Two beers with Steve podcast

In case you are wondering where the Two Beers With Steve podcast can be located, here's the link.

The topic was Inflation and Deflation.  We had a great time.

Have a listen.


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Great podcast Chris!
As usual, you bring all the flurry of stuff that is going on down to a workable level.




Thank you for your time and effort, and for continuing to provide your podcast!


You are a fantastic teacher, I appreciate your clear and concise explanation of the subject material… Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


What Cat said!  Many thanks, Steve and Chris!   A super-listen.

"Reality Lags Perception"

The best part I thought was on the discussion between school, mainstream media perception and reality.

Funny, in a really sick sort of a way, but back in the very early 2000s a man I really admire and respect Paul O’Neill was fired as the then Treasury Secretary. He is perhaps the most overlooked Treasury Secretary.

Perhaps he was canned because he didn’t work for GS (humor intended.)

In any event he wrote in his book that a guiding principle of the last administration was "Reality Lags Perception".

I think that is a very accurate guiding principle.

Just wanted to add my own appreciation for the podcast.  I must be more of an auditory learner because I always get a lot from hearing you that I seem to miss in just a read.  I spent many hours in both grad and undergrad and you are far above any teacher I have ever experienced, both in content, context and teaching style.  I want my paid subscription to renew automatically every year because there is no other place that I can get the quantity and quality of information that i get at

I spent many hours in both grad and undergrad and you are far above any teacher I have ever experienced, both in content, context and teaching style.
Well, I'd say +1 but I myself barely got out of highschool with a diploma in hand. Had I encountered a Chris in private school or in highschool then I'd have stayed in school for certain.

The book is "The Price of Loyalty" by Ron Suskind and it sits atop my nightstand having read it last year. Amazon was selling it for $.01. I couldn’t resist. I’d comment on the book but that would be considered partisan, but I like how CM quoted Dick Cheney in the interview. "Reagan proved deficits don’t matter".

I enjoyed every minute of our interview but what really appealled to me were the last few minutes when CM described that he loves teaching. I think that is why I enjoy this site so much. like he said, he analyzes data and makes an inference based on that data, but he just doesn’t relay his thoughts in a crude format, he takes the time to make the material easily digestable. I hadn’t realized this simple fact until afterwards.


Hello Steve:
I’m bipartisan - as in I think they both are always in season.

I don’t mean to come across with a political statement, and I’m really not, but I truly believe that our elected officials are the ones spending our kids money. If it was making it better I’d shut up.

As we all know, Bernanke isn’t elected he is appointed to a private bank, how they have the right to create money that we are held accountable to pay I don’t feel is constitutional. How they can do this and give us a bill for half a trillion bucks sent to foreign countries really has me scratching my sunburned scalp. How only one congressman (Grayson) asks about this is well, totally beyond me. And, I’m not even going to try to wrap my head around how they can take trillions of dollars that we are on the hook for and do something with them and not disclose it to anyone.

So please, don’t let me stop you from critiquing any book.

I think that If everyone watched Chis’s Crash Course in high school and college, well maybe we’d hold our elected boys and girls accountable. This IM never so HO is insanity.

Take care

i’ve been an avid reader of this site since last summer and became a subscriber 2 or 3 months ago. this, however, is my first post. i really enjoy the podcast, the daily digest and of course the content by CM and the comments by the subscribers. ya’ll do a terrific job!

I especially appreciated this podcast because it was information dense . . . I didn’t find my mind wandering off . . . The concepts were presented at a pace that allowed me to both understand and assimilate them as they were presented, yet remain challenged enough that I didn’t feel anesthetized by repetition . . . and, the subject matter was very timely.  Thanks, Dr. Martenson!



thanks for the kind words about the podcast. I think we can have Chris on as a guest, week after week, and nobody would care. Especially not us at the roundtable.

I would encourage you to post as much as possible on this site. The more you post the more you actually learn. Posting requires deep thought and then writing a post stimulates that gray matter that jiggles between your ears. The whole process is more educational that reading an article and then walking away. In time the jist of the article you just read fades away unless you posted and then are awaiting responses.

The only downside is that after you’ve posted numerous times the site becomes an addiction. There really is no cure to this addiction but two beers has been known to help…


Just listened to the 2BWS podcast re Private Equity.  Egad!  Very informative, if full of information about yet another reason the Vast Teetering Edifice is, uh…troubled.  
Even so, thanks!

Viva – Sager