Uncomfortably Numb

People are getting angrier – with each other, with their unresponsive and defective governments, and with institutions frustratingly failing at their core missions.

The reason for this is we’re all being shocked. When shocked in a cage, and without a means of escape, rats will turn on each other, deflecting their pain and anguish onto a nearby “cause” that can be understood and faced.

Of course, the other rat in the cage isn’t the cause at all.

Rather it’s the person in the white coat pressing the shock bar to be able to get a cool result so they can write it up and justify their job and income.

We’re all being played like rats in a cage. Knowing this can free you up from the emotional drain of becoming angry and blaming the wrong people. In 99% of the cases, the true problems you face aren’t the fault of the people in the same room or on the same street as you. They too are subject to shocks and also are reactive to those stimuli.

By extracting yourself from that life-wasting loop, you can begin to reclaim your emotional state, see things clearly, and do a better job of figuring out what’s going to happen next so you can prepare accordingly.

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Step, Shock, Cage

Solid episode! Especially considering the rockin’ weekend event. How do you guys do it?
I’m at step 5 with occassional backsliding. The backsliding lessens over time and as I add new relationships with people who are like-minded.
It’s shocking to me that many people can’t see through the obvious and increasingly insane crap thrown at us by MSM and ‘leaders’. I understand the psychological mechanism but I can’t relate.
My cage is/was the sense of being trapped with no physical place to get away from the zombies. This too is changing for me as I find more and more non-zombies.


You Hit The Target, Chris

Chris, characterizing our daily experience as constantly being shocked, really hits the target. It reminds me of the horrific scenario in which the sadistic commandant tortures the prisoner of war to get him to say up is down, upon command. The sadist will subject the prisoner to continuous “shocks:” deprivation of food; of sleep; constant noise; constant beration and belittling, etc. Eventually the prisoner loses all will, and fully submits to the commandant’s authority. Up is now down. Day is now night.
It seems to me that this is exactly what the people who have subverted our institutions are trying to do. With insurrection and fraud, corruption, destructive policies, fear-mongering, and brainwashing, they want to break our will so severely, we will buy into their lies. Such as “you will own nothing, and be happy.” 
I personally believe their efforts will ultimately fail on a grand scale, but I know they will have caused a ton of damage in the meantime.
To answer your question about shocks I have experienced: my biggest shock came when doctors and hospitals tried to coerce patients to take a barely tested and unproven experimental drug to combat what looked like a fake disease. How could they be so stupid - and ethically obscene? 


I’m Shocked… Shocked… To Find Cults!

If not confined to the past year, biggest shock is… has humanity made no progress since the insane stories we all hear about the black plague?
But if it’s last year: I sure seem to be hearing less and less from an awful lot of people with whom I disagreed about a great many things, in direct proportion to more and more information becoming available. Some of them would send me some of these mind-rotting Douthat/Brooks NYT articles gently explaining how anybody thinking as I did was actually victim to insidious white privilege etc. Now, I guess they are at the stage of “Why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to stop us???”, from yet another odious article from a leftist rag laments. So, is that how it will be?
Cages: Curse of Cassandra! ?


Superb Message

Redirecting people’s anger away from each other and on to the source(s) of the problem(s) is a monumental task… great job here. It’s a message that will need to be repeated on a regular basis to turn this ship around. Congrats on doing it in a positive tone.


Yes, Shocking In So Many Areas!

  • Hospitals got paid tons extra for covid deaths and using ventilators
  • Most people (including most of my friends and family) lined up like sheep to get the jabs
  • Mainstream journalists didn't question s**t
  • Free speech and autonomy went down the drain
  • Most people don't seem to realize we could easily be heading toward nuclear war over Ukraine
  • People think a cold can cause muti-day hospitalization for cardiac problems. (Uh... maybe the jab?)
  • Some people still wear masks while driving solo and some kids still wear masks while walking down the street (for Pete's sake!)
  • Banks closed personal accounts for donating money to a cause
  • And on and on
On the upside, many people are now questioning ALL vaccines and much, much more!


  1. I was shocked today to find that my doctor (a good guy) had been intimidated by the authorities into no longer prescribing Ivermectin. I had thought that Covid-craziness was abating.
  2. I continue to be shocked that the media continues to lie about just about everything with no apparent concern that their credibility is tanking.
  3. I continue to be shocked by the money printing. A neocon poo-poo’ed the 100 billion dollars to Ukraine saying that in terms of the budget that 100 billion dollars was “no more than a rounding error.” It seems to me that we are not far from having the wheels come off and no one seems concerned.
  4. I am shocked that it seems that most of the world can see that the Collective West is crumbling and no one in the West seems to understand what is happening.
    I feel like I am in a house that is on fire and no one cares about the flames leaping up the walls.


I am in shock at how many people just won’t admit or see what the hell is going on…I can’t talk to any of my friends but one about all this…It’s so in your face but they don’t see or want to see…WTF…glad this tribe is here…my only sanity…thanks.


The Main Shock

Every single institution that is supposed to lead to truth, justice, or even making an honest buck seems to have been infiltrated, corrupted, subverted. Science has been corrupted. Politicians openly commit crimes and are never prosecuted. Free speech tech platforms have been turned into censorship institutions. Universities seem largely in the business of extracting student loan cash from their young victims. The election process is thoroughly unsecure. Our “free press” media institutions are little more than propaganda organs. Corporations that are supposed to make useful things and thereby make a profit are wound up on improving their DEI and ESG scores. Healthcare seems to be at best sickness maintenance. Our monetary system is built upon an institution that can write hot checks at will, and never ever be called on it.
The real shock of it is that this all has formed into an interlocking complex that silences voices pointing out the problems, while the entire system rolls onward toward collapse.


I am shocked by how many doctors at the top don’t stop bad medicine…Didn’t they become doctors to care for people?? I know the ones at the bottom kinda have no choice if they want to keep the job…but the top ones who say the rules…what happened…


Mike from Jersey said:

I feel like I am in a house that is on fire and no one cares about the flames leaping up the walls.


Agree 100%. The West has completely and utterly lost its way, and it breaks my heart because there is no way that we are going to be able to turn around until people get a brutal dose of harsh reality. It shouldn’t be required, but I just don’t see people waking up until then.
100 billion = over $300 per man woman and child in the US…
It amazes me that people just don’t click.



I feel my cage is the fact that I can’t change what is coming… All this WEF shit…just won’t stop…I have a small business and had to get a smart phone to take payments from the masses…also I don’t like paypal or the like but in order to make it, you have to have this shit…That is what makes me feel trapped…O how I long for the days of cash and checks…


Oh, One More Shock

When the hell did the everyday American Left turn into shills for big pharma-business and get 100% behind censorship? I mean, there were always inconsistencies and a sort of nascent totalitarianism there, but it’s gotten to where my NPR-listening friends will not tolerate any kind of deviation from the One True Truth Handed From Above. Whatever happened to “Question Authority”?


‘real Data’ Simply Does Not Lie

The fact that so much ‘data’ is on our side it gives me the confidence just to ignore all the ‘noise’. I no longer react when someone brings up an emotional issue/hot topic (i.e. jab, war in Ukraine, Beijing B, etc.). My wife and I use our critical thinking skills, continue to learn from Chris because he presents complex topics in a simple to understand language, and we just live our lives.
I’ll never forget one video in 2020 where Chris discussed how Iver was being used with incredible results. He then shared he was no longer concerned and I immediately felt a sigh of relief because up until that point there was so much unknown. At that time my wife I had moved to FL to live with her aging father and so we were VERY cautious and careful. After following Chris and others who use critical thinking skills we pretty much went back to living our lives. Prior to him passing away in his sleep we routinely went to restaurants while people in other parts of the country cowered under the covers.
We now just shake our heads at so many people who fail to see what is going on right in front of them day after day… (i.e. Damar Hamlin, people dying in their sleep, food processing plant fires, etc)
While we truly understand we have very bumpy times ahead of us we are CHOOSING to live our lives and focus on what we control… our thoughts and actions…


My Cage Is …

Fear. Changing thoughts is way out. Yes surround with positive people, thoughts, opportunity, prosperity. Love abounds, AllWays!


Landscape Looking Forward

A landscape littered with the sun-bleached skeletons of horses, all of which had been led to water–that’s a shocking perspective.
But it will be the reality of most all who survive the depopulation campaigns of the oligarchs and other elites.
Almost all of my family, including my daughter, my only child, took the jab. Military psyops got them all. Mom was the first to succumb.
The Horsemen of the Apocalypse will do as prophesied, and the destruction of civilization as we know it will certainly take place.
“Remember Lot’s wife”–look only forward; the wreckage will not be reconstructed.
We are the generation of the Exodus people.
A new age is indeed coming.
Best wishes.


A Great Chris Hedges Quote

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy our economy ” – Chris Hedges


Nuclear Shock

And can somebody please tell me, just how did the possibility of a massive nuclear exchange sneak back on to the table? Since about 1991 that one had been gone, but the Morons in Charge have dragged it back out and are playing catch with the Nuclear Football.
The 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s all had their challenges – getting the scraps of the former USSR to settle down, stained blue dresses, GWOT, mean tweets, etc. – but it felt good not to have to think about hypersonic MIRV’d thermonuclear death for a few years there.



Trudope is a narcissist useful idiot. He cares nothing for people. All he wants is to join the cool kids club.  (WEF, Nato, Who, etc etc) I will be overflowing with schadenfreude when they cast him aside. Speaking of casting aside, what’s going on with Jacinda Arden??
Whats shocking to me is the depth and width of the corruption and idiocy. For a long time I thought it was random pockets, now it seems to be everywhere at all levels. How did we get from carbon bubbles in a drink to swiss cheese to a few drops in vacuous air.
My theory is the administrator class have had it too easy for too long and have no idea how things actually work. Somehow they have been freed of real world constraints. I’m somewhat to blame as I see it happen and haven’t been strong enough in stopping it. Right now, keeping my head down, working my way to the back of the herd so that when we go off the cliff I will at least have layers of soft bodies cushioning the sudden stop.
@23:46: Note the bad grammar in the headline and the second bullet point. When professional writers and editors can’t do something so basic…
RE: Where Are You?  I’m on step 6, Mitigation…