The Halloween Peak Insider Live

It’s the spooky season…and we’re just talking about oil, the markets, Credit Suisse, Russia, the European energy crisis and the Bank of England.

Forget Halloween…we’ve got zombie leaders (Pres. Biden, Justin Turdeau), witches (can we say that about Christine Lagarde, or Nancy Pelosi?), psycho killers (Fauci and the Pfizer executive team), vampires (central banks, WEF, Wall Street…and Bill Gates), the Werewolves of London (Bank of England), the Devil (Putin, or is it Zelensky?)…Welcome to our nightmare on Peak Insider Street.

Get your questions dissected and answered directly by Chris and Evie…no mad scientists here. We’ll end up more resilient in the end.

Join us October 26, 7 p.m. EST for the Halloween Edition of Peak Insider Live…Click here to join the conversation.

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Plan To Transition

“these People Have To Be Removed From Power.”

"These people have to be removed from power"
That really resonated with me. Blowing up Nordstream was the final straw for me. These people cannot be trusted with power. They are just too crazy. I just don't know how we get them out.