The COVID Recovered Are Better Protected than the Vaccinated

Natural immunity is better than vaccination alone.

The CDC has finally done a proper look into the protection offered by prior Covid-19 infection as compared to vaccination. I repeat, “finally!” The results apparently are surprising to them. Of course, they are not surprising to those of us who have been tracking natural immunity over these many months and saw early on from the Israeli data that it was at least as good as vaccination, if not better. Rather, this is surprising because the CDC had not managed to come across this critical insight until now.

Well, better late than never, right?

The results of this study show that whether you were vaccinated or unvaccinated, if you had a prior Covid infection you were one-third as likely to catch Covid again as those who had only been fully vaccinated but who had not had a prior Covid infection.

More importantly, prior infection conferred a huge benefit in preventing hospitalization from a subsequent infection. Those with a prior infection were less than half as likely to end up in the hospital as compared to those who had no prior infection, but were fully vaccinated.

The conclusions are profound and rock-solid:

  1. There is no medically valid reason for denying a vaccine exemption to those who have had a prior infection.
  2. There is no public health benefit to mandating vaccines upon those who have had a prior Covid infection.
Now, all of this is pre-omicron. But we knew this already, didn’t we? My bet is that omicron will change everything once again because of how it not only “evades” vaccines, but somehow finds fully-vaccinated people to be easier and more permissive hosts.

Luckily, omicron is not that dangerous for the vast majority of people. But is this the end of it?

Maybe not if those in power have their say.

In Part 2, I explore the really stunning conclusions that result from understanding the likely genesis of omicron (BA.1)and its new “3rd cousin” BA.2 which is rapidly taking over Europe and is now in the US.

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We were lied to about Pearl Harbor. There are reams of data proving that we knew cutting off Japans Oil imports would force them to attack. We broke their codes months before and knew they were attacking. We were warned by several other countries that they knew for a fact that Japan was attacking Hawaii. We knew that the American Public would not let us enter into another war unless provoked. It was all a lie and thousands died.

We were lied to about WWII. The USSR fought back the Germans to Berlin and forced an unconditional surrender then moved their forces down south to attack Japan forcing them to surrender. The US could not allow the USSR to be the winners of the war so we dropped two Nucs on Japan killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians then declared that WE won the war and would therefore dictate how the world would operate from then on.

After WWII we were told the world would be a peaceful place and no more imperial colonizing other countries. We lied! We took over for everyone.

They lied to us about the killing of JFK. He was killed by the CIA because he would not continue the rape and pillage of the world for the benefit of the wealthy. He wanted to end all that and have equality and peace. BANG! When shot in the head from behind your head does not snap back. There were multiple shooters. This has been well documented.

They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that brought us to war in Vietnam. It was a false Flag operation that is well documented.

They lied about 911

They lied about Bin Ladin and Afghanistan

They lied about Iraq

They lied about Gaddafi and Libya

They lied about Syria

They lied about AIDS

They lied about Swine Flu

They lied about H1N1

They lied about Sars-1

They lied about everything surrounding SarsCov-2

Ongoing lies;

There is never enough money to pay for any socially beneficial elements of government operations but there is unlimited money to give to the military and to bail out wealthy folks.

I have skipped over about a hundred other lies they have done over the last 100 - 150 years but at this point it doesn’t seem to matter.

They have lied so much for so long that they can lead with a major whopper of a lie now and most will swallow to the last drop.

Discussion begins around 40 minute mark.

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Add to that:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Panama
  3. Russiagate
  4. the Maiden “Color Revolution”
  5. Kazahkstan
    and on and on.

You’re handling the anger for me today Netlej, thanks for that.


great post.
Joseph Goebbels quote: If you repeat a lie often enough ...


lab leak
obomba (too numerous to mention but “you can keep your dr. and your plan” and i will not have lobbyists in my admin. lobbyist wrote obombacare and michael taylor chief lobbyist for monsanto named deputy secretary at fda)
bill clinton also too numerous too list but " i did not have sex with that woman"
iran / contra
clapper lies to congress about nsa surveillance of amerikaan citizens.
masks don’t work/ wear 2 masks


I agree totally with those two conclusions. I hope people don’t think that this means they should actively try to get infected instead of getting vaccinated but a prior infection should be recognised as being as good as vaccination. Sadly, some countries ignore prior infections.


So I have an anecdote. First, my friend got vaccinated. He got tinnitus for about a month, along with sleep disregulation - again - for a month.
Then he got COVID. (Because - vaccines work just that well). Fever for a day, sniffles for 3 days, and a cough and fatigue for about a week.
Which would you choose? Have you had tinnitus before? For a month?
I’d pick the infection.


I found this data about the protection supposedly offered by vaccines to be suspect. What is the supposed mechanism of action of these vaccines? Their ‘effectiveness’ was measured in terms of antibody titers they produced and the purpose of vaccine induced antibodies is to give the body a head start and kill the virus and stop it replicating. So if this were true how can we account for the PHE VoC Tech briefings which showed that in the green line in the chart below Ct values (a good proxy for viral load) fluctuated between 30Ct and 26Ct in the double vaccinated between Feb 2021 - May 2021 then plummeted to 20Ct and below by June 2021?
We can conclude from this that despite claims of diminishing effectiveness that the double vaccinated were catching Covid in February, as soon as they moved into the 2 doses + 21 days category seeing that in the UK we left a minimum of 3 months between jabs. We can possibly ascribe the higher Ct values in Feb - May to the fact there were fewer double vaxxed in the pool in comparison to the unvaccinated and the relative Ct values balanced out as the unvaccinated population shrank.
PHE state in that document that “where Ct data are available, since the 14 June 2021 [Ct values] are similar, with a median of 17.8 for unvaccinated and 18.0 for those with 2 vaccine doses.”
So by June 14th that gave us a 0.2 of a Ct difference in viral load between the 2 Dose + 21 days and the unvaccinated. So given the supposed mechanism of vaccine action how is it possible that this 0.2Ct level of ‘protection’ could possibly lead to the supposed decreases in hospitalizations that the CDC is claiming? If they are not significantly decreasing viral load then what is the true mechanism of action?
It is always interesting when authorities stop publishing certain data and it was on August 6th 2021 that PHE stopped publishing this data series in TB20. I suspect this was because viral loads had increased against the unvaccinated. Their answer to such problems all along has been that when the data moves against them they simply stop publishing it and move to other metrics such a cases per 100,000 which are skewed by significantly under estimating the size of the unvaccinated population by 3 to 5 times.


The 14 days windows for unvaxx / vaxxed classification is a complete statistical fraud. These people shouldn’t be counted as unvaxxed. They could be classified into their own category such as “interim vaxxed” but they cannot be included into the pure blood group. The vaxx injuries and the vaxx induced C19 infections are outrageously exaggerating the risk to the real unvaxxed because of that fraudulent classification. The people who designed the 14 days classification have done it so that they can skew the results of the real unvaxxed control group.


This is what we endure living behind enemy lines.

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Covid vaccines provide stronger immunity than past infection, CDC study finds
Unvaccinated people who had recovered were five times more likely to test positive again than people who were recently fully vaccinated.

Aquila said,

The 14 days windows for unvaxx / vaxxed classification is a complete statistical fraud.
Yes, yes, yes. This is one of the most obvious tricks in the Book of Covid. In truth, the first two weeks or so of immune addling negative efficacy post first jab have likely caused more death and destruction than any natural aspect of the "pandemic". Here is a paper that unravels this anomaly in terms of all-cause mortality, England;
And here is an expose based on the same paper; More here;


It’s like they want us to die. I’d love if someone can come up with a better explanation for what’s happening.


I’ve been thinking about that 14-day window a lot lately as I’ve seen it repeatedly brought up.
It’s unfortunate that so many data sets don’t actually make it clear how (or where, or even if) people in that window are counted. If we assume that such individuals are counted as unvaccinated then it decreases raw vaccinated counts while increasing raw unvaccinated counts, at least compared to other possible ways of counting those cases. However, I’m more interested in the infection rates, and effects on those are more subtle since we need to understand the three infection rates r_unvaccinated, r_vaccinated_before_14, and r_vaccinated_at_least_14. If r_vaccinated_before_14 > r_vaccinated_at_least_14 — which seems clear from the data and is implicitly accepted by those calculating immunity after that point — then including them among the unvaccinated makes the vaccinated rate look smaller than including them among the vaccinated would. Less obvious is the effect on the unvaccinated rate, and that depends on the ordering of r_unvaccinated and r_vaccinated_before_14. If r_unvaccinated < r_vaccinated_before_14 — which would be an important result — then it makes the unvaccinated rate look larger than it would otherwise, but if r_unvaccinated > r_vaccinated_before_14 then we’d actually be experiencing the Will Rogers phenomenon with the unvaccinated rate (also) decreased as a result of the inclusion.


Hi All,
The cohort group 14 days after completion of the 2nd jab doesn’t mean that they received the 2nd jab 14 days after they received the 1st jab. Many persons I know waited past the recommended time between jabs, some a month or more. Regardless when they got their 1st jab it was counted as OK at the time of the 2nd jab. It’s at that point in time that the 14 days starts counting. So the time between the 1st and 2nd jabs could be 2 to 3 times the recommend time between jabs plus 14 days. So that renders that entire cohort’s worth of data almost useless. Some of them could have come down with Covid or even died of something else before getting the 2nd jab.
And as to something else to which someone else alluded. Where are the persons in that unknown duration gap category being counted?
Since I don’t post often, I will take the opportunity to say I recommend stop using the word vaccine. I suggest breaking the unknowingly forced habit of using the word they want us to use. I suggest instead jab or shot.
Also, stop using the word mandate. The mandates are illegal measures. Call them that whenever you talk about the illegal measures. Don’t give power away by using the words TPTB want us to use. Don’t give their words any power.
For truly great, expert legal analysis of the laws already on the books that protect our unalienable rights against criminal activity I recommend Peggy Hall’s The Healthy American web site. If we’re going to win this fight for our very lives we better learn the laws that protect us so that we know when those laws are being violated by governments and then fight them in courts where we have had many recent victories.
Courage lawyers are coming to the forefront and the judges out there seem to be getting the law right most of the time.
And keep up the good work you’re all doing in not conforming with the illegal measures. I am often the only one not wearing a mask in all the stores and open to the public establishments into which I go. It can be stressful at times because I do get a lot of quick stares and then quick look-aways and the other shoppers and workers won’t look me in the eye. Hardly anyone ever engages me but when they do I am more then ready to help them understand the law.
You know, you’d maybe be surprised to know how many persons to whom I have talked while out and about maskless that didn’t know that the executive branch of government does not make laws. That means that no president, governor, mayor or any of the departments of government that are under the executive branch can make law. Period. ONLY LEGISLATURES MAKE LAWS. The Constitution does not get suspended under any circumstance or emergency. It is in times of emergency when it needs to be adhered to and avowed even more.
The more we don’t comply the more other persons will start getting the idea too. So keep up the non-compliance. Shop with other no-maskers that you may already know. And take along a short list of the laws that protect your rights to do what you’re doing. Once you show the workers in the stores and places of business open to the public the actual law’s (enforceable codes) names and code numbers and a short paragraph describing the law it is very impressive and allows me to enter and shop or eat hassle free. And I am educating my other fellow citizens on the laws that not only are protecting me at that very moment but can certainly be used to protect them some day in the possibly very near future. Thanks so very much.