The Impossible Financial Trap That Leads To The Great Reset

Unless you are part of the self-proclaimed elite. The actual proposals involve TWO types of CDBC’s. One for hoi polloi, and one for hoi olligoi.


The Mandibles

I recommend the book “The mandibles” by Lionel Shriver. It describes the story of an American family in a situation similar to ours during the period 2029 - 2047: what to expect, what to do, etc. A very interesting read.


Looks good, there’s a detailed Amazon review, seems the Mandibles bit off more than they could chew.

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Someone” needs to compile a list of ways we can resist CBDCs”
Catherine Austin Fitts has made the point on Greg Hunters channel to make one day a week where we only use cash. She says it will loosen the grip on digital currency.
And don’t be fooled because there are other forms of digital currencies besides CBDC. As she points out, using you CC’s to pay for stuff instead of cash is also digital currency. It has conditioned the Plebs to hate cash. Now it’s use our credit cards and we’ll give you cash back rewards! Then off course with Smartphones you have the nudge and conditioning to use Walmart Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay etc. These are all forms of digital currencies.
The more people are okay with these forms of payments, the more Banks are encouraged to switch to all digital and yes, once we go digital you will have lost ALL control over your lives.
I remember a time back in the 70’s when you got a dirty look when you paid for something with a credit card. You were viewed as untrustworthy because you couldn’t afford it. Now a days I get a sinister look if I purchase something that requires hundreds of dollars and I pay with Benjamins. How times have changed.


Digital money is here to stay, imo. What we want to avoid is government’s stranglehold on it. That’s one reason I continually advocate for holding some bitcoin - its use case grows steadily, first at the margins (ie, in marginal economies), then increasingly toward the central economies as more and more individuals and families within those economies find themselves de facto on the margins of their local financial system. (It’s on deep discount right now.)
But this is also reason to put aside some low denomination cash on hand. For some variably-timed while it will be useable in each the white, grey, and black economies. Locally and privately in particular.
Also, junk silver and/or low denomination silver coins and rounds can, perhaps will, permit grey and black market P2P and local B2P transactions as the restrictions imposed via CBDC permissions grow.
Most importantly, gear up self-care. Get tools and supplies with which to make and manufacture things you need in daily life. It’s an endless list, of course, and we don’t each have all the skills we’d need to be wholly self-sufficient, nor can we learn them all in time. But we can each develop existing interests into tradeable skills, and can expand into new or related areas to increase our trade-making capacities - competent hands are arguably the best, and most private, currency.
That, of course, also means building one’s health, vitality, and strength as much as possible in whatever time remains for preparation. If nothing else, one wants to be able to actually, physically work for food.


I make it a practice to use cash for anything under $10 and definitely at places like Farmer’s Market, Craft Fairs, Festivals, and the like. People using cards are always holding up the line because they don’t come prepared.


Indeed. In the Netherlands there was some upheaval because a bank, the ING, proposed to link bank accounts to the covid passport early in the pandemic. Luckily, the proposal was retracted. I bet ye that it will be on the table again the in the (near?) future. I like the proposal of Mrs. Fitts, we actually try to implement this one. That said, the one bullet proposal of joe2baba —I find the alias “the peacekeeper” quite fitting here— should accompany any other proposal.


With the chaos in some of the smaller coins, today is a very very good day for true believers to buy BTC. I just purchased (to my bank transfer limit) this morning.

Making shoes by hand.
A short video

OK Chris. I do appreciate that screen capture. FWIW I am logged in (information scout level). But, I think my employer has made those links inaccessible.
Also, I’m seeing this on my screen

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Another Stolen Election?

It sure looks that way, according to Paul Craig Roberts.


Biden Administratio0n Tone-deaf?

The tweet being discussed at 8:10 is indeed an indictment of our education system, but not because of the reason Chris mentioned. He stated that the tweet indicated the tweeter “didn’t know their stuff, even slightly”.
I have a different take. The tweeter did indeed know their stuff. They knew that their tweet – ridiculous as it was – would pass muster with its target audience because the audience didn’t know its stuff, even slightly.
The indictment of our education system is not that it failed the tweeter, but that it failed the tweeter’s audience.

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World Leaders Need Some Coaching?

I was listening to an old Tony Robbins recording where he asked Gorbachev what was the moment that he knew the cold war was over - interesting in this esculating time

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I just can’t get this out of my head.
I watched ABC news for the election returns on the night of the election. Early on in the coverage an inordinate amount of the time was spent denouncing “election deniers.” And even before election day Biden was denouncing “election deniers.”
Why would they say that in advance? The polls said that the Democrats were in serious trouble. It was almost as if they were saying “we are about to get trounced in these elections and you should believe the election results.”
It didn’t make sense at all.
This was especially true under the present circumstances. Usually, the party in power suffers significant midterm losses. Add to this that the Biden administration has been a disaster. Vaccine mandates, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, raging inflation - and worst of all - the Democrats supporting the obvious sexual grooming of children.
So the citizens say, “well, let’s do nothing to change course” even though the polls said that most people thought that we are on the “wrong course.”
There is no way this is believable.


You and others were being setup for another version of 2020. They made sure to call out the Deplorable’s when they cried foul…again! That is how you properly setup a CON game. AOC was being shouted down in her district for aiding and abetting Ukrainian Neo-Nazi’s. She Won !
Here is Martin Armstrong’s take on this: This election is more than what our computer projected. The future demise of the United States would not unfold without the country being deeply divided. The Democrats now believe the people are ready to surrender everything for climate change and want world war III and the destruction of Russia. After all, what I hear from behind the curtain is that those Russians are right-wing religious fanatics who are against abortion and LGBT. They need to be wiped from the face of the earth. They have made this both a claimed war for democracy (tyranny) and religion against the far-right. That hatred of demonizing Russia is the critical link for the projection of 2032.”

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The other view, of course, is that we are a deeply distracted society, happy to engage in tribal bickering, while our corrupt sociopathic leaders slip in the next features of a technocratic totalitarian state.


Part of the WEF’s justification for reducing population is that we’re using up too much of our natural resources and spewing out too much waste into the environment. Plus, it’s the old “useless eaters” argument about food production.

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Catherine Austin Fitts discusses using “Cash Everyday”. She has some essential info, links and stunning short videos:

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The Coming Digital Currency