worries.