The W.H.O. Just Prioritized Money Over Human Life

From our familiar chart (for what it’s worth):
The rate of increase in cases went from exponential to linear on January 27. i.e. January 27 was the last day in which the number of new cases was substantially larger than the number of new cases the day before. I propose that January 27 was the date that the number of patients who passed whatever initial screening was used to decide who would get tested exceeded the medical systems maximum diagnosis rate. The few first-hand accounts suggest that this is because test kits are in short supply and hospital staff are overwhelmed. I predict that while rate of increase of actual cases will continue to be exponential, the official rate of increase will now be closer to linear.

Why did the W.H.O. change their tone toward China? I read an article yesterday (don’t want to try finding it now) that the U.S. contributes ~22% of W.H.O.'s funding while China contributes ~12%. Did China threaten to withhold funding if W.H.O. officials didn’t change the tone? Hmmm.
Also, Taiwan isn’t invited to participate in the next W.H.O. shindig. They also weren’t invited to the last 2. Does China really want to legitimize Taiwan? Hmmm.
We need to remember that no matter how philanthropic any organization tries to be, without funding sources, that organization ceases to exist. Even a 12% reduction in funding would cause severe knock-on effects! Remember the golden rule - those with the gold … make the rules.
“In Beijing, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology estimated that Hubei was in need of 100,000 pieces of protective clothing and equipment every day, but that the country’s 40 manufacturers could only produce 30,000 items a day.”

As long as we see low death rates in first world countries outside of China, expect to see low death rates in the states also. This virus is way overrated. I am a EXPERT in the mortality of viral pneumonia’s cause it is my JOB for the last 17 years. I have first hand interaction with flu patients when they are the sickest. I’m not in a lab, I’m not a bean counter. I doubt ANYONE has more first hand interaction with the sickest flu patients than myself.

Trying to understand your experience with viral pneumonia as being very survivable in those without serious co-morbidities (diabetes, obesity, autoimmune disease, heart disease, etc.)
Are you an intensivist (I believe that I recall that)? Would these viral pneumonia cases survive outside an ICU. Or are you saying that with good ICU care you can get people through these illnesses?

RN in medical ICU with the sickest patients state wide. Our hospital was a receiving hospital for Ebola when that outbreak occurred. There were no Ebola patients in our area. It is rare to see flu patients in the ICU that are not immune suppressed in some way. I can’t think of one patient on out unit this flu season that I would consider general population. Many with auto immune, transplants, or other history. The more viral infections we see, the less likely they are fatal due to production of anti bodies for em. The general population will be fine. There is in reality very limited beds and staff to take care of critically ill patients available but I have yet to see patients die in our facility due to unavailability of resources since 2003. All viral pneumonias are managed the same way, it’s a no brainer, supportive care and time. Some facilities do it better because they see more numbers and have more resources available.

Were did this virus come from? A lab we could assume. Who owned the lab? Is this a Psych op to bring fear and more government control. A lot of unanswered questions for me. I have less than zero trust in MSM and there doesn’t seem to be a lot digging in the details of these issues. As a beekeeper, I see a lot of parallels in the fear and hype created in MSM as this. Bee losses are unsustainable and fears of extinction and all kinds of propaganda that isn’t true.

It is for bio safety of course. Like you bomb for peace.

It is on another thread here. Basically, he was a 35 year old, non-smoking, healthy male. The first week or so of the illness was unremarkable. The second week he did need hospital care. 102.9’F fever, pneumonia lung xrays and symptoms. They gave him O2, fluids, and an "investigative"antiviral. Of course he survived, he was otherwise healthy and he had the absolute best hospital care. The concern is that we would not have enough beds all at the same time

Not needing mechanical vent support and just additional oxygen and fluids as needed is a good sign. No other organ disfunction and short stay are also encouraging. Let’s hope it stays this way and hits hard the weak which can’t always be helped. I don’t know what’s going on in China, don’t know why things are so much worse there, so things you just accept if you’re not there to see for yourself. Don’t know if baseline health is so bad which increases risk. I just use elderberry tinctures and sea buckthorn for flu and flu prevention and it has worked without ever getting a flu shot.