U.S. arms dealers excited

Attack on Georgia Gives Boost To Big U.S. Weapons Programs (August 16 - WSJ)


Russia's attack on Georgia has become an unexpected source of support for big U.S. weapons programs, including flashy fighter jets and high-tech destroyers, that have had to battle for funding this year because they appear obsolete for today's conflicts with insurgent opponents.

In digging around for possible reasons for the Russian-Georgian conflict, I came across this. As always, there’s instant support and money for weapons systems in the US, because they’ve got great lobbyists and everybody in Washington knows how to play that game. It is a well-oiled machine. While our bridges crumble, and desperately needed research on alternative energy goes unfunded, there always seem to be instant tens-of-billions for weapons systems.

The logic is presented as if it were self-evident:

“We've spent so many resources and so much attention on Iraq that we've lost sight of future threats down the road. The current conflict between Russia and Georgia is a perfect example,” said Rep. Murtha during a recent visit to his district.

For my part, I don’t see any need whatsoever to militarily confront Russia, but doing so apparently makes perfect sense to long-time DC insiders like Murtha.

I see more threats on the domestic front than internationally, but there’s not much political will at present to take on those issues. Probably because doing so would require vision, leadership, and skill to resolve, and therefore is out of reach of most of the present establishment, who honed what talents they have during the growth of the largest and most sustained borrowing binge in all of history. It’s all so easy when you don’t have to set priorities and make hard choices.

Get ready for hard.

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