The Previously Unreleased Interview with Peter Gallant

Tonight, we take a short trip back in time to September 2021 for an interview between Chris and an old friend and mentor Peter Gallant. In this previously unreleased video, Chris and Peter discuss the state of the world with Covid, global leadership, the environment and life as an outlaw.

They also take a little break from current events as the two friends explore additional topics like personal development, marriage, sex, mass psychosis, religion, children and the fate of the world. It’s all as relevant and important today as it was then.

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Beautiful Mentoring :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us into your world with this very interesting discussion with your old friend Peter! What a great value it is to have such a friend with whom you can discuss these meaningful topics. Its one of the main reasons I’m here… to have such discussions and/or listen to, such deep thoughts on meaningful things, like why we are here, and what to make of it all. Great stuff!



If the answers to the world’s problems lay in tantra and plants speaking to us then we would have sorted things a long time ago. These are the worst interviews since Chris forgot to ask David Icke how he knew that Prince Philip came from a lineage of shape shifting reptilian aliens. Looking forward to the rigorous data and scientific analysis for which Chris is rightly esteemed to return.


But My Little Self Says…


I can see why ranchers wouldnt want their sons to become listless potheads. MJ use in moderation is ok, but as a total lifestyle… no. Its a waste.

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If we weren’t all addicts, we might be doing a lot better. Not just alcohol and pot, but junk food and social media and computer games. Live in the real world?


Whoa. Dr. Martenson is sitting down with a friend and mentor, and was kind enough to share the conversation with us.