Take the Ultimate Survival Skills Quiz

Take the survival quiz and see how well you do.  You might learn about some knowledge and skills weaknesses and where you are doing okay.


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The first question in the quiz (What’s the single most important thing you need to survive in the wild? – food, water, warmth) really depends on your environment. Their answer is “water” but in most of the places I might need to survive an emergency, I’d be dead from hypothermia long before I’d be dead from dehydration. No quick quiz can cover all circumstances, so using your brain to evaluate what’s critical is always best.
That said, it’s a thought-provoking tool.

I seem to know more than I expected. Just have to be careful should I meet any snakes when looking for insect larvae in the wrong place whilst dehydrated…

Water is really important, but I have always taught that shelter is number one with water a very close second.  We all know that we need water and food - but if you don't know how to find shelter, you are way behind the survival curve.


Thanks Jason,
My wife and I each took the test and got 11 and 13 right. I guess we are toast in the woods.

I'm going to buy more ammo so that I don't have to leave my property, and eat bugs.

I got 13 out of 20 better go crack the books. sad

Thanks Jason, this was a useful survey. I had no idea beetles were so popular :slight_smile:
I only scored 15/20 so I have lots of work still to do.

As an aside…the one time I got lost in the wilderness (at last year's Kripalu conference of all things!) I made every possible mistake-I went out on unmarked trails, early in the morning without eating or drinking, left my water, sunblock, hat, compass, matches, bugspray and phone behind, no heat source (though at 90 plus degrees probably not a concern), no means of self defense on me.  Got completely lost in the Berkshires while listening to branches break in the distance and with visions of my half eaten dessicated body being found 3 days later (did I mention no one knew where I was?)…black bear was active in the area according to the postings at the Center.  I know, they rarely attack, I never found out what was following me in the woods. Fortunately.

I learned a lot from that little walk. Be prepared. Be armed. I learned that I had the capacity and the willingness to fight to the end to defend my own life.  It was actually life changing.