Totalitarianism in America is Here

To many, Rod Dreher seems like a walking contradiction.

In 2006, he wrote “Crunchy Cons” to explain why conservatives should support the environment, small businesses, even organic products. He officially parted with the Republican Party, yet is an editor of The American Conservative.

And while he believes America is still a shining beacon of freedom and independence, he is convinced totalitarianism (or more precisely, the insidious Soft Totalitarianism) has taken root in virtually every American institution from the government, corporations, main stream media, social media, the education system and even in your neighbor’s homes.

Seeing the onslaught on basic American truths and its culture, Rod wrote “The Benedict Option” to map out a path for individuals to protect their beliefs and freedoms. While primarily focused on faith for his foundational concept, he discussed at length the idea of forming our own “intentional communities” to preserve the world’s most inclusive, socially open and productive way of life, as well as our most cherished values.

Today, in his top selling book, “Live Not by Lies”, Rod travels through history and spans the globe to identify the culprits who’ve brought totalitarianism into America, what the modern-day Gulags (or prisons) look like, and how today’s current zeitgeist intends to tear down Western Civilization and the advances it brought to the world.

Rod joins Chris to set the stage and clearly define the times we’re living in (something the Peak tribe has discussed for years), but most importantly, Rod helps us make a plan for how we can fight back, and preserve what’s good and worth saving in our families and our communities.

Rod embodies the very best of intellectual rigor; he has well-researched opinions and deeply held beliefs yet can speak with anyone calmly and rationally about his views. Most important is that he’ll talk with anyone and is wide open to exploring ideas in pursuit of the truth. In other words, exactly the sort of voice the world most needs these days.


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the Freyans, and I said nothing, for I was not a Freyan.
(Historical context)


You don’t have to worry about putting you in jail? Dr Mel Bruchet (who I am privileged to have known as a college) was black bagged, decommissioned/destroyed by drugs and held ‘against current laws’, for calling out the miscarriage rates post vaccination.


Which medium will last the ages?

  • The Internet?
  • Paper?
  • Or Baked clay tablets?
I ask because today I discovered an important talk by Terrance McKenna has vanished. (A Fire in a Madhouse.) One of the previous civilizations was aware of the problem and built pyramids of massive stone to warn us of the next End of the World.

As someone who shared similar life experience with the Sudan driver, my eyes got wet when I heard you telling the story. This is exactly what is happening to me recently. When I talked to people about what’s happening around in this country, I couldn’t help but cry. The way things are operated now is exactly how things work in communist country. For people who was born with freedom, let me be clear: the cancel culture, the coercion, the way they treated 1/6 peaceful and rightful protestors, are exactly what government would do in a communist country. People need to wake up!


Who benefits from the lie that all womenfolk will rise to become the CEO of Cleo magazine if they liberate themselves from the mind-numbing drudgery of raising the next generation, and go fetch bricks for the Bricklayer?
Who benefits from the lie that Diversity is Strength? And that the ideal society is atomised so that everybody is buck Naked before the power of the State? Stalin went out of his way to homogenize the Soviet. The second wife was Moldovan; her friend was a North Korean in Moldova.


At the beginning of the “scamdemic” were the churches and the gyms. Their motives were clear then and now. Cripple them spiritually and physically. Free checks to everyone, creating more “government” (totalitarian) dependance. We’ll buy your subservience and you’ll be compliant and “happy.”
“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon." Matthew 6:24
Thank you, Chris for having Mr. Dreher as a guest. Another very special interview. Those seeking the truth will find it. Those living the lies will be consumed by them. Can only imagine how incredible the annual seminar will be. Unfortunately, at present my discretionary income is being allocated to our family’s pond. Water and electric almost done. Sod and minnows before long. We all have much to be Thankful for.


very good interview, prompting several comments

  1. I love the comment that “the search for truth is a search for God” I was struck as a law student in 1992-4 that of all the 500 law students in the school, the very few who believed in truth were other deeply religious or the scientists, who felt a kinship with each other. The majority instead enjoyed defined truth as what we can get away with as lawyers in order to separate money from other people. The religious people and the scientists shared something very essential here. Maybe someone can identify an existing religion from this. Druidism may be that. I wonder if anyone is interested in discussing this topic with me.
  2. Second, is the issue of community and togetherness that emerged when the power grid went down and people got together and had community gatherings. Maybe energy is the most important thing of all, as agriculture (food energy for our bodies) is a subset of this. Confronting the energy issue during hurricane/grid down illuminated this fact.
    I want to organize a local community around local generation of energy, both electric and food wise. I offer recently built hardware/infrastructure beachside for such community if anyone here is interested in becoming a member. I can accommodate relocation of about 10 people. The concept is this: all our energy is locally derived, we pursue luxuries such as daytime air conditioning, night time fans, daily barbeques, nighttime karaoke, swimming and showers, along with gardening for food. Imagine moving to an island that is pushed 100 miles off the coast of Georgia… that is the climate we have here.
    Best wishes from Asia, which is not collapsing, but which can accept and benefit from American libertarians…

are in our blood. They flow in the very veins of consciousness. No human can cure another of True religion without killing it’s host. There is no need to teach it, but it might need pointing out.
I must self-censor here, but be aware that Freya told us to yield to another religion if forced to do so, but to return to Her at the first opportunity.
Freedom is a feature of the Saxon’s values; it’s in our blood and our very religion and Goddess are named after Freedom.
We do not insist that others value freedom, for the Wr-alda has a plan for them, and it does not include us. We are instructed to leave them alone.
The secret of the Northmen’s dominance over all others is his insistence that a man’s word is his unbreakable Bond: the stories of Loki are predicated on this fact. No matter what Loki’s character, he could not break an Oath.
This is why Charlemagne’s Oathbreaking at Irminsul was so shocking to everybody. (The slaughter of 1000 defenceless Saxon chieftains was not as contentious as the breaking of an Oath by a King). This led to the commissioning of the Vikings to destroy every centre of Abrahamism and every priest that they could find.


Buenas everyone,
As I listened to the interview, I recalled the palpable apprehension leading up to and forming part of the brief moments in which I was finally in the [distant] presence of my beloved aunts and uncles while visiting the island of Puerto Rico.
I visited the island over the Holidays with my children in order to see my mom and, hopefully, some members of my large extended family. Things were not looking hopeful towards the latter goal when 85% of respondents to a local news poll stated that Noche Buena festivities would be limited to immediate family members. Needless to say, the large gatherings of Christmas Eves past did not take place for either my family or that of my local friends in the face of Omicron. At least, the kids learned how practiced their grandmother is at dominoes.
Given the adoption by the island of European-like Covid-19 counter measures and the populace conformity to these, it came as a surprise when invitations to visit two of my aunts and uncles came on New Year’s Eve. The mentioned apprehension, dare I say inculcated fear, became self evident when my mom informed me of the visitation constraints…

  • We were to park the car on street, adjacent to to my aunt and uncle’s driveway;
  • We were not to exit the vehicle;
  • We had to wear masks will being in said vehicle.
    (My aunt and uncle would remain under their open garage with their respective masks on as well,)
    I genuinely enjoyed seeing my dear aunt and uncle, even from afar and under the restraints mentioned above, for I had not seen them since that start of the pandemic. I simply detest the nonsensical level of conformity exhibited towards a facade of safety that was continually highlighted by the island’s government, despite the open failure of vaccines to prevent the spread of the latest variant.
    I genuinely fear for the scars Puerto Rican society must have accumulated under this level of extreme conformity. Oh, by the way, my other aunt and uncle let us see them from the sidewalk - with masks. :slight_smile:
    With a deep sigh,

Well Done Chris-
What an amazing and fascinating discussion. I was struck and impressed with some many elements of the session. I am a Gen Xer and can relate to many of the ideas of passing skills and traditions down and so many memories can flooding in of my Dad taking me to the basement and his ‘workshop’ as a kid to learn woodworking and how to clean and fix a bike. Unfortunately I did not keep these skills up as I grew older and was focused on books and college but there was real joy in spending time with him and putting learning into practice and seeing the outcome.
I also agree that having community connection is so important and that these interactions are wonderful when there are disparate views that can come together but held together by the glue of kindness, commitment, joy and truth. My Mom and I live in different states now but are both lucky to still have neighbours like this today and they get together often to connect over meals and or even chilling by the fire pit to share and debate stories of life.
I also appreciate that challenge and being uncomfortable is such a critical component of life and growth and resilience. I remember some of my fondest memories of times of intense personal challenge and the reward and pride in pushing forward to completion amd what I learned about myself in the process. And I do thank the Jesuits for teaching me that God is found in everything- from joy, to heartbreak to science to beauty and it’s not an either or but a coexistence that is magical.
Finally I was so impressed with Mr Dreher’s definition of HOPE- memory plus desire…Wow so true and so powerful…
Thanks again for continuing to bring such amazing content


Looks like this video was taken down. I am seeing this over at economics sites. Good thing you have the dialog.

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Before listening to it this morning, I read the Naomi Wolf article shared by Imcdel (link). Both made a deep impression on me, actually, I consider these part of a triptych. Aspects of Naomi’s substack post are reflected and elaborated on by the conversation between Chris and Rod and vise versa, while both this conversation and Naomi’s article are scenes within the larger framework of Chris’s Peakprosperity main theme, which can, imo, be captured by good stewardship, both in the biblical sense and the coporporate government sense.
In a sense, this triptych reminds me of Dante Alighieris’s Divine Comedy. Told by her personal travel through societies wrongs, her loss of faith in human constructs like “left”, “right”, “feminist”, “medical establishment”, “politics”, and her rediscovering the importance of spirituality, Naomi’s tale is one of rediscovery. The rediscovery of the importance of spirituality in her live as a means to appreciate connection. Rod paired this spirituality with the importance of courage, foresight, natality. And finally, Chris’s story is one of the importance of natality and courage, to adress the impending storms caused by our societal tax on our resources, our environment, and our fellow humans.
Whereas a concept like Mass Formation as a common thread through all scenes of this triptych should be understood as a warning, this triptych is hugely positive imo. We are masters of our own fate, and faith. We might not be able to save the world as is, but we can save and redeem ourselves, and in doing so, lay a foundation for a better, more humane future. We might not witness this ourselves, after all, us humans are fragile and not time resistant.
Indeed, let this virus be an agent of consciousness…


I read the transcript last night….but watching the video this morning amplified the message exponentially. His sincerity is evident. I just bought the book.
I’m glad that spirituality and Christianity can be discussed here, with the obvious prohibition on proselytizing. Proving scientific postulates is futile when your voice is locked out of mainstream discourse. The battle now is more about reaching across the mental zone of hypnosis, lies and deception….and it seems like those people who acknowledge a universe greater than “Man” have and easier time sorting things out.


I deeply appreciate this conversation where Chris and Dr. Dreher touch on so many elements of western societal collapse.
The one that stands out for me is the piece on failure to form family. Without family, we have no foundation upon which to build a functioning culture because people live each day lost in unconscious psychological survival mode. There’s a core sense of helplessness that leads to destructive behavior.
We simply have to prioritize social capital these days as things really unravel. If there’s anyone reading this in the Boise area and you want to connect, please pm me.


So good.


We read his book, The Benedict Option, years ago and it still informs us.
Robie and Angie


This is so relevant, and so timely. It speaks to much of which is in my heart, serving to reinforce that I am on the right path in the approaches I am taking to deal with all that is happening.
An unwavering commitment to truth seeking and speaking gives us meaning and purpose. Walking in our integrity lays the foundational building blocks essential to success. And moral courage will form the strong pillars on which our parallel networks / structures will stand.
Yes, memory + desire will keep the flame of hope burning within, unquenchable, no matter what they throw at us…


I wanted to express my thanks to Chris for using this episode in drawing this matter to the attention of a greater audience. This interview offered an impressive number of insights. I am not only saying this because I am feeling this is important… no, because I am one of the ones that has the same experiences and conclusions as the persons Chris and Dreher are referring to in the video.
Saying this, I can confirm this sentiment of expats from former socialist places cited in the video, because anyone who followed my posts knew that I am from the “Eastern Part” of Europe. And in personal circles I am pointing out over the last years that the west has morphed into a new type of Socialism.
Shortly after the wall came down, right after my study, I took an opportunity to work overseas… from which I never returned. But with today’s technology and the internet, the world became a village and so I followed roughly the developments at home from the distance. Furthermore, life threw me into an area that is intrinsically immune to the “political correctness” virus. That that gives me a unique perspective.
And so I was observing the last 25 years a slow progression of the democratic western world into something that I know from before. More and more regulation and ideology. First little… but lately I have to say - full retard.
For me personally it has its own dimension. Actually I had the plan to leave the Middle East already a few years ago (but circumstances prevented this) but soon I have to. So, if people ask me where I will go - I have to say I don’t know. When they say ohh… you go home they are often shocked when I say, I have no home. I do not feel that the place where I come from is my home from the perspective of liberty - that what we actually though and got told when we teared down the wall.
Certainly Europe is a nice place and I am borne there. It is clean, green (I mean the nature), practical… but living there turned in the past decades awfully bureaucratic, technocratic, over-regulated and ideological. Europe now turned into a nanny state that dictates all of you up to the correct usage of the trash can based on a “modern morale” so that I clearly feel Europe is now a form of technocratic version of the socialism of the 1970th only at a more sophisticated level. And ohh… not even to talk about the media propaganda and the schools. That’s an own chapter.
So, the question now is where to settle and having tasted a bit the relaxed (free) life in Asia, going back to Europe is not that attractive anymore.
And sadly… when I mention this to other fellows they either look at me as I am from another planet because they are “inside the fog” or they are from another continent where they don’t understand what is going on in the west.
To explain how I feel I refer then often to the frame story from movie Planet of the Apes (2001 version). There in the movie an ambitious scientist left his home (the earth) to explore far places and ended up on this crazy planet (full of human apes) from which he managed to escape back to mother earth - understanding that this is his home where he belongs to. But when he arrived he shockingly had to realize that, in the meantime while he was away, his home (earth) transformed exactly into that nightmare from which he thought to have successfully escaped.
So, where to go? As for the place from where I came I am split-hearten. Interestingly, I found that medium developed places still offer a tick of freedom in life that we had in the past like Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.
Unfortunately, my former favorites sadly moved to a different universe (Australia and Nazeeland).


So apparently at my son’s high school there is a giant “litter box” in one of the girls’ restrooms to be “inclusive” to a female student who identifies as a cat. I wish I was making this up but unfortunately not. Society is doomed.