The UK Lockdown Scandal

This is the first in a three-part series, which I have decided to make public and freely available. Part I explores the UK “Lockdown Files” which are a trove of text messages between and among UK health authorities revealing a startling pattern of using scare tactics to control the populace. Part II then explores how these files reveal more about the psychological operations waged against UK citizens, as well as the rest of us, with devastating results. Part III gets dark and shows the “Midazolam Murders” which saw wildly inappropriate drug delivery policies contributing to if not causing the deaths of many people within the UK hospital and care home systems.

Over 140,000 Whatsapp and other text messages were exchanged between and among various UK health authorities and the PM (Boris Johnson). They reveal what we all knew; these actors spent zero time trying to figure out how to improve public health and all of their time scheming up ways to scare people more deeply to drive them to testing centers, comply with lockdown orders, and later to get vaccinated.

It’s really quite alarming just how brazen and corrupt this all was.


The lockdown files

The Lockdown Files – Hancock Rejects Care Home Testing

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Part Ii?

Is part II TBD?

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Chris, while I share your views that a lot of these people need to go away for a long, long time…has there even been any disciplinary action for any of them anywhere? Because I haven’t seen it.


Wow! Just Wow! Chris

I have been here a long time. This is the best ever. I don’t say a lot. I do read a lot. I am truly floored with this one. The emotion is here I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to you and everyone that supports you. Thank you for what w do. I know it will matter. Love you man.


The most important thing is that this reach people. This is not about revenge or action right now this is about getting this information to everyone.


Common Knowledge…

can’t get here fast enough.
I can’t wait for people (like some of my extended family) to “know” all this… finally.
Thank you, Chris, for continuing to be an AWESOME information scout! ?


It’s not about revenge. I’m sorry I gave you that impression. There can’t be justice, either, how can there be when they wrecked the world?
But there needs to be some kind of accounting.


The New “blame The Clot” Game Website.

Can you guess how they are going to divert attention from the vaccine?


Why not? Does one exclude the other?


Blame China!

Thanks Chris for the introduction to the Daily Telegraph ‘Lockdown Files’.
I cannot help but notice that a lot of the related articles which talk about the ‘origins’ of the virus all talk about China and its involvement. Few mention how Fauci and the NIH were funding the gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of virology or the major effort by certain parties in the state to squash any discussion of the possibility of it being a lab leak.
Meanwhile I notice elsewhere in today’s telegraph links to the war in Ukraine, “Russia kills at least 5 Ukrainians in air strike”, “Britain and France must now unite to save Ukraine and the rules-based order”, “Iran is gearing up to attack Britain and the West”, etc. The fear porn continues to make us fear those ‘others’ and compliant for the next emergency - war?


Say No To Big Pharma - Interviewed On Viva Frei

Excellent Contextualising.

Nicely put … this isn’t just another scandal/leak from government, the context is a series of massive lies and oversteps from a government that felt it could abuse its power and scare the public into compliance.
Lives were utterly ruined by their policies and the World is a much worse place today because of the foolish and unethical path that our various Western governments took in response to Covid.
Interesting that a lot of the Covid malfeasance and abuse of governmental power with the media acting as propagandists seems to have been coming from the ‘Anglosphere’. Almost like Orwell’s Oceania.


Lockdown Files A Distraction From Real Issues?

Good video by Dr McHonk-Honk questions if this is a limited hangout, helping to cover up the real questions.


It All Started With The Tsa

TPTB figured the public bought into, Saddam has WMD with Colin Powel holding up what many believed to be laundry detergent. The TSA was then formed after 911 because the Gubmit hoodwinked the public with Saddam’s WMD. If they believed that then why NOT give up some more freedoms for another lie. Then of course we have Bibi addressing the UN. The public was led to believe Nentanyahu’s picture of Iran’s cartoon bomb just waiting to go off if Iran wasn’t stopped.
See the pattern here? In other words “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me more than three times, i’m a sucker”.
Do ya think perhaps the Brits took notes on the average clueless American? Me thinks, there’s a connection. But now we are seeing a level of arrogance when TPTB sense you are onto their games.
Most recently Tucker Carlson exposed the Jan 6th insurrection as pure fraud and he has the untouched videos to prove it. In fact he did and it sent Washington into a tissy. Chucky Schumer went ballistic on the Senate Floor demanding that Fox News remove Tucker Carlson from the program and refrain from airing the second video. Right, (insert snickering Muttley the Hound).
This is what happens when people buy into whatever the government puts out and doesn’t even sense that they are being played and that the Press is in on the game. So expect more until people realize that TPTB are pissing on their heads and convincing them it’s just rain!


They might of wrecked the old world, which you could argue was heading down the tube anyway. Let’s just build the new world!


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I will believe there is accountability or justice when I see it with my eyes. Until then, its mythology.

And More Still…