The Importance Of Knowing

At Peak Prosperity, we strive to help people advance in three key areas: Knowing, Doing and Being.

Doing and Being are the resilience-building steps we recommend. Helping folks develop their own personal action plans in these areas is the main focus of the seminars we run.

But Knowing? That's the essential first part to master. Without sufficient understanding and insight to guide you, any action you take is merely groping in the dark.

That's why Chris and I spend the majority of our time info-scouting: following the data and analyzing where macro trends are likely to head next given the latest developments.

We dedicate so much time and energy to this because it's not the domino that's falling today that matters. What's much more important is: Which dominoes will fall tomorrow as a result?

And make no mistake, the pace of falling dominoes is accelerating. From the geo-politically destabilizing regime change in Saudi Arabia, to the ending of the central bank liquidity bubble, to the largest species extinction wave in millennia, to the bursting retirement dreams of the Baby Boomer generation, to the fast-worsening net energy predicament -- change is afoot. The relative calm of the false 'recovery' that the world's central planners engineered in response to the Great Financial Crisis has reached its terminus.

Now, more than ever in recent years, understanding where events are headed next is critical to preserving your wealth and well-being.

Being keenly aware of this, Chris and I have been working for months on solving the question: How can we better arm people with the insights and answers they need to take informed action in their lives?

We've combed through reams of reader feedback, listening to what folks are hungriest for. And we eventually noticed an important theme that kept recurring. So many of you have said to us: I just wish I could sit down with you guys and pick your brains for an entire day about all this...

And that's why we designed the new Peak Prosperity Summit experience.

It's an intimate 6-hour discussion, primarily focusing on our forecasts for the Economy and the financial markets, with special emphasis on the biggest threats that could trigger a correction, as well as the key indicators Chris and I are watching most closely. Detailed updates on the Energy & Environment sides of the story are also provided.

But it's not a 1-way presentation. The Summit is intentionally formatted to be a fluid conversation, where participants can guide the discussion in whatever direction they care about most. Every Summit is unique in that the material is customized in real-time to the specific personal needs of the audience members.

In fact, asking us about your personal situation is not only allowed, but encouraged. This is your chance to get your most burning questions answered -- don't waste it!

We ran our first pilot Summit in October in New Orleans and the results were very good. Here's an example of the feedback we received from participants:

I was fortunate to be one of the participants at the first Summit held in New Orleans this past month.  All I can say is that meeting and listening to Chris and Adam present in real time was a real treat.  I would recommend it to all of our "tribe".  I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging both Adam and Chris were to all of us participants .  Not only was it a great opportunity meeting face to face with the Peak Prosperity Leaders, but also meeting "like minded" folks from all over and hearing their stories and interests...

So now we're taking this successful model on the road.

The Online Summit -- December 9, 2017

Over 250 of you have taken the recent survey in which we asked 1) How interested are you in attending a Summit?, and 2) What cities would you like us to offer the next Summit in?

Over two-thirds of respondents expressed High/Very High interest in participating.

And as for cities, while there's clear demand in more than a dozen major US metropolitan areas, the west coast cities of San Francisco, Portland and Seattle scored highest. So Chris and I have publicly committed to traveling to each of those cities in January 2018 to hold our next three regional Summits.

But what about everybody else?

Well, we for certain don't want folks to feel disadvantaged simply because they don't happen to live in the US Pacific Northwest. That's why we've decided to hold an online Peak Prosperity Summit. And we're doing it before the west coast ones.

We've scheduled it for Saturday, December 9th, from 11am-5pm EST.

Yes, it's coming up fast. And yes, the holidays are approaching soonafter. But Chris and I are willing to press to make it happen this quickly if folks truly want it to.

Those of you we've talked to have told us having this information now is valuable, so that you can use it to make decisions over the holiday break in order to start the New Year well-prepared. We think that makes a lot of sense.

So, if that resonates with you, sign up for our upcoming online Summit by clicking the blue button below. If enough people register, we'll make it happen on Dec 9th. If not, we'll move it to sometime in early 2018.

Saturday, December 9, 2017 -- 11am-5pm EST (SOLD OUT)

Oh, and we'll be capping participation at 15 people. That's to make sure that Chris and I have opportunity to give sufficient attention to each participant.

Regarding that: the software platform we'll be using to conduct the Summit is pretty cool. Not only will it allow for easy presentation of all the data and charts, as well as allow folks to ask specific questions of Chris and me, but it will also allow us to selectively use participants' webcams to enable face-to-face interaction, too. And at the end of the experience, you'll receive an archive video of the full event, which you can replay and review as many times as you like.

So, if you sign up, we look forward to seeing you on Dec 9th, UNLESS you live in the Pacific Northwest.

If you do, then come see us in person by registering for the Summit in your city by clicking the respective button below:

Friday, January 19, 2018 -- 10am-4pm PST (80% sold out)

Saturday, January 20, 2018 -- 10am-4pm PST (only 2 seats left)
Sunday, January 21, 2018 -- 10am-4pm PST (SOLD OUT)


~ Adam

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Just a quick update for those in Washington state: seats for the Seattle Summit are filling up fast.
That Summit is now two-thirds full. If you’re thinking about coming, considering registering soon.

Chris gives a quick peek into the type of data we delve into in these Summit:

For those who live in the Portland area, the Summit there is also filling up quickly.
We just passed the 50% full milestone. If you’re planning to attend, register soon.

Will you be making recordings of any of the summits available to those who don’t attend in person?