The Delta Variant Spreads Among the Vaccinated

You’ve been hearing a lot about the Delta variant — how bad is it, and what does it mean for you? And why are Delta “outbreaks” happening in highly vaccinated places like Israel?

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Man it feels good to have Chris and his charts making sense of the data again. Felt like old times. :slight_smile:

Well all I can say is that this time Im not going quietly into lockdown with my mask on. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Something to consider about more lockdowns. Wouldn’t ordering new lockdowns force the powers that be to address any issues of the vaccine not being as effective possibly? That would not be good PR. Or perhaps it would allow them to make a case for boosters? I know it’s probably too early but I’m just wondering.

At 15m59s you talk about the absolute number of cases in the Seychelles, without referencing the rather tiny population of those islands. While it’s true that the problem is small in absolute numerical terms, wouldn’t it be more fair to look at it on a per-million-population basis?

“I’m out of ideas, don’t know what it could be…” Got a good chuckle out of that one, Chris!

Lots of Sinovac vax’ed physicians and other medical workers in Indonesia getting ill and some dying from the Delta variant.

My understanding is that it is to the disease’s advantage NOT to to be lethal. (A lethal disease is self-limiting because it runs out of hosts.)
It is for this reason viral blooms taper off. As can be seen in these graphs.
In my model, vaccines are modern day snake-oil. This fracas is the Big Reveal. Big Pharma is running around with its hair on fire.

Chris, At 15m59s you talk about the absolute number of cases in the Seychelles, without referencing the rather tiny population of those islands. While it's true that the problem is small in absolute numerical terms, wouldn't it be more fair to look at it on a per-million-population basis?
Not really. I think 169 cases and an average of 1 death/day are numbers that need to be mentioned when one makes the claim that "the Seychelles are one of the 10 worst Covid hotspots in the world." I'd personally be more worried about being in the UK where the system has decided that there won't be any early treatments for me and my loved ones until our lips turn blue.  

Don’t you think that the “Delta variant” that hits vaccinated people is simply vaccine damage rebranded as a “new variant”? Not only increased susceptibility (all the lab animals died upon exposure to the live pathogen), but people go out with a false confidence that they are “immunized”. None of this would happen if simply using the censored effective treatments.
Top experts are now openly stating the obvious: The vaccines are bioweapons being used to depopulate (just wait till the post-summer “seasonal” Vitamin D deficiency-induced susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2/hCoVs + ADE + fucking prion disease?), and to justify new lockdowns to further destroy the middle class.
The vaccines are not being effective, serving only to prolong the plandemic and cause increased death and morbidity, as we knew was the intention all along as that’s how the economic incentives are aligned and the “vaccines” were from the beginning made with the blood of millions of people, by companies with a long criminal track record (except Moderna as they’re new with 0 approvals yet started making the vaccine by January 2020 and its CEO is connected to the creation of the Wuhan lab).

To define it as something other than vaccine damage seems somewhat dangerously enemy friendly.
There’s NO WAY they’re getting away with this for long… But will they get to the children first? In many countries, it looks like it’s going to happen.
Those are the two big topics IMO. Bioweapon and the children.

Hi Chris, great segment by you – as usual!
I didn’t look deeply enough into the Seychelles – I got so used to looking at cases & deaths as a fraction of the population (in ppm, or per million in the population) for all the countries, and then when I heard about the Seychelles, I added it to my graphs I’ve been using for over a year and – WOW! – looked like a disaster.
Now I see the “disaster” is a whopping 63 deaths. That’s the gotcha with small populations (or sample sizes). I knew the #s were small because the data was noisy, but I should have at least looked at raw #s once.
Anyway, I appreciate your focus on the main things:

  1. DWIZIBINS (such as those mentioned at & of course)
  2. characteristics of new variants (and whether they’re less/more infectious or lethal)
    Best to ya! – Matt

From worldometer using UK’s 7 day moving average cases and deaths on June 29:
Assuming 2 week lag (7 day moving average deaths on June 29 / 7 day moving average cases on June 15) ~ 0.23%
Assuming 3 week lag (7 day moving average deaths on June 29 / 7 day moving average cases on June 8) ~ 0.3%

(all the lab animals died upon exposure to the live pathogen)
I've seen this claim on this forum a number of times but have never seen any documentation that supports it. Please provide such, if you can. Regarding the Seychelles, I agree that looking only at the raw number of cases can be misleading. According to Worldometers, the case rate in the Seychelles is, relative to population, the 3rd highest in the world at 157,000 per million (for comparison, the US rate is 104,000/million). Those are total cases to date so not a direct measure of the current severity of the pandemic. However, in the Seychelles the vast majority of the cases have occurred since late April (in contrast the US case rate peaked in January). So it seems quite reasonable to refer to the Seychelles as having one of the most severe outbreaks in the world right now. Whether that is justification for the type of sensationalist media headlines we've seen is a separate matter, but it's tough to really evaluate that without additional information about the level of impact on their health care system. Hopefully the delta variant turns out to be less lethal than preceding variants, but I would say it's premature to make that conclusion. Typically there has been a roughly 2 week lag between cases increasing and deaths increasing. Maybe for this variant the lag period will be different (longer). So far the data looks encouraging, though.  

Mike Adams just posted an extremely good article about the “Delta variant”:

DELTA variant hysteria exposes the sobering truth: Covid vaccines don’t work, and “variants” are pushed as scare stories to demand more vaccines, mask mandates and destructive lockdowns

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) We have now reached a stunning tipping point in the global push for mass vaccinations that inject people with spike protein bioweapons. New research finds that “fully vaccinated” individuals are suffering an eight times higher mortality rate than the non-vaccinated. And a stunning report out of the UK finds that 62% of those dying from covid are people who have been vaccinated.

The covid vaccine, it turns out, doesn’t really work.

More specifically, it doesn’t provide non-specific immunity to even slight variations in coronavirus morphology. While natural immunity produces more “general” antibodies that work against all sorts of variants, the covid vaccine — consisting of spike protein bioweapons being injected into human guinea pigs as part of a global medical experiment — provides little or no immunity against viral variants (even assuming it works against the original strain, which is quite a leap).

The implications of this are profound. It means that people who have chosen the vaccine route instead of the natural immunity route will be forever dependent on “booster” shots to try to address each new variant as mutations appear in the wild. This means repeated injections with more bioweapons, and it means the covid vaccines that were originally promoted as a pathway to “freedom” and immunity are no such thing. It’s more like an addiction to the needle, because you need endless injections just to stay current, since viruses constantly mutate in the wild.

While a naturally immune person has achieved true freedom with a fully functioning immune system, a vaccine-dependent person has no general protections and must live in constant fear that a new mutation will suddenly render their existing, limited antibodies completely obsolete.

Yet vaccine passports are given to the vaccinated — the most vulnerable — not those who have achieved far more powerful natural immunity. This is just one of the many ways the entire plandemic response is actually designed to continue spreading the infections so that lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine mandates can be gleefully justified by power-drunk bureaucrats and medical tyrants (like Fauci).

Delta variant vaccine failure now used to demand return to lockdowns, masks and social distancing

As I publicly predicted months ago, these new “variants” are greedily invoked by health tyrants to unleash a return to authoritarian lockdowns, mask mandates and other freedom-crushing demands. The failure of their own vaccine creates the very conditions that give them the power to take away yet more human freedoms. And just to add insult to injury, they demand you consent to every new vaccine they concoct, always with the same calculated lie: “If you just take THIS vaccine, then you’ll be safe and free!”

But it’s always a lie. The vaccines don’t really work as promised, and you’re never free until you stand your ground and say no to the medical tyrants.

Importantly, given that viruses constantly mutate in the wild, there is no future where medical tyrants voluntarily declare the pandemic to be “over” and stop demanding lockdowns, masks and vaccine injections.

They’ve found the ultimate power trip scam, and they’re going to keep pushing it as long as they can. And for those who are willing to be obedient sheeple — mostly Democrats and Leftists, of course — this means never-ending enslavement under the Pandemic Virus Industrial Complex.

Remember the promise from 2020? “Give us two weeks to flatten the curve.” Soon it will be two years and counting. There is no scenario where these covid tyrants release their iron grip on humanity. There is no point where they say, “You’re vaccinated enough.” There is no circumstance under which they will back off from their power grab and trust in people to make their own decisions.

As proof of that, LA County has just issued a new declaration, demanding that everybody wear masks indoors — even if you’re vaccinated — because of the Delta variant. Isn’t this a blatant admission that the promise of vaccines was a complete fraud? So any time a new variant comes along, everybody has to surrender to the public health tyrants yet again?

Today’s Situation Update podcast reveals even more details about the insidious covid plot to enslave humanity forever. You will never be free until you stop acting like a slave. But for many people, after taking the vaccine and multiple booster shots, they will be lucky to even be alive. Mass vaccine deaths are right around the corner, and about half the country is at risk of being killed by the vaccines they took, oblivious to the fact that the vaccines were all engineered as depopulation bioweapons from the very start.

The 12 year old girl (Pfizer) who’s now confined to a wheel chair sounded like Guillain Barré - Miller-Fisher Syndrome, with dysautonomia. See Childrens Health Defender
GBS (or AIDP) has previously been linked with campylobacter infxn, and with the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine.
I’ve seen two healthy young men enter the Army, get some undisclosed vaccine, and become permanently disabled. One got CIDP (still gets monthly IVIG); the other developed ALS and died from it, in his late 20s.

Unfortunately the theory that this will become less lethal has a flaw. This virus spreads asymptomatically. So there is little pressure for that to evolve.

With the elderly and infirm double vaccinated in the UK it was inevitable that more deaths would come in that group. Did they die of covid or with covid is the important question. They can test positive and show in the stats, but have had a mild case that tipped them over the edge with other health problems. The unvaccinated in the UK are primarily the children and young adults who wouldn’t be likely to die from covid. So extrapolating the jabs don’t work from this stat is false. If you look at deaths vs cases, its hugely down. So much so the UK will end all restrictions soon despite rising cases. Few are ending up in hospital and even fewer dying. That’s not true of countries with low vaccination - unless they are using Ivermectin.

I can confirm much of the local sentiment in Mongolia regarding the Chinese vaccines is turning negative, with a lot of breakthrough infections occurring. In fact, two members of our extended family had one of the Chinese vaccines, Sinopharm I believe, and still got sick. Not just testing “positive”, but actually getting sick. MAYBE they are helping in reducing the severity of some cases. But one of our previously mentioned family members still required hospitalization. As did his wife who received the Astrazeneca vaccine, the other widely-used vaccine here.
That said, it’s also worth mentioning that Mongolia’s current outbreak is really still our “first wave”. Mongolia managed to shut borders in time to ride out most of 2020 without an outbreak, and the outbreak didn’t start until late last year when the government screwed up with a quarantine center for Mongolians returning from abroad. Since then we’ve had frequent and long lockdowns that suppressed but didn’t contain the spread. A couple months ago the government finally threw up its hands and lifted the lockdowns, at which point the spread really started in earnest. So in my opinion we would have seen a massive surge regardless, and whether the Chinese vaccines work well or not might nudge the curve one way or the other but it wouldn’t have changed the overall trend.
At present it looks like cases are peaking in the capital and largest city Ulaanbaatar, but are still on the upswing in all the other towns and provinces. But at the same time according to my wife they’re not testing as much as they used to. Whether it’s because of the stated reason that supplies of testing kits are shrinking or that it makes the numbers & government officials look slightly less bad, we can only speculate.
On a final note I just completed my own Covid recovery, and I gotta say it was one of the mildest and most insignificant illnesses I’ve had. I’m an unvaccinated man in my 40’s, and a slight headache, stuffy nose, and partial loss of smell was all I experienced and it lasted just under a week. The two “drugs that shall not be named” are not found in Mongolia, but I followed the rest of the Zelenko protocol you’ve mentioned previously (quercetin, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D) combined with the Russian antiviral Arbidol. So I just want to give a personal thank you to you Chris for all for your diligent information scouting that in all probability contributed in making my Covid-19 experience a total non-issue! :slight_smile:

Could be Ivermectin, but more likely Covid reached all that it can get, so most are resistant now. Of course if there would be data in India that uses Ivermectin vs non use… With an R0 now at around 6? It should not need much time to reach a big chunk of population that is / was not anymore in full lockdown.

So the decline is natural ? More than 2 Billion Indians and the virus already gone through the majority of it ? I wonder how fast we will see this happening in the UK then, the virus should be well done over there by now or is it ? I hope it is IVM that did the trick, seasonality might have added too but I really wonder if a virus ending his rage within India is the explanation of the steep decline.