The Middle Class Is Being Destroyed

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Well, it’s that time of the month again. Yes, I am talking about when the BLS, who really but the BS in everything they do, put out their laughably fake inflation numbers.

This time they want us to believe such whoppers as “food ‘at home’ is only up 1.1% year over year,” and “Healthcare is only up 2.5% year over year.” Your grocery shopping experience and health insurance spikes stand in direct opposition to such fakery.

The headwaters of all this mischief is the Federal Reserve who are also the proud architects of the fun-fact that in San Mateo Ca the median income required to purchase the median home is $512,000.

Fun times fun times.

Also we discuss the massive increase in silver shorts as HSBC, et al., work feverishly to contain the price of silver. Someday their shenanigans will blow up on them and my schadenfreude will be uncontainable.

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Several years ago, I had a vision that led me to define freedom as the ability to do what is right.


Chinese people love gold. It’s one of the auspicious colors used in all kinds of occasions. We burn fake gold paper notes for dead people so they can be wealthy in the afterlife. Love of gold is completely baked into the culture. It used to be that way in the west as well…but that cultural appreciation has been systematically removed over the last century (or more?).


Watch this short clip to see what the Prime Minister of Slovakia said about the holy shots, the WHO and Ukraine, just before he was almost assassinated. The “high ups” don’t appreciate his opinions it seems. (The full clip is 12 minutes if you rewind to the start).

All part of a bigger picture? Looks like it to me at least.


Watch this recent clip about the US southern border featuring J.J. Carroll (ex-border guard)… it shocked me.

Contains detailed info about the NGO’s implementing the invasion, their funding, who’s leading who and an upcoming documentary entitled “treason”, that’s due to air in Q4 2024. Let’s hope J.J. Carroll is better protected than the PM of Slovakia. The full clip is 20 minutes.

The many parallel attack vectors feel orchestrated to me, certainly not coincidence anyway.


Redacted can be very useful to keep up with what’s going on!


What recourse might there be against the NGOs enabling this? A legal action or class action suit would be a welcome approach to fight back. Aren’t they complaisant in the costs and damages this invasion generates?

One of the few hopeful things in the march towards global authoritarianism is Javier Milei in Argentina. I just saw where inflation in April was reduced to 8.8%. Every month since he took office it has come down appreciably, from the 23% monthly inflation rate when he took office. He’s a libertarian firebrand, and has eliminated entire woke branches of government. Even more astounding than his fiscal restraint and the positive impact his leadership has had on inflation is his principled and passionate stance on freedom and the rights of individuals. Planning a trip to Argentina in the fall to see the miracle firsthand.


Thanks, Geedard, the clip you posted was illuminating.


Thanks Barbara.

For anyone with limited time…the NGO activity and funding explanation gets interesting from 06:18 onwards to shed light on the billions being spent shepherding millions of people without tracking or oversight. Worth to watch.


You would think so yes, but there seem to be many many NGOs involved (I assume by design), so suits and actions would need to be numerous (time / cost prohibitive) and even if a couple would be successful, the majority of operations would simply swim through the net without consequence I guess. An expensive waste of time in all likelihood.

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Starting at 6:30

The Federal government wants to destroy America by flooding illegal aliens into the country. That is the fact. It is indisputable. I don’t even want to debate about this anymore.”

"The government itself doesn’t have the power and resources to distribute the migrants into the country. This require a powerful, well organized apparatus to move the migrants from the border and redistribute them around to all parts of the country. This is the role of the NGOs.

The former border agent talks to one of the funders of the NGOs, The guy who writes the checks to NGOs. He asked the guy “give me an example.” The funder says “OK, a few days ago I wrote a check for $600 Million dollars to an NGO.” To all of them? “No, it was just one NGO.” Was that for a few years of operation? “No, That was for a couple of months.”

DHS employees are cutting checks sending taxpayer money to NGOs. The NGOs run the DHS. NGOs tell DHS what they need and how much.

The DHS works for the NGOs.

One way the money was laundered was through “covid testing.” Every migrant was supposed to have covid testing. The NGOs charged the US gov $2,000 for each test. Migrants taken to Maine. Then had to be moved to Michigan. Each leg of the journey required covid testing at $2,000 each. [for public safety].

The only NGO he mentions by name is Jewish Family Services.

45 million illegal aliens. (might actually be about 50 million more realistically).

Big NGOs subcontract work to smaller NGOs.
DHS–>Jewish Family Services and 3 other big NGOs (only one mentioned by name)—>100s of sub contracting NGOs. No accountability. The NGOs just change their names. Money flow and personnel are hidden.

Unaccompanied minors are being moved across state lines in huge numbers.

No one vets the NGOs. No one vets the bus drivers that move the children. Felons are employed as bus drivers moving the children.

This former border guard is very impressed by the successful organization of the child trafficking operation, its unaccountability, its cooptation of US (taxpayer) funding and its national organizational structure. “If these people ever wanted to better America, they would be unstoppable.”

Through infiltration of the highest levels of public and private organizations (like DHS), US taxpayers are funding the deliberate destruction of the USA.


Brilliant summary, thanks a lot for writing that better than I ever could. Much appreciated.

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The archetype of the soft and gentle man, slow to anger, relying on “reason,” able to listen without reacting is NOT the force that will save us here.

We need the burst of fury that arises when injustice is right in front of us and we will not permit it… We need the angry man to say “Fuck you” and “I will beat your face in.”

And then we need the contained and organized actions of those who understand that we are at war. Logistics, food, shelter, coms, and an attitude of “you may not fuck with us.”


I continue with the practice of saying to hell with social niceties and calling out a Jewish subfaction. (Their correct name is not clearly determined–but that is part of their method of deception.)

Sam Parker

“Cancel Culture” is a lot older than you think.

In “The Conquest Of The World By The Jews,” by military officer, Major Osman Bey–written in 1873, he observed:

“…Jewish solidarity is so great, that if you attack one jew in any place in the world, all the jews of the five continents arise as one man…The Popes expel their enemies from the church. The Jews expel their enemies from the Stock Exchange and from social connections, and finally condemn us to starve without a roof to cover us.”

You think cancel culture is new, but it’s actually quite old–and it’s the same people driving it. You haven’t heard about it much until recently because nobody noticed. Because those who noticed were canceled.

Buy the book at


We must dare to be rude and uncouth. Our opponents are rude and uncouth. To meet them as equals, we must be also. Dare to be called a bigot, and learn about this.


Here is an interesting question. Many service members in the military now have their retirement savings in the TSP because the 20 years of service getting you 50%of your base pay is now different than it was just 10 years ago. What would happen if there was a great taking and the military service men lost everything?

I am now wondering if the TSP is a fire break to prevent this. As long as the “street name” is TSP, and they do not gamble with derivatives, they should be protected from TGT. What will the reaction be when the law enforcement and military suddenly have eveything taken from them? Do you think they are going to protect Wallstreet from the hoards of angry people with nothing left to lose?

Asking for a friend. Do we know if the TSP has their fingers in the derivative markets?

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

I heard catholic charities was involved in importing all these illegals too.