The Wealth Transfer Begins

Chris recently appeared on the Bigger Pockets podcast to discuss the truth behind quantitative easing, money printing and the Fed’s consistent financial swerving. Watch below for his explanation of why bubbles are starting to burst in today’s economy, how interest rates had a large part to play in inflation, the new reality of de-dollarization and why we may be on the cusp of the largest wealth transfer in American history.

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Now that was a great interview! Good questions, phenomenal answers, and no inane interruptions from the pleasant hosts. I, of course, was familiar with all of Chris’ information, but it was enjoyable to listen to, despite the looming darkness it portends…Good job to all! Aloha, Steve



Boy, I’d be in a panic if I was just discovering this stuff in mid 2023 so close to hitting the brick wall!



It’s quite sweet that she mentions voting for change on these big macro money topics.


Wealth Transfer Begins?

Wealth transfer has been increasing for 50 years. It’s not beginning. It’s at the end-game stage. The hockey stick bend is now beyond the 90th percentile.


Is This The Regular Tuesday Night Part 2 Video

Or is that somewhere else. Sometimes I can’t find what I want.

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I don’t work here but I think Chris is moving the two parter videos to Fridays as part of the coming changes he recently described.


Target Ceo Ends They/them’s Silence On The Boycott

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It’s been awhile. I trust you are all doing well. This is a satire interview where JP plays both parts. It is hilarious but totally hits the nail on the head and is in alignment with what James Lindsay said in front of the European Parliament.


Coming Out As Christian To Your Liberal Parents

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I just couldn’t resist…another hilarious satire.


@121179 . That is correct. The Tuesday Part 1 and 2 are moving to Friday (not going away). It’s part of the new content schedule. Here is the post with the details if you missed it:
Thanks ( @123352)

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Just a quick note… That was the title that the podcast owners gave this piece (not us). Chris was their guest.


Pulling Punches

Even following the new crash course and having watched the old one this was a useful summary for me. Succinct and clearly communicated except one thing. I’m curious as to why you pulled your punches so nicely when it came to articulating the wealth gap and how severely the events and actions discussed widened that.

Wealth Transfer

The flow of money from one person to another is referred to as wealth transfer. This is made possible by trusts, wills, DMV Practice Test and other estate planning mechanisms.


@Chris MartensonSuper Mario do you think this is a complicated transition?