The Impossible Financial Trap That Leads To The Great Reset

The U.S. Government is facing an impossible financial future. The Doom Loop has been activated. It’s a death spiral that ends with the destruction of the U.S. dollar or a depression so bad it might as well be called Dark Ages II.

This is what happens at the tail end of decades of really piss-poor decisions, made by get-along-to-along bureaucrats of feeble intellect and weak integrity.

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The loop is comprised of spiking interest payments that then cause more borrowing, lead to higher interest rates, then lead to higher interest payments which…on and on and on.

If you understand this loop, you have a chance to avoid the worst of its effects.

But given it’s also the midterms, now would be a good time to reward any politicians who seem to grasp basic economics and monetary theory and who are willing to do the right things today so we can all avoid worse times tomorrow. You know, leaders.

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What We Got For All The Government Spending

A surveillance state, a tyrannical government behemoth, and a shitload of injured and dead American service men.


Some Social Security Perspective

Here’s a chart on # of new retirees per month, run through a 12-point MA to smooth out the seasonal bumps. What I saw: mostly, extra people retire during recessions. Except (seemingly) in 2020. And also note the CDC told us the US lifespan dropped by 2.7 years in 2020/2021. So we have the same number paying in, and a lot fewer people able to collect.
It is kinda curious that the Holy Shot + “paxlovid” do not seem to have stopped the “bleeding” in SS retirees. Currently at 40k per month, give or take.
Boy, if we only had real “early treatment”, I bet it would have saved lives. (60k x 12 = 720k, just in 2020 alone). Does the NIH know about vitamin D yet? How long will it take them to figure it out? Will they ever?


And add to that: geopolitical intrigues that backfired badly.
We’ll be paying the price for State Department stupidity for decades.


Wish There Was A Transcript

I like to read these while I’m at work.
Cannot access the audio or video versions when I’m at work, so it’d be so nice to have a transcript of this one.
I imagine I’m not the only one (not all of us are full-time homesteaders at this point). Chris your ideas will get a lot better circulation if you provide a transcript to your free blogposts.


Good news! Transcripts are always part of the deal. Both parts.


Transcript are available for Peak Insiders. One of the special features for that subscription level. All the features and benefits are listed here:

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Retirement Age

We could just raise the retirement age to 105 and get rid of the disability payments. This is much less crazy than reducing population with MRNA shots.


This is not a bug, it’s a feature.


I Bet No One Suggests Taking Away Pensions From The People Who Made These Decisions

I realize it would only be symbolic, but wouldn’t it be nice to take away the pensions and percs (all the percs) of Congress, Executive branch, Judicial branch and all their staff? They spent our retirement money, I have no desire to screw future generations so if I’m taking the bullet I don’t want to be alone.


Cbdc Is Not A Currency

I loved that quote from Catherine Austin Fitts
CBDC is not a currency. That’s what you need to understand. What we’re talking about is a control system that is going to be implemented in a global coup d’etat. And we’re in the middle of a global coup d’état. That is what’s happening right now.
It looks like it will be coming to us all in the west fairly soon. Two (of the many) key issues that may mean it is a short lived experiment are

  1. CBDC is certainly not real money. It is simply a way to keep the ‘printing’ operation going for a bit longer with a perception that things are different but with the same gang in charge. Commentators like Mike Maloney and Alisdair Macleod have cogent reasons that sound money is essential for long term stability
    2.CBDC require a highly technological environment in which to operate. Energy and other resource constraints may not allow the required level of complexity to persist. Resulting in a return to a more localized and less complex society.

“no One Is Really Interested In Fixing The Voting System”

As you stated and implied Chris, neither party is seriously interested in fixing the voting system. They complain when the other party cheats but only because they want their turn to cheat too (and that requires that they both leave in the features that allow it). We are a deeply corrupt society. The election system reveals it just as much as the financial system.


“Someone” needs to compile a list of ways we can resist CBDCs all along their developmental timeline: preparation stage (today), trial balloon and optional use stage (before it’s absolutely required by law at gunpoint), and final implementation stage when all other forms of money/exchange are outlawed. I know Catherine Austin Fitts has occasionally mentioned some forms of resistance, but what I’m hoping for is an exhaustive list in bullet form. If we had such a list, surely we’d see things we could/should be doing today and in the short term future.


Republics Always End Like This

With huge corruption and collapse. Chris’s presentation was spot on but this mess won’t get fixed because those pulling the levers and puppet strings like George Soros and the World Economic Forum want the system to collapse so they can “Build Back Better”.
Martin Armstrong who Davefairtax likes to reference in his excellent weekly post was recently on Greg Hunter’s channel. He brought up this very same topic and his only scenario is that by 2032 the United States will have collapsed and we will have to start over again with a new form of government. He sighted the Roman Empire and it too was a Republic and it too collapsed for the very same reasons. They borrowed so much and created so much debt that it could never be repaid.
Chris mentions the US but this is a global phenomenon. We just happen to be the cleanest shirt in the laundry hamper. He predicts major global civil unrest and the breakup of the United States.


Such good information that Chris and crew keep supplying us with! I too like to be able to read the transcripts on occasion. Just now when I clicked on the transcript link to open in a new tab, it only opens the same page I am on right now, even though I am a PP subscriber and am logged in. Thanks for all you do for us!


So What Does This Mean For Those Of Us Outside The Us?

Answering my own question here, looking back at the 2008 when the shit hit the fan in the US, the whole world was effected, hence the Global Financial crisis. Yes? Except, I’m guessing this is going to be a whole lot worse


“give me control of a nation’s money supply and i care not who makes its laws”


one bullet point: pitchforks


No one is interested in fixing Social Security either. Ross Perot made a bunch of charts and graphs in the 90s and talked about all this. The public chose to elect Bill Clinton instead. Because he said he felt our pain. Americans have had several opportunities to demand positive change, but discipline appeals to no one.


Even Better - Equity

In my more depressing moments I can see that the digital currency would be a great tool to implement all this equity they keep saying they want to establish. When the time comes to exchange dollars for digital coins, we’ll all be issued the same about in our new digital wallets, regardless of our balances under the old system, because it’s just the equitable thing to do.