Sold Out!

The Peak Prosperity Tribe has spoken and the 2nd Annual Honey Badger Gathering is now officially a sold out event.

With over 300 tickets purchased, the weekend of Sept. 22 through Sept. 25 is guaranteed to be one of great learning and fellowship.

For those who purchased tickets, stay tuned we will communicate important event schedule, parking, carpool and camping information via email, Discord and Forum posts.

If you missed your opportunity but want to be added to a Waiting List in case opening occur, send an email with your contact information to, then stay tuned.

See you soon.

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Sold Out Is Great News, Have A Blast.

Glad It sold out! I contemplated attending but I am teaching classes at a similar event a couple weeks later and figured I owed my time and efforts to the prior commitment. Maybe next year.


300 X $255 = $76,500

That’s more than I make working all year…
I have a BIG announcement!!! The Whoknew79 annual gathering is taking place the weekend of September 17th. Tickets are only $155.00, but there are 600 available. Act fast! There will be workshops and shit. yeah, yeah, yeah it will be great.


Looks Amazing

I would have loved to join you if only I could enter The USA ?
I can’t believe the US is still enforcing travelling restrictions after the embarrassing backtracking from the CDC ?



Oh I wish I could be there; things are just too stacked up here. (I did look at plane tickets and a rental car in an idle moment last month, but local responsibilities prevailed. sigh) I am glad though that the event has filled up, and want to hear how it all goes.


You might be surprised at what it costs to put on an event like this - even for 300 people. For those people who will be at the event it will be a great time of fellowship in addition to the learning. You may not give a priority to getting to know our fellow PP tribe members, but I know I do. I know nothing about Whoknew79 so would never even consider it as a comparison.


You know how I know you’ve never put on a big event…?
Permits, food, water, insurance, tents, portapotties, … the list is huge.
Only “magical thinking” conjures all that stuff into place for free.


I for one would need much more than 80,00.00$ to host that number of folk. My privacy is of greater concern than gestating a remnant into the next age.
Society will need millers and tanners aplenty. Classes? Volunteers?


Chris said it best. Tell us you have never put on an event – without telling us you have never put on an event.
A lot more goes into this than you might realize. The cherry on top, look into the bureaucracy of MA as it pertains to the required permits and inspections vs size. Everything has a fee and associated cost. That cost is not even remotely cheap.


Not only is there a financial cost for Chris to host this, there is also a substantial amount of time to put in on this event. His time, or his staff’s time is not free. To expect Chris to only charge to cover the financial costs but not the financial cost of time, is ridiculous .


Your post brings to mind the third standard deviation to the left of center on a well know bell curve.

Damn you seem a bit butt hurt by the cost of it. Unfortunately life is all about choices. You have the time to go but not the money to go. That is ok. Most of us have run across stuff we wanted to do but didn’t have the money to do it. Now I find myself in the opposite situation. I have the money to go but not the time. That isn’t Chris’ fault either. He isn’t responsible for my work schedule and he likewise isn’t responsible for your financial situation. He is taking time and spending resources on putting this on. Don’t fault the guy for that.