Too Much of a Good Thing

For those who received an error message recently when trying to access this site, our apologies.

Over the weekend, we achieved an important target milestone: One of our articles was picked to be featured on the Drudge Report, one of the most trafficked pages on the Internet.

Unfortunately, the volume of traffic we received as a result was enough to bring our servers down for some time. Like chocolate cake with kids, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. We've been hard at work (including all night long) triaging and working to get the site back up and stable, and we now think we're there (fingers crossed).

Despite the downtime, we're very pleased to see the content generated here at finding wider audiences. Being on Drudge is an important step along our journey to build awareness of the Crash Course message among a critical mass of the global populace.

And for our enrolled members, as compensation to those denied access at any point this weekend, we'll offer you first-viewing of Chris' upcoming presentation at this Friday's Wine Country Conference. It should be available early next week.

Thanks to all for your patience with us as we manage through these challenging but exciting growing pains. The message is spreading!


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This outage series was harder on us than anybody…we're working very hard behind the scenes to figure out what happened and ensure that it does not happen again.
Our deepest apologies…

Chris M.

The interview is making waves & resonating with folks out there.  You can tell because it has really irritated the Krugman's & David Frum's of the world.  Their ad hominem attacks against Mr. Stockman are childish and lack a coherent argument to the case he presents.  Krugman especially, but you could a two hour podcast and bring 3 shrinks in to talk about Krugman and still walk away scratching your head.
keep the good stuff coming, you guys are doing important work.

I've run a site that had something get Farked and end up on USA Today. We had a million pageviews in a day! Crashed servers mean traffic; it's fine when you adjust for them. Have fun!

I though we had agreed that the term was, "Fuxored, or Fuxed" vs. "Farked".  Which is it? 

If you can figure out what level of load is "too much", have your servers hand out 503s to new requests when load approaches that limit.  That's what we did at AOL Music back in the day, and that seemed to work for us.  Its not the best user experience, but - it beats a server hang/crash.  It requires some serious automated testing procedures for your servers and having a mechanism that can measure response times at varying load levels.
I really sympathise with the impact outages have on the people behind the scenes and the management too.  Glad its not my life anymore!


No Jim, I meant Farked. It's a technical term. is a very popular website. You get mentioned on it, your servers usually crash.

Now the world banking system; that's Fuxored.

It was tough today without my morning PP fix! Had to switch from high test coffee to green tea just to deal with the fear that the man took ya down.wink

You learn something everyday.  And I also appreciated your little zinger in there… throwing my own, "precise" comment back at me…    I guess I deserve that karma-wise    : ) 

Congratulations for a most excellent reason to have your servers crash!  (With a chaser of sympathy for how not-fun it must have been to deal with!)  I must admit that my mind went to the same place as thebrewer, that maybe "the man" took you down after your wildly wonderful interview with David Stockman! :slight_smile:
PS Nice title and picture for the article, Adam!

What's the Drudge Report?  I don't surf much I guess!
No worries about the downtime; if we're all building the resiliency we should then we can get along without PP for a few hours!


In case you guys have been pounding on the PP website all day, and missed this little bit of entertainment from CHS today:

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Bernanke Breaks Down: "This Whole Thing Is a Kleptocracy"  

In an unprecedented abandonment of his carefully scripted responses to Congressional questions, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke unleashed what appeared to be a heart-felt and spontaneous disavowal of the financial and political systems of the United States.

Asked a question about the wealth effect, Bernanke paused and said, "The wealth effect. Ah, right." He then smiled faintly and shook his head. "You want to know about the wealth effect? Well, I'll be candid with you. This whole thing is a kleptocracy–the financial system, the political system, it's one big kleptocracy. That's the real wealth effect."

Seeming to find his footing, Bernanke continued with a passion that startled the audience. "You know, I told myself to just repeat the party line for another year so I could step down quietly and let Yellen or another of the toadies take over, but I realized that I can no longer stomach the lies, the obfuscation and the plundering."

"Yes, I have a plum position lined up at Goldman Sachs after my retirement. You know, give a few speeches and pocket a couple of million dollars, but I am tired of the dirtiness of all this money."

Leaning into the microphone, Bernanke asked, "Aren't you tired of the dirtiness of all the money you take? Aren't you tired of the lies we're all living?"

"I am supposed to be an expert in economics. So I'll tell you how the system works in very simple terms. It's no different from the late Roman Empire, actually. The trick is to get close to the seat of Imperial power, which in our country is the Federal government. You bribe those on the make–there's always an abundance of them–to grant you special privileges, subsidies, contracts or a monopoly. You skim a great fortune off this proximity to political and financial power, and then you take this fortune and buy a rentier income–you know, thousands of rental homes, farmland, buildings in Manhattan, tax-free municipal bonds, and so on."

"This is how we ended up with cartels running everything: national defense, healthcare, higher education, the financial sector. You–the elected nobility–enable this vast skimming operation in the name of democracy and capitalism. But we all know those are facades. Democracy is a fraud at the national level, but we're all too cowardly to confess it."

Taking a sip of water, Bernanke said, "Let me tell you a little secret about all our policies based on Keynesian principles. Paul Krugman and I put on witch doctor masks and we dance around a campfire waving dead chickens and chanting nonsense. That's Keynesianism."

"It's hopelessly flawed, a disaster, for one simple reason: the Keynesians think all investment is productive, when the truth is most investment is unproductive and has to be written off. But that isn't allowed to happen any more, because those close to power would lose."

"As a result, everything we do and say here in Washington and in New York is a travesty of a mockery of a sham, an endless parade of lies, half-truths and spin. President Bush, in his own homespun way, spoke the truth when he said, 'This sucker's going down.' He meant the kleptocracy, the whole fraud we're living to enrich ourselves and keep power. I have had enough, ladies and gentleman, and this is my last public appearance as an employee of the Federal Reserve."

Fed officials explained the chairman's spontaneous comments as "the unfortunate result of a mix-up in the chairman's medication," triggering speculation that Mr. Bernanke had stopped taking Ibogaine. Sudden bursts of truth-telling are one side-effect of withdrawal, according to those familiar with the psychotropic medication.

According to sources within the Federal Reserve and Treasury, those supporting Janet Yellen as the new chair of the Fed are battling another faction who believe it would better serve the interests of the economy to install a high-frequency trading machine at the helm of the Fed. "There is a growing sense that it's time to cut out the middleman, so to speak, and just let the HFT computers openly trade the Fed's accounts," said one unnamed source.

Alas, April Fools. Sadly, no one in power has the courage to tell the truth.

Hi W,The Drudge Report rose to national fame (for most of us at least I believe), by being the first to break the Monica Lewinsky "blue dress" story (please don't now make me explain the "blue dress" story) in the impeachment saga of then President Bill Clinton.
You can do your own research, but my take on the site is that it tries to break stories that are not covered by the main stream news media.  The site seems to be a specialist in poking our government leaders and national celebrities with a sharp stick of news stories that are often unflattering.
Thanks Chris and Adam for working so hard on this site.  People of good will like myself do not get angry with you because we trust you are working hard and creatively to improve things as rapidly as practicable,  
I wish I could extend the same good will and say the same for our president and elected representatives in the U.S. and America's budget , energy strategy and monetary system.
Hope this helps.

Is it possible to raincheck the deal on the solar oven?  I couldn't access the site on the 15th and missed it.

I had somehow attributed it to the smash down in gold over the weekend but 'traffic due to being on the Drudge Report' is much better. Thanks for all the good work you and your team are doing at Peak Prosperity.

We are making great progress here in Sonora toward becoming more resilient and in broadening the scope of actions that will work toward providing a stable base when the social fabric begins to stretch beyond the status quo reality!  Cheers!