The Coronavirus Has A Second Route Of Attack

The covid-19 virus, while incredibly tiny, continues to confound researchers with the myriad ways in which it can wreak havoc in the human body.

The latest surprise is that the virus may have a completely second pathway, separate from targeting ACE2 receptors, for attack.

New research indicates that, similar to HIV, covid-19 compromises the immune system’s T-cells and “turns off” their protective function, allowing the virus to replicate without interference.

And if that isn’t unwelcome enough, a new study reports that numerous patients infected with covid-19 show damage well beyond just the lungs. Described as a “full body assault”, notable damage to the heart, liver and other organs is also being observed.

In short, you do NOT want to get this! Not if you can avoid it.

So continue sheltering in place, social distancing, masks & handwashing & hygiene.

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I try to steer away from conspiracy theories, but what are the odds: “hmmm”.

This is not a surprise, how do healthy-fit people are getting very ill with this? well that’s your answer, you carry the virus until it fucks you up enough to the point of developing pneumonia. Scary stuff.
Incompetent world leaders downplaying this, when we all know here at PP the virus was very serious from the beggining.

Dear Chris,
Thanks for your educational videos, although I need to stay up 'till about 1 o’clock, I watch them all! They helped me prepare much better than I could have done with the information of the Belgian government.
In the last video you highlighted the 303 deaths we had on sunday here in Belgium, reason is that suspected HB-deaths in old folks homes are also counted, not just confirmed Covid-deaths in hospitals. More info in the link below (in English):
So 43% of the total death count is from care homes, many nations don’t even count these deaths. I wonder what death rates would look like if this was correlated to the figures of other countries …

Something to the effect of the Chloroquine gets into the cell and changeS the ph and effects the liposome.
I take a supplement with a ph 12.3, I believe it helps to nudge my system out of the acidic range enough to disrupt disease. Crazy, maybe…
Re-watch this video and listen to why this lady and her entire family, the only family in her town that never got the 1918 flu. @ 5:00 minute mark.
And remember there is no money in this so detailed studies will never be done. Planting a thought.
Another one in French, but it does start off in English for the 1st part.
Basically the treatment has been for pneumonia - which apparently does not work because the patients are dieing from - here I have to figure out what the second doctor has found - but more to do with thrombosis - ie blood clots due to inflamation. Third doctor prescribed two drugs of the same type as Azithromycine with good results - No HCQ.
What I liked the most was his statement at minute 6min28
Never have they had a patient with the illness Polyarthitis rheumatoide - beause they take HCQ and they develop a cortazone natural an important anti-inflamatory.
I have been asking Chris about Lupus patients - haven’t heard if they do not get this virus.
This is getting quite sloppy - it’s late.

Now, why in Heaven’s Name would a virus, which includes substantial HIV RNA splices, behave anything like HIV?
This is ancient knowledge! We knew the FIRST TIME we sequenced this virus it was modified with long chain RNA sequences from HIV, MERS, and SARS8. It is WHY we knew this virus to be a product of a LAB!!.
Why do we need to discover what we have known for months?

The possibility that this virus can access our systems through more than one avenue would explain a lot of things. I wonder if anyone has investigated the 1918 virus for that capacity. The fact (at least anecdotal) that people were taken down so very quickly on the second wave - fine in the morning and dead by night - might accrue from their having severely weakened immune systems still from the first run. And that goes for the people collapsing in the street in Wuhan too.
If this is something that does occur (though not often thank heaven) in nature, it would take some of the slam dunk out of the bio-weapon theory, though it wouldn’t disprove it, of course. Seems to me that we have enough on our plates to figure this beast out, without wasting our mental and emotional energy on looking for someone to blame. If it was a bioweapon, it has so manifestly blown up in the faces of the perpetrators, whoever they might be, that it might serve the purpose of giving even psychopaths pause. And on a species level, we were more than due for a lemming cycle, so this may be it. Or not. Maybe Sylvia Browne (and Trump) will turn out, unnervingly, to have got it right, and it’ll all disappear suddenly. “Like a miracle.” :slight_smile:
Ok, not holding my breath. I’m with the lemmings at the moment.

Do we have a vaccine for AIDS? Do we have a vaccine for MERS? Do we have a vaccine for SARS08?
Will we have a vaccine for SARS-CoV-9? Nope.
Treatment only. The suppression and disinformation of effective treatments is deliberate confusion, and evidence of another attempt at population control via artificial disease…JUST LIKE AIDS was and is.
I am now in the NON-accidental release camp.
…I should add that there actually IS an cure for AIDS, but it is not a vaccine, but a nucleotide serum. WE even promoted idiots to pursue vaccines, when we KNEW such efforts were meaningless.

What’s incredible to me is the amount of “adjustment reaction” push back we are getting from the public. There are many new memes going around.

  1. “They are overcounting deaths. That person died WITH COFVID-19 not from it.” I’m seeing this all over the place. As Chris has said many times, if you dont like the facts, then you have a problem with the facts. The current meme is that states are overblowing their numbers to get more federal money.
  2. “We already had the virus and are immune. In fact I was sicker than a dog in February.” This meme is more California centric. Over a dozen people that I know INSIST that they had coronavirus in January or February. I see articles posted constantly. Just another version of “just the flu bro.” Of course this is wishful thinking because if we truly had coronavirus in Cali running around undetected for so long we would be in big trouble right now.
  3. “Its fake. Hospitals are sloooow just do a drive around and see for yourself. They are laying off workers. This is a power grab to bankrupt the middle class and to force VACCINES on everyone because Bill Gates.”
    This meme is a smaller one going around but nevertheless is out there. Again, denial.
    What has really put me in a bad mood is seeing just how callous my fellow citizens are. We have 25,000 dead as of this comment, and all I’m hearing is “its not even worse than bad flu season.” Are these people literally that intellectually bankrupt not to realize that it cost us 30 million jobs and a crash in GDP of 30 plus percent to ONLY have 25k dead? From what I have observed around me, as soon as someone gets a pay cut, or basically when they feel it in their pocket, they get very angry and immediate the denial of the situation goes through the roof. What I just dont understand is, even though I have taken a hit financially because of the measures, there is no denial on my end. There is more to life than money, man. People are just crazy. We paraded around 3000 deaths in the 9/11 attacks for so long yet due to our toxic political environment, these 25k deaths have been politicized down to “they were old or had conditions.” Pretty disgusting apathy and callousness from my fellow countrymen.
    I swear even if a million end up dying it will be heavily politicized. As the good book says “for the love of money is the root of all evil.”

George said this in his list of denial symptoms;

3. “Its fake. Hospitals are sloooow just do a drive around and see for yourself. They are laying off workers. This is a power grab to bankrupt the middle class and to force VACCINES on everyone because Bill Gates.”
I don't get the second sentence here... am I denying the existence or virulence of the virus by thinking that Bill Gates may be positioned to profit from it, monetarily or otherwise? Am I denying the reality of the virus be thinking it's likely a bioweapon that some entity thought should make a timely entry onto the world stage?

I remember vividly watching the news with my Dad and seeing the CEO’s of tobacco companies stand before Congress and raise their right hands and SWEAR that there was NO evidence or connection between smoking and cancer. And I remember the testimony about taking babies out of incubators by the evil Kwait’s soldiers so they could steal the incubators. It was a well orchestrated lie.
So I have to ask myself what are they lying about now? Cause if their mouths are moving they are telling you what they want you to think. Perhaps a healthy dose of doubt, questions and skepticism are better than not thinking for oneself.
I try to question everything. And that frustrates people who want to have black and white beliefs. Perhaps an alternate way to see the world?
AKGrannyWGrit Bioweapon research is illegal. Many charge that the US is engaged in it. Paul Craig Roberts Robert Kadlec, Assistant Secretary of Health in Washington, denies that the US is involved with bioweapons research, as do most US officials. Francis Boyle disagrees. He says that the US has 13,000 scientists working in bioweapon research in a large number of labs. What is this if not bioweapon research: Giving aerosol gain-of-function to pathogens is not bioweapons research? What is this if not bioweapon research: Funding coronavirus/bat research in a level 4 lab is not bioweapon research? How does this differ from bioweapon research: Certainly, nonweapon rationals can be given for the research. Nevertheless, creating a pathogen with aerosol transmission capability is to create a bioweapon. Is there any possibility of enforcing US law that prohibits the US from participating in bioweapons research and production? Or do once again false “national security” claims take precedence over US law?

Maybe we need to remember the five stages of grief. Denial is the first. Then anger - lots of that. Then bargaining - seeing some of that around. Depression - take a look at our wretched heroic medical workers. And acceptance. From which we can step back and begin to study and understand this thing.
BTW, the laying off of workers, in many cases, has to do with for-profit hospital administrations cutting back because they don’t have elective surgeries to keep up their finances.
I would guess the slow days at the hospital are when they’ve managed to clear out to one of the new field hospitals. Or maybe they are one of the areas that hasn’t had its surge yet. Or maybe, even, that area is finally getting a break. But read the article sand_puppy posted elsewhere -
This is no hoax. We here, at least, should know this.

The appearance of Covid, at this time, with all the boxes it ticks and with the wider context in mind. This is no natural virus. This is no coincidence. But, I can’t for the life of me work out why this perspective = denial of its severity. Seems to me that response is denial itself.
When the fruit cake Alex Jones seems like the adult at the table. We ain’t in Kansas no more…

I am seeing the same denial rising in my community. People saying that the peak is ‘well past’ and that it’s ‘time to get back to normal’. Today my state reported the highest number of deaths yet! I hope Chris will start devoting a -little- time in his updates to the experiences that countries are having with re-normalization. I think definitely some positive and negative lessons to be learned there.

That section refers to all the conspiracy theories running rampant on my facebook thread which is shockingly dominated by college educated middle class folk. I’m seeing constant posts that Bill Gates is behind this to engage in “population control” through a vaccine and for a means for him to make trillions, I kid you not.

A little skepticism is always good. We came on here because we didn’t trust our mainstream media sources telling us “not too worry just the flu” while Chris was warning us to get masks, supplies and our finances in order for the long haul. From the beginning the general public has been hostile to the idea of this pandemic and remains so. Most people I talk to say “its overblown” but then again I am in a very safe zone in Orange County with 19 deaths out of a 3 million population county so the locals havent “felt” it at all.

This has got to be good news…‘predictive-contagion’-model/

The term “conspiracy theorist” was coined by the CIA to denounce anyone who didn’t support the official lone gunman theory of the JFK assassination. Now, we all look at the Warren Report askance. Conspiracy is defined as “a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose.” Healthy skepticism of countries or groups who have clearly defined agendas like the CCP is wise.
Bill Gates’ prominent atty. father sat on the board of Planned Parenthood so indeed he learned eugenics at Daddy’s knee. The Event 201 held in NYC Oct. '19 modeling an outbreak of uncontainable Coronavirus pandemic was co-sponsored by Gates. Watch some of the excerpts on YT. The health officials from different nations are giddy talking about mandatory quarantines, police enforcement, and silencing dissenting voices on the Internet, but mention treating the virus only as an after thought.
The point of function research done at UNC Chapel Hill, NC 2015, may have been the spring board for this. Funny that NIH under O. allowed it to continue while cancelling other similar tests as too dangerous. The two Chinese UNC team members now work at the Wuhan lab.
The virus was strategically released during Spring Festival, a lunar calendar event where all Chinese return to their home hukous to register information with local officials and visit family members. After a month, they return to schools/jobs world-wide. Would anyone be this ruthless and unconscionable? Yes, the CCP.
Under Xi, aka per the Chinese - Mao2, they have launched aggressive maneuvers to assert their world dominance economically and militarily, especially in the South China Sea and against Taiwan. Why? Their economy is a house of cards with GDP numbers set by the CCP. With the one child policy, the Confucian driven mores are impossible to meet with huge numbers of unfunded older people. Most of China’s food is imported as the ground is mountainous and unarable. They have to go for broke, and their ambition knows no limits.
China is trying to take over Taiwan’s economy. Ask a Taiwanese and they will tell you in a second,“I’m not Chinese.” WHO will not allow Taiwan a place per China. WHO’s Tedros is an Ethiopian politician of the ruthless TPLF party that is classified as a Tier III terrorist group. His nation is the largest recipient of China’s Belt and Road in Africa.
Things are not as advertised- even now Beijing is still restricted with hall passes to leave apartments for necessities, and schools are closed. Quarantine is now set up for those suspected of having the virus/virus contact in the NE province of PRC, Inner Mongolia. There is good reason to be suspicious.