Stephen Flood: How Gold Acts as an Economic Safety Net

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Today, I’m excited to delve into a fascinating and timely discussion with Stephen Flood, CEO of Goldcore. In our world of rapidly shifting economic landscapes and growing uncertainties, the conversation about gold’s enduring value and role has never been more relevant.

Goldcore, known for their robust solutions in secure and distributed gold and silver storage, provides a unique vantage point on why these precious metals continue to be essential in any savvy investor’s portfolio.

As we explore the multifaceted aspects of gold – from its status as a potential call option in global currency to its role as a bulwark against systemic financial risks – we aim to shed light on why this ancient asset remains a cornerstone in modern investment strategies. Join us as we unravel the complexities of gold investment and its significance in our current economic era.

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Chris, I apologize for going off topic here for a moment, but I wasn’t clear how I could reach you in a timely way. I would like to ask that you watch this approximate 25 min. interview with a 24 year CBP agent, who worked from the frontlines to the upper level of the border patrol. You have covered what most Americans would have thought “unthinkable” a couple of decades ago in what transpired with Covid. Now, you’re covering the “unthinkable” in the Great Taking. What you will find in this interview (and his book, “Invaded”) is possibly even more nefarious and destructive that those other 2 topics.
Here is the link to that interview on “Redacted” with Clayton Morris:
Oh SH*T, this is WORSE than we ever imagined and it's Biden's fault | Redacted with Clayton Morris


start watching the above at minutes 40.


Will do.

Banking is by design a fraudulent enterprise.

In the early years people deposited their gold with a local jeweler who had a secure storage (a safe, perhaps with a guard). They were given a piece of paper saying that they owned that gold. People began trading these pieces of paper instead of retrieving their gold, giving it to the other person, and that person redepositing it with the jeweler for safe keeping.

Jewelers eventually realized that they could write pieces of paper saying the holder owned gold and give them to people even when they didn’t have gold on deposit from that person. They could do this because most people never asked for their gold back.

This is fraud. Banking is based on fraud.

Writing contracts on other peoples assets is fraud. If you inform the owner in your terms and conditions it no longer is fraud because you told them.

However, writing multiple contracts on the same asset is fraud. Rehypothication is fraud. The entity writing the contract is saying they can deliver this asset to multiple people. They plainly cannot.

All this discussion about the details is obfuscating the basic fraudulent premise.


The other issue here is that derivatives are legalized gambling. When insurance companies write policies they base their premiums on historical mortality data, fire damage data, etc. They know the odds of having a claim and can set premiums appropriately. As data shifts they adjust their premiums appropriately. Their operations are regulated because of the risk bad actors pose to the public.

Derivatives are bets on events for which there is no ability to predict with any accuracy. If you write a contract that pays if some stock goes down by a specified amount, if interest rates change by some specified amount, etc. you have no ability to quantify the risk you are taking. You are guessing. What’s more, you are guaranteeing that guess with someone elses assets.

Despite gambling being illegal in anything except regulated casinos these things are legal in all states.


Stephen Flood is grossly mistaken when he says that wars are started because of misunderstandings. Most have been started on purpose. The “misunderstandings” are excuses trotted out later to justify them.

England egged on the south to start the civil war, hoping to split the US, and stopping US tariffs on their manufactured goods. That’s why it started before Lincoln or anyone else tried to eliminate slavery. It started despite Lincoln offering to pass legislation solidifying the legal status of slavery in non-slave states.

England and France cooked up WW1 to grab the lands of the Ottoman empire and to stop the empire aspirations of Germany who was then making moves on Africa. They bit off more than they could chew and had to get the US involved to save their butts.

If you look at the events leading up to almost every war they were started on purpose. If you look deep enough the bankers were behind them. The profits generated by the loans used to finance them are massive. Today the bankers also profit from financing the armaments makers in addition to the governments buying the arms.

There’s a saying “all wars are bankers wars” for a reason.


I am in complete agreement with you on this matter.




China demands pure gold. There are only a few refineries capable of manufacturing the gold China wishes for and 4 are located in Switzerland. From these refineries 70% of their entire production goes to China. We also track gold shipments through Asia. China has also the largest gold producing mine, thought to produce yearly around 400 tons. China claims to have about 1,500 tons of gold. However, most experts in the matter calculate about 23,000 - 25,000 tons belonging to China and another 23,000 tons belonging to the Chinese citizens.
The second issue is the monetary balance sheets of the US Treasury. The books are supposed to be balanced and yet at first glance they would not be balanced, except for a tiny remark at the beginning top page referring the the gold held from the 1930’s. This gold supposedly would balance the ledger. Now comes the question of exactly how much gold remains in the possession of the US government? How much of this gold is actually in the open market? If so, how much has been re-hypothecated? Over ten years ago we encouraged Germany to take its gold back from the Federal Reserve. They sent some officials to NY to check the gold. As the vault door to their gold was opened, they noticed that the numbers did not match their gold. It took many years for all the gold to be returned to Germany. Why? Because the Federal Reserve did not have that amount of gold to give to Germany?
Another example are the tons of gold bars China purchased from the US many years ago. They had these bars transferred to London and decided to have the bars quality checked. To their disbelief the bars were made of tungsten and covered in gold. China demanded that the US investigate, but they did not. China investigated and found that the bars had been made somewhere near the Great Lakes around the 30’s. The question would be how many of such gold might exist in Fort Knox?

There are two very intelligent financial Swiss advisers who I have followed through the past years. They are Harry Schultz and Mark Faber. The advise is NOT to store gold in the US or Switzerland.
The predicament is clear and it has happened before. In the Obama health care bill that was a clause buried deep in the bill. Although one can take up to 10 k in and out of the US, the bill stated that no more than 2 gold coins could be take in or out of the country without deceleration.I was amused to find older factory workers who had consulted a legal team in Arbon, Switzerland. They now hold the old Swiss gold coins because they can be claimed as heritage and not confiscated by the Swiss government.
When one follows the purchasing of of hundreds of tons of gold by central banks through the past years, there are interesting but well deserved speculations. Is there an agreement between the US and China to participate in the manipulation of the gold price downwards in order to allow inexpensive gold purchase in return for not dumping US Treasury notes? Will China declare their CDC currency to be backed by gold?


I wonder if pre-1933 gold coins in US would have a similar exclusion?

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I do not know. How fair is our justice and legal system? Or the government for that matter. I have meet Americans and others who have taken their gold out of Perth, Australia because the mint there demands tons of ID info. Most folks seem to hold their gold in private vaults in countries that do not have any significant dependence or government storage of gold.

Just wondering if someone can explain what do we do with our gold if the dollar collapses and we switch to a CBDC? You could only sell it for CBDC? One coin would cost so much you couldn’t really use it as money. Why would people want it if it couldn’t be used to purchase anything? I have some gold but not sure what its usefulness or value would be after a collapse, unless you could sell it to a country that doesn’t use a CBDC and get some of their currency. I’m asking the community what you will do when the time comes. Thanks.

Bluestem Farms will gladly feed you in exchange for gold and/silver.


I think most of us know this, but certainly an accurate headline to a regular audience, or like, “The View”.
Some of us, myself certainly, have been following Monkeywerx for years and know full well about tracking Swiftair flights, so we know it’s a deliberate takedown of the United States from within.
But we also knew this last election when it was mathematically impossible for Biden to win the election, so the fear has morphed into action.
Regarding the “9/11”-type fears, probably most of us know that was a government operation from start to finish too, so fears of ‘attacking America’ would be deliberate again, clearly.
What America looks like next year this time is anyone’s guess.
The NDAA language formed after Clinton & Obama admins changed to allow foreign troops on U.S. soil, so most likely there will be a massive coordinated attack & UN troops as the reaction in their hegelian dialectic, hence their years-known application process.

I think we’re talking about money & resiliency because we know SHTF is soon & bigger than ever, and unavoidable as TPTB went all-in on Covid, the biological attack on humanity, as well as the “election”.
And millions of pedophiles & traffickers won’t leave power up to chance/elections.
Also Chris went to the Darien Gap & is aware of Monkey and scope of invasion


If I divorce my wife and get remarried I’ll look you up!

In the preparedness community there is a sort of rule of thumb that silver is for trade and barter and gold is for moving wealth from one system to another. Silver then is useful during a crisis and gold is for starting over once things have stabilized.

A lot will depend on the amount of wealth one is trying to manage. For some people canned goods, rice, pasta and cases of water bottles, filling the car and gas cans are a better starting points. The more you have the more complicated it gets.

It is certainly easier to to make change with a silver coin than gold, however many who have lived through currency collapses or war/genocides, in places like Argentina, Bosnia, Rwanda, Venezuala, in recent history have reported that walking around with silver, or gold for that matter, makes you a target. This type of trading is best done quietly among those who trust each other. Some store some cash and extra goods for trade. Having a side gig is a great idea also.

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I’m on board then!

You, kind sir, best not divorce. You are implying your partner is the provisioner

That’s my theory. China will come out and base their currency on Gold, or a combined BRICS currency.

YES my opinion is that China will at some point back thier CDC with gold.
However, this would be a nuclear bomb to all other currencies. Right now they have to worry about all the US debt they hold, trade on an international basis and on and on. Already about 15 years ago they decided to eventually concentrate on self consumption. That fact alone will tend to soften the transition. Also the people are happy and content with the already existing state control.
In addition the Chinese, unlike our government, have strict policies to make sure that prosperity is more equal amongst the citizens. Thus, I feel CDC‘s will be easier to accept in China. In a kleptocracy, totally manipulated corrupt economy, I and most reasonable citizens would fear CDC‘s.

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