The Coronavirus Is Even More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

Man, the more we learn about the honey badger virus (covid-19), the more we realize what a beast it truly is.

Yesterday’s video went into the damage the virus does to the lungs. It’s also becoming clear covid-19 also injures the heart, kidneys, nervous & circulatory systems, intestines and liver.

Again, you do NOT want to get this if you can avoid it.

We are also seeing that it’s a hard foe to defeat. In a growing number of ‘best case’ countries, when lockdowns are lifted, they’re having to be quickly re-instated as new outbreak blooms occur.

Meanwhile, the damage covid-19 is doing to the global economy is becoming increasingly clear - and grim. Demand has fallen by record amounts, the banking system is looking shaky, and food security is now becoming a concern.

The latter speaks to why we have been advocating for weeks now that you get busy starting or expanding your garden.

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Feeling somewhat frustrated.
Just listened to Chris’ newest recording – excellent as always – but he says near the very end in resumé – that HCQ+ is not the silver bullet, be all end all cure for COVID.
I do not think that anyone thinks that – it is just a really good alternative until other choices emerge. The danger of looking for the HOME RUN BALL is that alot of people will NEEDLESSLY go to hospital FOR LONG PERIODS of time. Some of them will develope serious complications; some will die.
How do you spell RELIEF HCQ+
That’s what this is all about. And that’s what I don’t get. How do really intelligent people NOT GET IT. If you make it easy for a GP to prescribe HCQ+ treatment, you give INSTANT RELIEF to your hospital system.
As Dr Didier Raoult said in his podcast yesterday – people have no stigmatization in Africa or Asia to take a protective pill to prevent (error OMG) – might prevent statistically in between 91 and 94 percent of cases of the infection of ruining your life. I mean that’s better than Russian roulette!
And I add for all Bill Gates fans, what about the possible prophylactic effect – as stated by an Italian doctor who noted that not a single COVID infected patient had Rheumatoid Arthritis in his service. After all, our hero Bill Gates championed the idea of giving French safes in large quantities in Africa as a condition to receiving aid. (In France we call those English safes).
To push this envelope a little further – in the very civilized Industrial Western World – we think almost nothing about taking a birth control pill – which too has undesirable consequences and does not have a 100 pentcent success rate.
There I go – no one will give me a thumbs up now.
deaths cases for France
17,188 134,582 12.8%
IHU Méditerranée Infection
11 2,716 0.41%
But we don’t know if it works yet.

My girlfriend works in a big city building that was shut down due to Covid19 infections. She most likely contracted it but the VA refuses to test her (Navy Vet) and essentially blew her off. She has Lupus and has been on HydroxyChloroquine for decades. Luckily she had started to see my private doc who after a phone consult prescribed the ZPack. After 4 weeks of chronic low grade fevers, chronic dry cough, headaches, diarrhea etc she is now on the upswing. Doc said only hospitals can test for Covid19 now, but he plans to order test kits when there is wider distribution; my girlfriend and I will get tested. A couple weeks ago I woke at 2 am with fever and nausea thinking “oh shit”. I got up to go to the kitchen to got some LMNT water then returned to bed and fell back sleep. I woke 5 hours later with no fever and GI OK. This is not how the flu acts. I have never fought of those symptoms so fast. I rarely get colds for over 15 years so maybe I am lucky. I am also jacked up on immune system boosting supplements due to a hospital infection years ago.

Just a side note on Anosmia - it is not all that unusual as you get older, I’ve found to my chagrin. I used to suffer quite badly from RADS (Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome) but I would get past the appalling coughing fits and be ok again. But once I hit 70, while the RADS had eased off to only occasional attacks, when it did happen, I would find I had lost my sense of smell, and therefore taste. It would slowly come back to some degree. Now I find even a bad sneezing fit can do it, at least partially (hyposmia). The doctor kindly (the so-and-so) explained to me that as you get older your brain shrinks. Violent coughing or sneezing causes shaking in the brain case that can shear off the delicate neural connectors to your nose. They can grow back again, but not always fully. Which is why a lot of older people have a reduced capacity to notice smells. I don’t know if the loss of taste can occur as a separate dysfunction, but generally the two go together. A complete loss of taste - can’t even distinguish sweet, salt, sour, bitter - would be something else again. I don’t know what would cause that, other than damage to the palate? Or CoV19?

Here’s one we can appreciate here.

Great job on presenting all this information you so painstakingly research and present to us. One aspect I haven’t seen much of is the mental care side. From talking to my therapist, there is not a lot of information being presented on how much strain is being put into taking care of the raised anxieties and stress levels during these trying times. From what my therapist says, mental support efforts are also overflowing with people needing care, higher levels of depression, suicide, … I’d be interested to see what you can put together for this. Again, thank you for all your great work!

Imagine you are going into a restaurant seating 100 people and the greeter says, by the way, we have an active shooter situation, but it’s not serious. He has only killed 4 people and wounded 20 so far. (Or whatever we think the CFR is.) Would you go in? That’s why I’m staying home

Good for you for staying home. Good for everyone for staying home!
Now don’t be surprised at the world you are creating. It’s called the haves vs the have nots.
The have’s have government, County, State, Municipal, Retirement income, work for banks, Wall-street, etc. They are situated.
The have nots are small business owners. Employees, private contractors etc. They are not well situated.
The have nots are running out of money, having trouble feeding their children, paying rent, making a car payment and wondering where the hell they can get a job cause they just got laid off. But hey, your safe at home.
Pretty soon, after things open up again someone will go OMG I am infected. An admin person will say lets do contact tracing and find that dirty place that infected you and close it down!!! Hmm how are businesses much less people to survive being shut down over and over again? But hey, your safe at home. You after all are one of the have’s. The have-nots survived the great depression they will survive this one right?
A country divided. Should be interesting. Are you ready? I am not sure I am ready for whats coming but at least I can see it.

From what my therapist says, mental support efforts are also overflowing with people needing care, higher levels of depression, suicide, …
My son in law is an officer in charge of Covid-oriented security at an Army base. Most soldiers are under isolation orders in order to prevent the Honey Badger disabling troops who could be sent to some corner of the globe at a moment's notice. (It's because his group just rotated off active call up status that he and they have been assigned security and support for base hospitals - they're expendable.) He has observed that the rates of soldier problems has increased dramatically: risky behavior, drug abuse, suicide, domestic violence, even occasional homicide. It's causing a deterioration in readiness. In response, they are now doing periodic home evaluations. He says separate from looking for signs of domestic trouble his number one question is, "do you have a motorcycle?" That's because they have become the number one cause of preventable accidents and injuries. I imagine there's a lot of similar in the general population.

Interesting article about a doctor’s approach to saving another doc with his own thoughts on the disease and autoimmune response.

I don’t know if the connection is just coincidental or if there is causality involved. One of the reported symptoms of Covid-19 is decreased sense of smell and taste. That is also one of the symptoms of zinc deficiency. Zinc is used by your body in cell production and immune functions. There is still a lot more to learn about zinc, but we do know that zinc is an essential part of growth, sexual development, and reproduction. When you’re zinc deficient, your body can’t produce healthy, new cells. This leads to symptoms such as:
  • unexplained weight loss
  • wounds that won’t heal
  • lack of alertness
  • decreased sense of smell and taste
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • open sores on the skin
One of the more promising therapies for combating Covid-19 is a combination of hydroxychloroquine (a zinc ionophore) + azithromycin + zinc. Is the body scavenging all the available zinc in the body to fight the virus? Is that why reduced smell and taste is a symptom? (I really don't know.) It would be easy to tell by just checking the level of zinc in a blood sample of a Covid-19 patient compared to normal levels. Grover

Granny, you make a good point here, but the two states are not mutually exclusive, at least in many cases. We stay home. But we also order in. Our local farm co-op offers delivery not only of their own produce, but they’ll pick up whatever you want from the local grocery store. There are a lot of people around from the “gig economy” who are in need of work. So we’ve moved some projects forward, and called in help where we would normally have done it all ourselves. I’m paying for help in the garden where I wouldn’t have done that before. Maybe some of that pay will be in food going forward. Others we know are doing the same. It’s not even that we’re all that wealthy - our income is less than half the US cut-off for benefits at $75000, now that our own b&b business is cut off. I’m not saying this to break my arm patting myself on the back, but to point out that there’s another direction we could find ourselves going in, as this situation progresses - we could get adaptive and creative. Keeping our own communities going, which sets examples for other communities. It’s not “the big answer” but it’s scalable.

I would love for Chris and investor friends, to let us know how the food commodities are doing. And maybe some info in general. For example, if Vietnam won’t export rice, how does that impact us in the West? Stuff like that. Are farmers planting for the spring with wheat?
Not to be funny, but… our shortages now, how will they impact my buying ramen noodles in 6 months to a year? If people can’t buy cheap staples in 6 months, forget the plague. All hell will break loose.
Thank you guys!
Yall are awesome!

Wow, I like that hypothesis. Could connect another dot.

Excerpt from an email newsletter from Viome Research Institute…
Your gut microbiome plays an essential role in supporting your immunity, as your gut lining houses 70% of the cells that make up your immune system and is one of the first lines of immune defense you have. Now more than ever, eating the right foods which feed your microbes can help in maintaining your gut barrier integrity.
During this crisis, our scientists at the Viome Research Institute have learned much about SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 respiratory disease, since the initial outbreak. We now know that the virus can be present and detectable in the gut microbiome, even after it is no longer detectable in the respiratory system, or in cases where people have experienced mild or no symptoms. Studies have shown that people may shed the virus in stool for weeks after the virus is cleared from respiratory samples.
To play our part in the long term solution to COVID-19, Viome has submitted our FDA application for approval of our Gut Intelligence™ Test for SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 detection. Our lab and bioinformatics teams completed validations for this test in exactly 14 days—an incredible feat! We believe that this type of testing will eventually be critical in our fight against COVID-19, and will release more news on this innovative, alternative test as soon as we are able.
I want to let you know that we are here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about your samples, or your results and recommendations. Our customer experience team is also available at or online via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Yours in Wellness,
I think for this crowd, the picture is worth a 1,000 words. If you have to ask, you’re either very new here - which is fine, you’re in the right place - or you’re not paying attention.
PS - (Chris, this one’s for you.)

I have been taking Zinc regularly over the last 6-8 weeks, usually 30 mg as picolinate along with 2 mg Copper. Even with the Copper, I fear that I am overdoing it as I have developed some numbness in the heel of one foot and the big toe of the other. I am experiencing some kind of neuropathy. I am starting to believe that I am experiencing Copper deficiency. I will stop the non-dietary Zinc supplements for now and get ahold of a Copper supplement. I will restart Zinc supplementation if and when I feel sick.

Copper deficiency myelopathy: A report of two cases The commonest neurologic manifestation of acquired copper deficiency is that of a myelopathy. A peripheral neuropathy of variable severity is commonly associated with the myelopathy.

Well done. I had to click the link to see the pic with enough resolution to catch the joke. Somebody should start a rogue’s gallery of mask stupidity.