Two Weeks and The New Crash Course

In a recent video, Chris mentioned he may take some time away from the regular production schedule here at Peak Prosperity. Well, that day has come.

The Peak Team will take over the content production schedule. We're planning some previously unreleased videos and great material from our contributors.
For his part, Chris is not relaxing on a tropical beach (though who would blame him). No, Chris is focused on updating and improving The Crash Course. With his nose to the grindstone, Chris will be revising one of his most important works to update it for these times.

And, because Chris is who he is, you can expect some Inside Take videos to bubble through, because while others take August as a vacation month, the world keeps moving forward, and so does Chris.

So, while we hope you appreciate the new content coming your way, we really appreciate your patience. Chris will return in full force before you know it.

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Looking Forward To Your Updated Crash Course, Chris!

I am guessing it won’t come out online, a chapter at a time, as the original did? ?


The Crash Course is such a critical, foundational book. It changed my life bigly the first time I read it, circa 2010. Even after one newer edition, so much has happened, and so fast, that there can be no doubt a new version taking into account all that we know now will be invaluable! I look forward to it, very much!
PS - Chris, do not forget to rest! We know you are a go-getter, big understatement… but the predicaments we now face are proving to be the mother of all marathons! Take good care eh, of both you as well as Evie. Hugs both ??


Thanks For Keeping The Flame Burning Mr. Stewart

Good luck and best wishes.


Ready For Updates - But Missing Chris Already :slight_smile:

I was just saying that it was time for me to take another look at the crash course, since it’s been like 8 years! Looking forward to the updates! :slight_smile:



Hi Dr. Martenson! I love your content and became a subscriber after I listened to Dr. Kory. Have you ever watched John Titus? I was wondering if you could have him on your show. He does Best Evidence about the Fed on Screwtube.


Thank You

I’m thankful for everyone’s hard work at PP. It helps so many people like myself. Thank you !


Can’t Wait!

It has been 13.75 years since I first watched the Crash Course, there are only 6.25 years remaining in the original 20-year time horizon (that the next 20 years will be completely different than the previous 20.) HOW full is the infield with water? Not only am I excited to see the updates, I am also excited to have a revised version to share with people in my life who didn’t know me 13.75 years ago (talk incessantly about it…)


Too Much Work Can Be Wear You Out

You do deserve to loaf around on a tropical beach.


New Crash Course

So looking forward to it



A course can be updated just as well from a beachfront airbnb as it can from one’s home office. Just sayin’


Race Against The Next Major News Story

He picked a good time…Trump thing should keep the media busy another week or so… Get’r done before the <insert your term here> creates another media frenzy and distraction!



God bless you.

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Two Weeks To Crashen The Course

Oh boy! Can’t wait.


I appreciate everyone’s efforts at PP. It’s a huge boon to people like myself coreball. Many thanks!


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