The Bursting Mega-Bond Bubble, Gold, & Oil

This week’s Finance University - interview is with Daniel Lacalle, the renowned financial and macro analyst.

If you want to understand how your future is going to be shaped by events, this is vital information.

We cover the mega-bond bubble which is currently bursting creating all sorts of drama for over-leveraged countries, companies and individuals. Naturally, that leads to oil and energy as well as gold.

There are steps we can all take to dodge some of the coming economic and financial pain, if not come out ahead, but first comes the education and context.

Let me be clear, there’s a huge financial crisis on the way and I really don’t think ‘they’ have a workable plan. There’s no combination of CBDC’s and spending tweaks that can begin to address decades of mismanagement and can-kicking. We have to get ourselves ready as best we can.

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5 Stars!

5 Star! Don’t know how it logged only 2 stars! My mistake ?


5 Stars Indeed

I was expecting to have a quick hop through this but ended up listening to the whole thing. Daniel has some very clear explanations of the causes and likely outcomes of the current financial craziness


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I loved this talk, perhaps the best interview that I’ve seen on this site. A worthwhile listen for sure.
Chris has parallel posted this in the regular forum as a Happening Now (My Scouting Report).
I think everyone should post comments in the Discourse Side of the Forum (rather than here in WordPress). You get many benefits from notifications and nicer commenting. Let’s let this WordPress function die… But be sure to rate the video here with 5 stars. It was awesome.

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Nuclear Accidents In Europe

I disagree with the guest about his comment that “we have not had nuclear accidents in Europe.”
The Windscale reactor fire is the as of 10/5/2023 the worst nuclear accident in the UK.
You won’t find a bigger proponent of nuclear power on the Peak Prosperity forums. Pro-nuclear people are required to be open and honest about the past if they want to keep their credibility.
Nuclear power is an extremely safe source of energy even if you factor in the impacts of past nuclear accidents.
Bonus information about Germany’s reactor history;
Germany built and operated a Babcock & Wilcox 205 design near the town of Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany. It is the only B&W plant to have ever enter commercial operation. It is a shame that the Germans shut it down and decommissioned it after only 3 years of operations.
The “205” means it was designed to have 205 fuel assemblies. The five remaining B&W designs operating in the USA are all B&W 177 designs. The canceled Bellefont plant in Hollywood, Alabama is an example of B&W 205 plant in the USA. The 205 design operated at higher pressures (~2500 psia) with a Tave of ~670 F. The 177 plants ran at about ~2150 psia with a RCS Tave of about 582 F.
Both B&W designs used once through cooling steam generators (OTSG) and this allowed them to produce super-heated steam. All of the other light water designs in operations can only make saturated steam.
The B&W 205 incorporated many design features in response to the TMI #2 accident. B&W 205 design had a large economizer at the bottom of each OTSG. This mitigated the dreaded loss of feed-water by maintaining more inventory to give the operators more time to respond. A loss of feed water accident was the initiating event that led to a meltdown on TMI #2.
This is an interesting story.


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Thank you. Good to know.

Thank you!


One of the best interviews yet. Great explanations. 5 stars


A Sucker Born Every Minute

^ My first thought when Mr. Lacalle described the 100 year Austrian Bonds! And I’m not even a market gal! I’m sure I read about the Austrian bonds in ZH, this conversation is ringing a big bell. Argentina too!!! .
Towards the end, our guest talked about the Davos crowd discussing limiting access to fossil fuels because … you know … there’s a climate emergency, but maybe it’s really a fossil fuel availability emergency.
Great discussion. One thing Mr. Lacalle spoke about was the 180+ central banks all working in tandem really struck me. I think the coup is over, the CB’s control the whole thing.


I Feel Really

I feel really concerned, when all my capital has been poured into stocks. But the article is really of very good quality, please allow me to vote 5 stars for the @geometry dash lite