The Signs Say “Yes”

China’s statements and actions are consistent with a nation preparing for war. Or, at least an intelligent nation, unlike the EU which poked, prodded and finally got a war on with Russia, but failed to prepare meaningfully, or at all, beforehand.

You know what? I am so used to defective leadership that it now seems “intelligent” for a nation to plan ahead. How broken is that? Actually, I should say China is doing what any nation would or should do before war, while the EU and other western nations are acting like cerebral stroke victims challenged by a 10,000-piece puzzle with no picture on it.

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has commanded his military to prepare for war as there are “dangerous storms” on the horizon.

China has been buying large quantities of grains and stockpiling them. China is also topping off its massive 950-million-barrel oil reserves (enough to last it more than 100 days should oil imports be 100% cut off and no savings implemented).

Make of that what you will, but I’m using this information to assure we’ve got what we need here on our farm to subsist for at least two years. Spare parts, seed, filters, fertilizer, fuel…the usual.

But most importantly, I’m using these moments to reflect on how amazingly easy and wonderful life is (still) here in the twilight of our aging and, obviously, dying empire. Life is good. It’s going to get harder. Such is the cadence of human society as the great cultural pendulum finishes out its great arc from integrity to decadence. There’s nothing new under the sun. Power corrupts and we are truly led by the corrupted.



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The Petagon Is Always Preparing For War

China, Russia, etc all have arms industries, so they are preparing for war on a continuous basis. As is the Pentagon, along with the overt and covert wars it is already engaged in. It’s only a matter of time


The convergence of commercial and government interests. A perfect business model.


“never Again” = Guaranteed

I sometimes wonder if the reason we haven’t been visited by hyperadvanced aliens is that nowhere in the universe has intelligent life survived the cycle of history once atomics are discovered.
Every victim group in the west wants revenge for wrongs from 1619 (to choose the most famous named date) and China wants revenge for the century of humiliation, while from the point of view of the “white male patriarchy” (whatever that is) the West led abolition, universal suffrage, etc., and further was also a declared ally of China (though at the time it was splintered into many warlord states) during World War II.
So they exact their vengeance on people who are all individually entirely innocent of all wrongdoing, and assuming there is not a nuclear holocaust, in the fullness of time (many, many decades or even centuries) the retribution flows in the other direction, and so much for “never again”.
After a few millennia one might think someone would realize another entire school of thought is needed.


Brics +saudis

When the brain trust in NATO decided to sanction Russia, they all but forced China and Russia to team up, IMHO. BRICS looks to establish a viable trading block that doesn’t need the US dollar and our credit schemes. And now the Saudis are considering joining the BRICS club, so bye-bye petrodollar if that happens. We’ll see how things come to pass, but when the West is focused on pronouns and BRICS is focused on aquiring tangible commodities, it seems like an easy call as to who will win in the long run.



The Anecdote From 20:50 To 22:45 Was Super Interesting

I know that Chris has said it a few times before on prior videos, but maybe he could elaborate on what he has heard (as an anecdote I guess) about what high-level people in Chinese politics or companies think about resources and that sort of thing. I find it so interesting. The difference is staggering in comparison to the energy and mineral blindness of western policymakers.
Anyways though, great video as always!


All Chess Players Know This,.,

All things being equal two rooks beat a queen.
China and Russia are rooks. Add in Saudi Arabia and some other key Middle East oil exporters as bishops and knights and it is very easy to see where this game is headed in very short order


China & Energy Stores

I can’t link to the articles right now because I am working out. But, China has an awful lot of storage facilities, and refineries globally. This is a highly underappreciated fact, and what it means to China. They are playing a long game and the global game.


The difference between the US and China is that the main export of the US is “War” and China’s main export is “Business”


Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us many decades ago about the Military Industrial Complex and we have been living it for the last 20-30 years.


I would say more because China thinks and acts strategically while the USA cannot think beyond the next election cycle or quarterly earnings reports. The election cycles as they currently exist in the western world handicap us greatly. Not saying having a dictator for life is better,but clearly the system we have is not working - at least not for the people.


In September, Ben Swann reported on “China’s Quiet Invasion” into the US’s (and in other countries’) agricultural business especially in how some of their properties are close to US military bases:
Then in November, he mentioned they’d also opened up police stations in the US and other countries to survey Chinese dissidents:


Suggestion For A Topic

Can I make a request for a topic to cover next week? The findings by Jikky The Mouse that there was a campaign to ban anti-biotics for the bacterial pneumonia sequel to covid - what those early cases actually died off. [This is what I was hoping you were going to cover this week].


Wow. I’m Glad I Don’t Live In Europe.

I’m Glad I Don’t Live In Europe.

No, we’ve been living it since the Korean War.

They are exacting their revenge on the elites that are essentially the same people (families) that abused them in the last century. The UK royalty is essentially unchanged. The banksters are essentially unchanged.

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B2 Bomber Fleet Grounded

Apparently, back on December 10, the US Air Force grounded its entire fleet of B2 stealth bombers after one had a malfunction in flight. That does not bode well for the United States. The US wants to keep the saber-rattling and the entire fleet of its most advanced bomber is grounded. May want to check on the origins of the parts.

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What I’m Worried About

Centralized power that causes systematic failures of checks and balances and allows those in power to get away with gross atrocities without consequence (and at times rewarded due to suppression of said atrocities).
Thank you for what you do Chris.