The Fed Is Getting Ready To Torch The Dollar

I’ve been watching this regularly since the article about the Japanese bank unloading their bonds at a loss came out a few days ago. The slow trend up started that evening. Seems like 160 is certainly within reach now (unless magic happens again).


Maybe. I assumed it was the difference in upfront cost vs ongoing expense; bridges requiring far less or zero ongoing operating expense would cost far more upfront, and most modern organizations (corporations and governments) heavily favor short-term cost assessments.


Chat GPT is always out of date for some reason…probably due to their training model uodates…

Here’s the source:


ChatGPT says they have information in their training until the end of 2022. But they were able to present the data after their training model.

I did another query with CHATGPT asking it to create a graph of US debt by year from 2000 to present to see what it would do. It came back with a full set of instructions and told me to look at that exact page you list as well as a page at the St. Louis Fed.

I never really dabbled in the ChatGPT and other AI systems but in your discussion with Paul you mentioned the debt just cleared 35 trillion and you asked how long did it take to go from 34 trillion to 35 trillion. Chat GPT didn’t give me the answer to your question but the way it presented the data was interesting.

I only point out that we have passed the curve of the hockey stick within the past years and clearly in the last year. The jump in the data for the last value between 2022 and 2024 using the ChatGPT data was astounding and perhaps indicates that the growth in the national debt is just accelerating.

You mention in the video the crash could happen tonight or this year or 5 years from now.

I personally don’t have confidence in the future. Nothing seems real anymore.


I agree that currency contagion would likely occur, but 10-years? Can’t see this fiat system going for another 5-years, to be honest.


ChatGPT is trained with a data set that is a year or two old. Its “brain” is based on the data it was trained on. It generally doesn’t know about things that have occurred in the last year.


I used to say that 15 years ago. And alas here I sit still waiting. I agree with you but realize my predictions have been crap.


Never try to fight the Fed, you’re going to lose every time… Right up until the Fed completely loses control.


Plus, I would say, it only knows what it is allowed to eat. This is my problem with all such AI programs. Too easy to manipulate by those who feed it data.


I won’t say that ChatGPT is good but it was interesting to see the results and how it expresses itself. I’m sure it will have it’s biases, the regular search engines have their own biases as well.

The AI is much easier to use however. You can just give it a stream of consciensousness without really caring about grammar. The more detail you give it the better the result that will result. And it can do calculations, form tables, sort items, that would take in many cases hours to generate and collate.

I asked it to generate a business plan for a certain manufacturers items (some engineering controls and monitoring equipment) for sale in South East Asia written in the form of Shakepeare and it did. It was more Shakepeare and less business plan but it was cool.

You will still obviously need to verify the sources to trust the results but even this is not much more different than the results of existing standard search engines.

The AI is so good, I don’t believe standard search engines will last for too long. The will eventually improve with the help of AI to effectively become the same as AI or perhaps enhanced in some way or they will go the way of the printed “white pages” or “yellow pages”. Most here on PP will remember our old telephone books but they haven’t been printed in most cities for at least 30 years, maybe 40 years.

But will the AI make people redundent and increase our dependency on technology? Yeah, most likely. Learning and memory is becoming more difficult now that we can all rely on technology to give us any answer.

I’m glad I grew up before all the modern conveniences.


Agreed. Who needs to learn to write when AI will do it for you? Learn to write, learn to express yourself. Learn to express yourself, learn to communicate effectively. Learn to communicate effectively, learn to get along with others and form a thriving community. Given all the nonsense going on at the higher levels of social organization, what else is there but community? It’s the best way to make it through what’s coming, in my opinion.


I actually signed up to ask others on this forum: I am currently doing the free consultation with Kiker Wealth Management. Has anyone used them before? Would it be prudent in light of all Peak Prosperity talks about to invest in stocks/bonds/ETFs/the market and so forth or ought I put my money into tangibles?

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I’ve gotten 100% out of stocks and bonds in reaction to the possibility of The Great Taking. I’ve also minimized my cash in the bank. No stocks or bonds. All tangibles. But you’ll find others, like Paul Kiker, are trying to stay invested in stocks and bonds while taking what steps they can to attempt to protect themselves from TGT.

You’ll have to do your own research; analyze your personal situation; seek the counsel of a variety of well-informed others; trust yourself; create your own plan; and then put it into action.

FWIW, David Webb himself, the author of The Great Taking book, wrote that you can’t protect yourself from TGT. He says our only hope is to stop it from happening.


Michael Hudson always has insightful comments, if you can get past the stammering


Thank you for the thoughtful reply. My first thought on this topic is exactly the same as you and i’ve done my best to put most of my assets in precious metals and tangibles. Unfortunately , being 32 I haven been unable to afford a property but that might be for the best , as it appears that property taxes keep going up as does insurance.

Part of me feels that this is all useless as I feel that Even if it is not taken from us, it will most likely be worthless as it is denominated in dollars.However, I do not want to become too extreme and not invest in what I feel is the middle path (the traditional stocks/bonds/etf/IRAs and 401ks). My hope is that in 30-40 years there will still be stocks that are worth something to retire on (even though gold has outperformed the s&p).

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