Understanding The African Revolution(s)

Context is everything. The US and especially the Deep State denizens of the US State Department are unable to grasp the recent history that has propelled many African nations to prefer partnership with Russia and/or China.

It’s not a very difficult story to understand; the US and European colonialist countries (France, the Dutch, and the UK) have a long and quite grotesque history of treating African peoples very badly.

Somehow we’ve forgotten that, but the people of Africa sure haven’t. Funny how that works.

But what’s done is done, and what matters now is how this all plays out going forward. China is behaving as if it is acutely aware that Africa is home to some of the last and best resources on Earth, and that it would like access to them.

So it is busy building ports, roads, and friendships, while the US is busy crafting the next set of stern lectures to deliver to these same African nations.

One of these is a winning strategy, the other is not.

These are waning, late-stage empire sort of actions we’re seeing. The next question is, how badly will the US neocons react when faced with the prospect that they are neither respected nor wanted? “Pretty badly” is my guess.

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No Video?

I can not see the video?

The video is public on Odysee. Or YouTube



Great info and glad the new Burkinabe president looks so promising! A quick pronunciation note: Burkina Faso sounds like doe-ray-me-FAH-SO / SEW (think Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music) versus Guinea-Bissau.
In this video, Italian PM, Giorgia Meloni, takes Macron to task on Niger: https://youtu.be/VzfrvfoM2Cs. She doesn’t hold back!


Whats Going On Here?

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The video is well done. There is at least one error, the Netherlands did not colonize the Congo. That was done by King Leopold from Belgium.


And King Leopold tried to stop the maiming, which was ingrained in the culture.

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Of course. Thank you for the correction. A part of my brain was yelling at me as I was digging up that reference wrongly.
Leopold. Congo. Another part of m y brain knows that very well (and can’t forget the gruesome pictures it has seen).


Thanks for the pronunciation help.
I was a huge fan of Meloni based on that speech. She seems to have been assimilated into the Borg ever since. Not sure anymore…


Fixed now…Odysee was/is having some big issues.
Thanks for your patience.

Is It Just Me…

Is it just me that gets tower of babel vibes from the parliament building being built in Zimbabwe?


Africa And War With China

Congratulations CHRIS. For those of us who study, most of your info is already well known. But it is so refreshing and inspiring to see you presenting the precise, informative and invaluable facts to a wide audience. The hope is that your enlightenment is somehow spread far and wide. I know you have business interests, but somehow I wish the general public had more access to your site. On the other side I would then have to fear for your safety.


The Rock Cried Out

This video gave me a flashback to a report/debate I participated in at Junior College (many decades ago). It touched me deeply then, and it did again today (from a different point of view, of course).
The subject was a Ray Bradbury short story called “the Rock Cried Out”. It is about an unsuspecting American couple touring South America when western civilization collapses.
What strikes me now is the thin veneer of the order that we take for granted and the response of those who were exploited by it once it collapses.
The symbolism he uses in (IMO) brilliant.


Thanks for the reference. Tried looking for it for purchase but haven’t found.

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Independence Is Just The Beginning

As someone raised in a post-colonial society, I am well aware of the exploitation of natural resources in service of a foreign power, and the local resentment that results. I have two caveats: first, breaking free is just a start. One must be on guard against the possibility of corrupt local leadership, which may ultimately exploit the country’s resources as well, perhaps for personal gain rather than the common good. All too common. Secondly, China is forward-looking and well aware of the natural resource wealth of the African continent. With regard to the building in Zimbabwe, I don’t know what is mean by “fully funded” by China, but I’d be curious about the terms of the agreement. I doubt they would build infrastructure without strings attached. The risk here is inadvertently trading one colonial power for another.


Fun Fact

Youtube censored all mention of the country of Niger for a time

It can be found for free on Amazon. Search for Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales. Click on Read Sample. The short story can be found ~ 1/3 of the way down.


Why Is Africa Poor? Too Many People

Exponential population growth has been pushed by colonial exploiters. If you need slaves and more subsistence level “consumers” and more desperate refugees to destabilize Europe, then you can’t allow the population to stabilize to replacement value.
If we believe there can’t be infinite growth on a finite planet, then we need to stop turning 3rd world countries into baby factories. There is a reason western women prefer smaller families and it has nothing to do with the myth that our grandfathers could support a family on one income. Prior to labor saving appliances, women worked in the home more hours than many of their spouses.

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