State of the Union - July 4th 2023

Good day, everyone. Today we bring you this special Fourth of July edition of “Happening Now” where we’re taking a closer look at our beloved country in a segment I’ve titled “State of the Union.” Today’s Happening Now is being made available to you all in celebration of the 4th, and it’s a glimpse into the sort of discussions we engage in on a daily basis in our regular Happening Now’s, normally available exclusively to our esteemed subscribers.

I take pride in my honest and candid perspective, and today, as we gather to commemorate the birth of our nation, it’s time for some unvarnished truth. The state of our union is under duress. Our freedoms, those same freedoms our forefathers fought tooth and nail to secure, are undeniably under assault. But here’s the silver lining - there’s enormous room for improvement.

The good news, if we choose to see it that way, is that we have a wealth of opportunities to grow stronger and better. The flip side of that coin, of course, is the sobering realization that there’s so much we urgently need to address, in order to restore the vision of our founding fathers. Yet, as daunting as the task may seem, every great journey begins with a single step. So let’s take that step together, shall we?

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Great Discussion

I am just so disappointed with us and our leaders.


Thank You

I appreciate the details about how specifically the voting is rigged.


Cold, Ragtag, Barefoot, And Demoralized They Followed George Quite Literally Into The Fog Of War And Victory

Following up @cmartenson’s observations, and his periodic reminder that we PPers are a remnant, Jeff Childers, in his July 4 Coffee & Covid substack, encourages us to take heart and celebrate our inheritance regardless of the current dark hour:

It would be a grave disservice to the American freedom fighters of 1776 for us to abandon today’s celebration just because the odds seem equally against us now. We are a nation of underdogs! Today we literally celebrate bad odds, of being an outnumbered, outgunned remnant that looks likely to lose. ...

The point is, if these days you are feeling like an oppressed underdog, like the odds of success are insurmountably poor, that your own countrymen have deserted you, then remember ... that only a faithful remnant is required to miraculously reverse the odds and claim an impossible victory, an unimaginable success that goes on to change the world for the better forever.

As America has done, over and over.

Be of good cheer! Especially on this Independence Day, when we celebrate victories against all odds, triumph in the face of all fear, success in the moment of all doubt. It is our heritage and our birthright, and however tarnished it might look right now, the American story is far from finished.
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Independence Day

I think many Americans know and quietly understand that we are being pushed to the limit. The traditional redress of the ballot box is openly failing us and many sense a trap being set.


These odds aren’t that bad.


Declaration Of Independence

Look on the bright side Chris, at least you have a Declaration of Independence and a Bill of Rights to uphold even if your political class is flagrantly abusing it. Here in Australia we have neither and we have “misinformation laws” coming in from which politicians are excluded. It’s better to have a standard to which people can be held to account than no standard at all.


Empire In Decline …

In Ray Dalio’s book / youtube videos on the rise and fall of empires, he state’s that the US is in or is close to the final stage of decline. I would guess the people with power know this and are doing everything they can do to preserve their power and wealth (and grab even more of it to boot) and damn be to the rest of us. One of the final stages is a divide in the population which leads to populism and no meeting in the middle on important issues. It definitely feels like we are there. There is one side who is digging their heels in on several issues - Covid, Ukraine, Wokism, climate, fair elections … regardless of the “facts”, they will not change their opinions because of their belief systems and they double down, then tripple down … These issues are too emotional for some of them to even think straight - or even think is more like it. Couple this with the fact that the MSM isn’t going to report both sides and it makes matter even worse.
Chris talks about common knowledge but I wonder with so many issues out there that by the time there is common knowledge on one issue, there will be another crisis and attention will be diverted and control will be tightened. We just had the hottest day on record on Monday - the powers that be will be like “we better lock everyone down because we are in a climate emergency” … and it will continue to be one knee jerk reaction to every crisis coming our way. Maybe if instead of discussing / debating the individual issues we talk about the elephant in the room - people in power don’t give a shit about the plebes - they only care about power and $. But I sigh, we are talking about peoples belief systems that their party is good (the NYT and FOX news told them so) and its only the other side that is in it for the $ and power.
Yes there is hope in people like RFK JR and Tulsi Gabbard exposing the rot, but with the control machine in power - will they be silenced?
Speaking of Silence - I’m old enough to remember that when people got together they wouldn’t talk about 3 things: politics, religion or money (how much one had). I had no idea what my neighbors political views were and it didn’t matter. Now days it feels like the US has been torn into two Pieces - One that follows the official propaganda (let’s call this camp 1) and the other that doesn’t (let’s call this camp 2). It feels like people socialize, date, hire workers … based on the camp they are in and if people from both camps try to have a discussion on the many issues facing the US and the world it ends up in a heated debate & name calling and dare a say camp 1 always plays their “trump” card?

I guess we can all speculate on how things will progress. It will be interesting with so many “issues” out there - debt, $100T in liabilities, money system, baby boom demographics, environmental degradation, military industrial complex, pharmaceutical industrial complex, energy situation, crumbling infrastructure, “food system”, infinite growth on a finite planet, and that the US is about to lose its world dominance / and the worlds currency reserve … then there is the wild card that is speeding towards us like a rocket - Artificial intelligence. What I know for certain is that the world lacks leaders (adults) in positions of power to address any of these issues and any that may try will most likely be “removed”.



I had a anti-computer voting warning letter in the Winchester VA Star sometime in the 80’s when VA first was going in that direction.
Nobody had the faintest idea what I was talking about.


I Wonder What He Meant…?


Where Do People Seeking Freedom…

…move to? This nation became great because there was a land to conquer and finally get away from the power of tyranny (though yes sadly we had to take it from the native inhabitants).
Today where is that land? None exists that I can think of. However, that El Salvadorian President sounds pretty good as a consolation prize, and I know enough Spanish to be dangerous, and satisfactorily fed.

From The Democracy Dies In The Darkness Paper Regarding Ctsa

CISA’s executive director, Brandon Wales, denied the conclusions of the subcommittee in a statement last week.

  • “CISA does not and has never censored speech or facilitated censorship; any such claims are patently false,” Wales said.
  • “Every day, the men and women of CISA execute the agency’s mission of reducing risk to U.S. critical infrastructure in a way that protects Americans’ freedom of speech, civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy,” he continued.
  • Lastly, he said: “In response to concerns from election officials of all parties regarding foreign influence operations and disinformation that may impact the security of election infrastructure, CISA mitigates the risk of disinformation by sharing information on election literacy and election security with the public and by amplifying the trusted voices of election officials across the nation.”
Despite some of the GOP’s CISA criticism, lawmakers from both parties who sit on the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection said on Monday that they expected bipartisan support for the agency’s cybersecurity mission to continue. “This is a critically important mission that continues to grow and expand and meet the challenges that are in front of us,” Rep. Robert Menendez Jr. (D-N.J.) said. “And when we do our work on this subcommittee, there's an immense amount of bipartisan support for CISA and there will continue to be support for its mission.” Rep. Andrew R. Garbarino (R-N.Y.), who chairs the subcommittee, said the panel was aware of the weaponization panel’s report. “It’s a big agency with a lot of authorities and we’ll continue to have in our committee bipartisan support for the sectors that we oversee,” he said. The cybersecurity subcommittee, he said, will “continue to focus on moving our cybersecurity needs forward through better information sharing, making sure that both the private and public sector have the workforce that it needs.” I don't think Andrew R. Garbarino R-N.Y. gets it. He's in on the deep state side of the issue.

Joe Biden Body Double

Please do a segment on your opinions on Joe Biden’s body double or imposters often shown on MSM. His ear lobes change from attached to unattached, his voice cadence changes between some speeches, and you can see his “skin” wrinkle like a molded mask at one point when he is shown itching the back of his neck. The YouTube channel BlackScoutSurvival did a segment covering this about a month ago with a guest former CIA operative. Video titled “Joe Biden is a CLONE! w/ Former CIA Operative”. Other sources also aggregate this content as well…


The Drain

Does anyone see the SPR drain as a countdown to something, i don’t think it’s ment to be refuled?


I don’t think it’s meant to be refueled at all, part of the “oh no, climate crisis, the government will save you” agenda.

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Edward Snowden

This overreach of our 4tha amendment is what Snowden warned us of years ago (and continues to do). In our house, we’ve covered up all computer and phone cameras and removed cell phones from rooms where we have conversations, often turning them off or leaving them at home when we go out. A friend whose neighbor works for the government said the “safest” thing to do is turn off your phone and leave it inside, then take your conversation outside. Snowden said when he worked for the CIA, they used phones that have batteries in the back (ie not Smart/iPhones). Or for those who never took the plunge to get a phone, even better!
As for the slow creep of stealing our rights, look at the history of how seatbelts came into being: (1) a choice to wear them, (2) enforcing fines when people chose not to wear them (3) putting a law into place to standardize it. (Where’s the scientific proof?) And look at what’s happening to parental rights in CA: child gender affirmation ONLY (for custody battles) with an open door into CPS being allowed to intervene for dual-parent households. That’s creepy.

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Us Constitution And Declaration Of Independence: Prescriptive Or Descriptive?

The framers of the Constitution seem to have included both prescriptive and descriptive behaviors of government. Our current usurpers think that government is prescribed by themselves.

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Georgia Court Document, Vulnerability Of Voting Machines And Cnn’s Take

The key takeaway from this unsealed document is plain and simple, the voting machines have proven to be everything but secure, data that no one should be able to manipulate can in fact be manipulated in few different ways and the elections are therefore gameable. I am no journalist, but if I was I’d demand a nationwide audit to learn exactly how many machines are compromised that way? CNN has their own ways I guess…

Yup, I certainly do. The SPR is meant to fuel the US military in times of war. If “they” drain it, there’s nothing left to power boats, tanks, and planes during war. Wars like the one in Ukraine, or the one that the US government is pushing to have with Chyna, or the one that’s going to happen when Russia and Chyna win those two wars and come knocking on the door of the US homeland.
The elites are playing to win, and they’re playing on MANY fronts.
“(Our) order out of chaos, chaos by any means.”

Here in sunny New Zealand, our former PM said she was the “only source of truth”. So we can relate to Australia.