Systemic Destruction, The Informed Consent Interview with CJ Hopkins

A Quote That Resonates

From today’s Russell Brand video on YouTube:

"...rationalism is the ideology that power uses to underwrite tyranny."
Enough said!


I think his concept, as I understand it based on this interview, misses the mark. The general system governing modern America and to a lesser extent Europe, the Anglosphere, and parts of Asia, is a mixed economy, a blend of capitalism (a true free market) and government interference in the market, setting and changing rules and picking winners and losers. Importantly, there are players behind the scenes pulling the strings of government intervention in their favor. The best term I can think of is Mussolini’s: fascism.
“ The Labour Charter (Promulgated by the Grand Council ofr Fascism on April 21, 1927)—(published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, April 3, 1927) [sic] (p. 133)
The Corporate State and its Organization (p. 133)
The corporate State considers that private enterprise in the sphere of production is the most effective and usefu [sic] [typo-should be: useful] instrument in the interest of the nation. In view of the fact that private organisation of production is a function of national concern, the organiser of the enterprise is responsible to the State for the direction given to production.”
THAT is what threatens our freedom. Gates, Schwab, et al are the string pullers. THEY are fascists for using government force to tread on our rights while they pretend they are private businessmen.
Let’s use the right term so we have a clear idea of who the enemies are, how they operate, and how we can push back.


I’ve been listening since early 2020. and yes I went off half cocked. CJ Hopkins makes very good points of which I agree. I am a retired RN and was on the band wagon from the beginning that Covid 19 was being used to gain control over the world population as well as reduce the numbers of humans on the planet. I keep in touch with the purveyors of Ivermectin.
I also am Catholic and believe all of this is a spiritual war between God and Satan. And I know most don’t believe such things these days But all you need to do is find a Catholic priest who will let you be at an exorcism of someone demonically possessed and you will never doubt in such things again.


What’s Old Is New Again

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Bifurcated Humanity Serving Who?

I found the meeting of the minds of two people of totally different perspective to be strangely satisfying. Sharing an essential view. On the other hand, boring is what I would perhaps see as peaceful and human. I would like every person to be generous, not grasping, cooperative not competitive, compassionate not uncaring and most of all, unselfish. Rather than boring, a cauldron of creation and satisfaction. My estimate has been about 30 percent of humanity as we know it. Interesting percentage.

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The difference in audio levels between Chris and Hopkins is too big. Quite often the levels don’t match very well, actually. There’s also noticeable noise from the preamp of the Shure. Of course the SM7b needs a ton of gain, so you could probably use a cleaner preamp.



I took an alternate path studying synthetic intelligence for 2 decades and I eventually got to a place where I could not figure out how to explain what I found. Algorithmic Criticism of the Faith of Artificial Intelligence is not a way to get airplay. Folks make notoriety from working examples, not pencil and paper counter-examples…
The vaunted “Singularity is coming soon” has a counter-example. Global Capitalism corresponds to the expectations of the allegedly coming Singularity. And instead Global Capitalism is likely on a mature implementation of the technology that looks and feels like the Singularity as Global Capitalism needs its automated bookkeeper to be. I might say the two are one in the same, but that is neither here nor there.
Hopkins gave me some vocabulary adjustments to better express the problem. Hopkins is clear that the economic power of “Global Capitalism” is not as interesting as the ideological power of “Global Capitalism”. Decode despotic values.
For example, I have children’s games which encode different roll frequencies than the six unique options of a usual die.
The despotic decode analogue inside a game would be to tape over all the sides of a die and continue to attempt to play the original game. Once the ideology demands (and rewards) that “all sides of the die are unique and independent” takes over what was the original die and by extension its purpose in the original game, then that original game, its rules and lessons are obsoletized.
I humbly submit that the “love of money” tapes over (Hopkins “dissolves”) whatever reality, inter-relationships and meanings would otherwise be observable, so that an anti-human intelligence can encode, predict and control its imaginary world using the monetary observable that it requires.
And I thank Hopkins for the “Decode despotic values” nudge, because it is easier to claim that we are in the throes of the predicted “AI Apocalypse” because all Life on Earth has almost irretrievably been re-evaluated according to the measure which makes “Global Capitalism”'s bookkeeper useful.
Our need to control for the unknown has gotten very much out of control.

To raise the issue into probability speak, correctly indicating which side of a fair and legal coin you are looking at if you only ever witnessed one side of that coin before is a cost free logic problem. But correctly indicating the “left” face of a fair and legal die of which you can only see the “top” face has a very low probability of being correct. Such a probable effort of being incorrect is sweetened if there is money riding on it. And that is the entry point of my critique, the vaunted Singularity has to prove it constitutionally avoids the algorithmic dead end of “Global Capitalism”'s bookkeeper to be anything more than the deep do-do in which we are already stuck.


I agree. I am not a fan of globocap either and would prefer the more accurate term fascism as well. I will settle for technocracy instead if they don’t want to say the F word…


Thank you for sharing your ideas and love Your point 3 - exactly what I’ve been thinking myself.



but: “What after all are these churches now if they are not the tombs and sepulchers of God?”
To which, it appears, God replies with Monty Python's "I'm not dead yet."
Trans-humanism removes “God” as does the market place merchants by making everything a cynical unit of production for objectified people, now called consumers, where form is no longer sacred and made by the Creator.
This, I think, is somewhat to what Karl Barth was pointing when he said that turning one's back on God is "the impossible possibility." It can't be done, but we continually do it as if. To my thinking it means that we turn our backs to the sun, observe the long shadow we cast, and say "I did that!" Proud of our accomplishments, we mistake the shadow we cast on earth and life, when we have turned from Divine wisdom, for self-generation, proof we are our own gods.


Have you read “Tools for Conviviality” by Ivan Illich? He was a Catholic priest and his writings have influenced my whole life.

Superb post VT!
I totally agree on all points.
We’re currently in the midst of the great bifurcation between the declining West’s rapacious finance capitalism which it likes to call its “rules based order” (translation: we make the rules and you follow our orders) and the rest of the world - which happens to include the majority of people on the planet (China & India alone = 2.8 billion)
The split will be economic - we’ll end up with 2 or more global economic zones - as well as cultural. The rest of the world has taken a long hard look at the complete degeneration of the West’s culture into total insanity, watched the military invasions and destruction as well as the bullying and economic wars waged by sanctions on non compliant nations and said “no thanks.”
I believe the current proxy war in Ukraine between NATO i.e the US and its western allies and Russia is the first proper manifestation of the absolute refusal to accept the US/WEF’s woke transhumanist world order nonsense.


Yes, like African countries ganging up and stopping the WHO Global Treaty in its tracks.


A Useful Lens To Help Make Sense Of The Current Craziness

Thanks for bringing CJ to our attention - he provides a useful framing with explanatory power. I was reminded of another lens which Paul Kingsworth provided…
“Maybe it’s just me, but the ongoing and rapid inversion of so much we have previously taken for granted increasingly seems to be happening independently of human action. It is as if something else has become manifest in some way we can’t quite put our finger on, and has stimulated the craziness of the times. Perhaps it has become self-aware, like Skynet;…”
“Perhaps it has always been there, watching, and is now seizing its moment. Or perhaps it is simply beginning to spin out of control, as our systems and technologies become so complex that we can no longer steer them in our chosen direction. Either way, this force seems to be, in some inexplicable way, independent of us, and yet acting within us too.”
“Let’s give this force a name: a less provocative name, for now, than Moloch or Anti-Christ. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s just call this force Progress. Then, à la Kevin Kelly, let’s ask ourselves a simple question: what does Progress want?”…


Capitalism And Marxism As Ideologies

Great interview! I have long thought that the argument of capitalism vs. Marxism/socialism is a false choice and this discussion helped me better understand that. Ideology driven people treat these concepts as monolithic blocks you have to be for or against.
As a left-leaning person I have become a reader of Dr Michael Hudson. He makes a big point of distinguishing between economy building industrial capitalism vs. parasitic finance capitalism. There is a big difference between businesses turning raw materials and labor into marketable goods and businesses that turn outsourced jobs into executive compensation inflated stock prices.
On the big government side much time on this website has been spent investigating the influence of the Davos/WEF crowd on government and the corruption of the FDA and CDC by big pharma. I do believe the FDA and CDC have an important role to play in monitoring the safety and efficacy of our food, drugs, and healthcare. Unending railing against big government throws out the baby with the bathwater.
When we little people choose one side against the other we are choosing to loose by divide and rule. We need to embrace the functional parts on both sides and focus our ire on the corruption in both. In looking around the world I cannot name a single developed economy that is not some mix of capitalism and socialism. I challenge anyone who thinks we must choose one over the other to do so.



I have quite a problem with the approach that this is only the fault of The System. As if no one can do anything about it. It is simply not true that no questions are asked when cutting down an entire forest because it can make a few pennies. There are many protests being voiced, but they are being broken up by a police force with batons and dogs. Ordinary people like you and me would never sacrifice a forest. They would. THEY are identifiable but protected by all police forces around the world.
Another thing that I think is not touched upon enough is the destructive power that comes from corporations. It is time that individuals are held accountable for the behavior that corporations exhibit.


Excellent comment! A couple of random ideas about your points. Martin Armstong is all about the cycles of history. I think one of them is a centralization/decentralization model, and I think that’s playing out now, There have always been empires even during decentralization waves, but there’s certainly been a wide variety in their strength of central power. I suspect we’re seeing this central power model coming to it’s end-times and a decentralization wave starting. And unfortunately, GloboCap is not going quietly as you astutely describe in your point #2 and #3.
There are certainly additional problems. Our cheap energy is at peak, our ability to destroy on a massive scale far exceeds previous times, and we’ve lost the skill and infrastructure to sustain ourselves on local levels. So while it’s probably always a bad time to be in the heart of empire when corruption and malfeasence cause it to implode, I think our ability to screw things up is superior to previous times. And technology seems to speed up the timeline. To compound things, religion aside, as a society we’ve lost our moral compass and deeper meaning in life, although I suspect that’s true of most late stage empires.


I was just gonna tell you that Fitts is big fan of CJ’s. Have you read any of his essays? I found him on Zerohedge quite a while ago and now look for his writings. He is a fantastic author.

Ericmathe, I’m with you. When you peel that onion back to the core? I think we’re at the magnetic excursion and the elites are prepping for it.