The Evils of Nuclear War Can be Survived. Here's How.

Dr. Art Robinson did experiments with Providone Iodine (Betadine), swabbing one full forearm. Blood tests showed very little iodine managed to be absorbed.

The difference is between people that know chemical nomenclature and those that don’t. It’s Potassium Iodide.


There are two forms of iodine that can be used to iodize salt: iodide and iodate, usually as the potassium salt. Iodate is less soluble and more stable than iodide and is therefore preferred for tropical moist conditions. Both are generally referred to as iodized salt.


Okay I seen Potassium Iodide and Potassium Plus Iodine on Amazon. Then a company called MaryRuth Organics sell droplets for Potassium Iodide but the back of the bottle says Iodine 250 mcg (as Potassium Iodide). The listing on Amazon is labeled Potassium Iodide and Iodine Supplement.

Can you take Potassium Plus Iodine for radiation exposure too?

Air Burst Vs. Surface Burst

I can’t personally vouch for this information, I’m not knowledgeable, but (apart from an eccentric presentation ?) this man does seem trained and knowledgeable. I’d be interested to know what others think regarding the difference between the air burst scenario and the ground burst. This is video #2, and #1 might be helpful as well for context.

You can’t buy iodine except from a chemical supplier. It’s a pure element, not in the form needed to protect against radiation. Pure potassium is a flammable, corrosive metal. Stay with potassium iodide or betadine.


Iodine is the element. Potassium iodide is the form of the element (a compound or salt). 250 mcg (micrograms) is the amount of iodine, regardless of the form

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any old metal shed would be a good Faraday cage if it were grounded.

Im wondering about these?
They are way cheaper than the IOT branded stuff on amazon or the prepper websites. Only problem is they are a lower dosage per pill.
And what about the drug the US is buying? Are people here trying to source that or anything else similar?
This one:

He is both eccentric and in possession of solid information (and I have the training to know).

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Yes I like Lucky Vitamins. Don’t rely on iodine as any cure all. It helps prevent one kind, thyroid, of cancer, mostly in younger people, not much else.

Mostly Peaceful

I guess we are due for a “winter of love”now?


EMP is the toughest nut to crack for a survivalist. I’d prefer regular nuclear bombs. I don’t expect to live past a year or two post-EMP, but do I plan to stubbornly and defiantly hang around long enough to drink all my stored water, eat all my stored food, and shoot all my stored ammunition.


Why is a EMP worse than a Nuke? it just sends us back to pre electronic technology… sure you got the whole mad max thing for a little while but that will happen in any disaster… Nukes poison everything for decades if not centuries or longer… I’d rather be and Amish farmer with a donkey and a plow then not need a flashlight and glow in the dark…at least I suspect ill live longer


You can eat seaweed, and its iodine fills up your thyroid gland’s need for iodine, effectively blocking out the radioactive stuff.


On The Topic Of Emp

Generally speaking, there are two types of EMP: man-made and geomagnetic. Both can cause severe disruption but only to those things susceptible to it, ie, long conductive lines that act as an antenna. The frequency distributions are also different between a nuclear EMP burst and solar-storm related EMP.
Bottom line is that for most small electronics that have short conductive lines (circuit traces, etc.) an EMP burst strong enough to destroy them would be close enough to kill you with the other effects of the blast. On the other hand, an EMP pulse strong enough to induce currents sufficient to knock out the power grid would also be a strong enough surge to toast the electronics and appliances you have plugged in. That’s no different than a lightning strike on or very near your house. Huge surge = toasted appliances.
There are several things that can be done to protect things in your home. First, a whole house surge protector can be installed. For each electronic device that you have to keep plugged in, a surge protector on those outlets will help. You can also keep smaller items in Faraday bags/containers. Dr. Art Bradley talks about some of these in this video:
Also, there are other things that can be done. The CISA has done a good guideline book that describe the types of EMP and what kinds of protection you can consider to combat them. They describe 4 levels of protection from basic to hardened bunker type. Levels 1 and 2 are easily within reach for the average person. Level 3 probably is more public entity level and Level 4 is Uncle Sam/Elon Musk level money. The document is also a great tutorial on EMP:
Hope this helps folks out.

And let us not discard our old microwave ovens; they MIGHT make a good Faraday cage. I would wrap the individual items in aluminum foil AND then again with some insulating tape, THEN put them in the microwave and shut the door. Cut off the electric cord. Guaranteed 100% to work better than nothing.

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The issue with EMPs is that Carrington type events, on historical timescales, seem to happen quite frequently. I saw estimates saying about every 150 years. So you don’t need a nuclear war for this to become a problem. And there isn’t a good way to protect against it unless you build your entire home, or a major part of it, to be a Faraday cage. Which would be quite expensive and is not commonly done. Maybe something to think about.