The Evils of Nuclear War Can be Survived. Here's How.

It’s an uncomfortable place to be…living at a time when leaders discuss the idea of attacking a major nuclear power as if there would be no real consequences. That they are driving our world to the edge of doomsday is unconscionable. Evil, even. Yet that’s the world Washington, D.C. and our European leaders seem to want.

Just so, it’s equally as uncomfortable to say there is a sliver of positive news in all of this…it doesn’t have to be an actual end of times for us.

The clip below (How to Survive Nuclear Fallout) is just a small taste of the full video - “Surviving Nuclear War” - we posted in March 2022 free to the public. It was important then because the Russian/Ukraine conflict had just truly erupted, and we knew we were on the precipice of something disastrous.

But it’s gotten worse.

Today, the latest news about Russia clearly demonstrates how important it is to rewatch this video. Putin has renewed his nuclear threats after attacks on Russia’s infrastructure. Biden admitted that we’re on the edge of Armageddon, all while the West boasts about providing the Ukraine with advanced weapons to kill Russians and force a Russian defeat at any cost. This is not a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is the Cuban Missile Crisis on steroids.

The steps I offer are designed to increase your chance of survival. I believe it’s an important time to take action. I know I am.

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Let’s Hope It Never Comes Down To A Nuclear War

I guess this would be a good time to post this video.


Surviving Nuclear War

Very good presentation Dr Martenson. Clearly you have done your homework and condensed it into an understandable format. I have seen many comments saying in essence " I don’t want to survive - I would rather be taken out". While I understand that sentiment I believe most people would survive even an all out exchange whether they wanted to or not. Based on the only data we really have from WW2 Japan. I pray to God we never have even a limited exchange but I have no hope the current cabal have any restraint or respect for human life. When your worldview is that the main problem the world has is there are too many people and so they need to drop the worlds population by about 6 billion…how does one do that?

60 Year Old Technology

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Top Notch

Best summary of the ways to prepare for this I have seen by a long shot - spot on in so many ways and all the info you cite is corroborated in the other things I have read. So glad to be hooked into the PP community - thanks Chris!


Iodine Applied To Skin A Substitute For Potassium Iodide Pills

Iodine applied to the skin can protect the thyroid So, if you’ve successfully avoided the bright flash and a cloud is coming and you misplaced your iodide tablets, give it a try–you’ve got nothing to lose (well…except everything):
“When faced with a radioactive cloud it is absolutely imperative that you take iodine, whatever iodine you can get your hands on. If the only iodine available is topical iodine that is not suitable for oral use then you should paint your body and your children’s bodies with it. Few people have ready access to the Nascent iodine so will not enjoy its ease of application in repeated measured dosages that are more gentle to the system, thus yielding fewer side effects. Because Nascent is in the atomic form (I¹), it is absorbed faster and that can also be advantageous in emergency situations. Its only downside is the expense of having to use so much of it.”
Here is nascent iodine:
I have read that Lugol’s Solution is well absorbed from the skin:
Of course there are other uses for both solutions aside from radiation protection but I’m not familiar with them.

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Mike - I have a question on iodine pills. What if your thyroid has been removed due to cancer? Is there any point in taking the Potassium Iodine pills? Is there any protective value?


You probably know more than most about that. Since there is no harm in taking them for the short time they would be needed, why not take them or apply liquid iodine, even common alcohol iodine tincture, to skin?

All We Are Saying



Kinetic Vs At Altitude

Yes it’s a threat, but not a single threat. It can either be kinetic or at high altitude. Otherwise known as EMP or HEMP (high altitude EMP). EMP/HEMP does not destroy and leave fallout like a kinetic blast (one impacting the earth) would. Fallout comes from irradiated pieces flung into the atmosphere from a kinetic strike. Fallout moves with wind and falls with rain etc etc… To what end ? The land is worthless for along time. Something an enemy would not want.
An EMP takes many fewer differently configure weapons and destroys infrastructure hardware due to overloading it with voltage. Wires act as antennas and microcircuitry running on micro voltages can’t handle the immediate surge and fail. Conventional hardened systems are hardened to 50,000 volts per meter… today’s weapons are rated twice that if not more. So and EMP would burn up most electronics and destroy the supply chain and financial systems. At that point large cities would consume themselves in weeks if not day… (think just in time inventory of 3 days for medication and food). It would take two to three moderately configured high altitude blasts to do that. One east cost (north east), West coast over LA or just above and one over Texas to cover the entire US. Then just wait and walk in as a savior for whomever is left… The emp commission has stated multiple times (to be ignored) that it would be approximate 90% fatal to the US population within 1 year. The only reason this has not happened, is that the US is till the most capable customer and economic engine in the world. One cancerous Oligarch could change that Immediately, or a Korean dictator. China won’t because the US is their best customer. There is more than one way this could play out.

The land is worthless for along time. Something an enemy would not want.
That's true if your enemy is planning to take over your land. It's not the case for the US vs Russia. The countries are so far apart, physically, that neither really needs or wants the others land. The US wants Russian oil and gas. They would not be seriously damaged by devastating the ground above them.
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No there is no reason to take iodine pills.

Nuclear Power Plants?

The jet stream flows west to east in the US. After a series of nuke strikes across the country takes down the grid, the Nuke plants melt down, one by one, for weeks,days,years? They need the grid for cooling pumps, so even if they aren’t directly hit, they melt down anyway. I can’t imagine life going on normally for years, to the east(down wind) of these meltdowns. I would imagine east of the Mississippi would suffer very heavy concentrations over time. These things don’t just burn out like a brush fire.

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ps. There are 54 nuclear plants in the US, 96 nuclear reactors. Fukushima x 54?

Emp And Faraday Cage

The Electro-Magnetic-Pulse (EMP) generated by a high level nuclear detonation will destroy almost all electronic devices and most electrical machines as well. The voltage generated by the EMP breaks down the insulation between circuits resulting in permanent destruction. Electronic devices cannot be repaired and electrical machines will need to be completely re-wired (assuming that the wire and machinery to achieve that is still available.)
Since almost all modern household appliances and all recent automobiles rely on multiple microprocessors (tiny special purpose computers) to function, then an EMP will effectively kill all of the machines, both industrial and domestic. It will, most assuredly, kill the electrical generating and distribution infrastructure. The country will be instantly transformed back to the technology of the nineteenth century. Massive death and destruction will immediately ensue.
It is not easy to envisage how anyone will survive for long. Even those who are extremely well prepared will experience a total collapse of all external services. Commercial manufacture and distribution of food and all other products will cease immediately and effectively forever. Electric well pumps and solar panels will be useless.
About the only way to protect against EMP is to totally enclose the objects to be protected in what is known as a Faraday cage. This is a box or a room which is completely enclosed in an uninterrupted metallic shield with no perforations larger than a few millimeters. All parts of the shield must be connected to all other parts by low impedance joints. Any doors or hatches for access must be electrically bonded to the main enclosure, preferably all around their perimeter by conductive gaskets.
I find it hard to envisage how even the most dedicated preppers can protect enough of their equipment. Clearly, an EMP attack will be much more devastating than a ‘kinetic’ or ground blast nuclear war.


Location, location, location.


if you are concerned with EMP… you need to go to the goodwill and buy up 1971 and older technology…cars 1971 and older used points… older electronics like ham radios used vacuum tubes… other house hold appliances used electric motors and switch with huge copper wires… wind up clock and watches etc… all of these should be OK in an EMP… your internet and computer? unless stored in a proper farday cage along with your starlink antenna… forget it and even then you are probably screwed because the server farms running the internet will burnout if they are anywhere an EMP… so go hit those estate sales and buy grandpa’s old junk…

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Any old microwave oven would be a good Faraday cage. Cut off the cord.


you can look at fallout maps with wind patterns… several out there all older … each depending on major, minor etc… but you can see trends location location location… definitely the more west the better due to wind


Potassium Iodide Vs Potassium Iodine

What is the different between Potassium Iodide and Potassium Iodine? I been searching around online and Youtube but I can’t find any information. Thank you!