Sway, Cease-fires, and Ultra-Low Power

In the realm of global health, a new documentary scrutinizes the considerable sway Bill Gates holds, particularly in public health, medical research, and vaccine development. The film raises questions about vaccine safety and efficacy, and probes Gates’ potential motivations, including population control and privacy infringement, urging viewers to seek the truth and act accordingly.

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rebuffed calls for a temporary cease-fire in the ongoing conflict with Hamas until hostages held by Hamas are released. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel to express American support for Israel’s campaign against Hamas and to address the escalating humanitarian crisis. Despite Blinken’s call for a temporary halt in the fighting to allow for aid deliveries and the release of hostages, Netanyahu remains steadfast in continuing the military operation. The situation in Gaza is critical, with hospitals overwhelmed, shortages of medicine and fuel, and a growing number of displaced people. The conflict has resulted in thousands of Palestinian deaths, including many children, and hundreds of Israeli casualties, with fears of further escalation.

In the world of technology, a recent paper discusses the performance of modern capacitors in energy harvesting for ultra-low power (ULP) sources. The paper emphasizes the increasing demand for ULP integrated circuits (ICs) in various sectors such as IoT, industrial, wearables, and medical, and the need for reduced power demand in ICs to improve battery life and reduce maintenance costs. The paper also introduces the concept of “set and forget” ULP MCUs and discusses the implementation of an energy harvesting controller (EHC) in a Renesas RE01 MCU. The trend of ULP ICs and the advantages of energy scavenged powering are highlighted, with a focus on the stability, reliability, and size advantages of tantalum capacitors.

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