Unredacted Emails Finally Reveal The Shocking Truth

Back in 2021, I reported on emails that, although heavily redacted (“censored"), showed what was almost certainly a cabal of global virologists conspiring with Anthony Fauci of the NIAID and Francis Collins of the NIH to cover-up the possibility of Covid having been the result of an escaped (or released?) laboratory creation.

Now, we know with 100% certainty that was the case and the entire group of them lied then and have been lying to us ever since.

The implications are staggering, and the consequences for these evil people should be 10x larger.

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Where’s Waldo?

That’s what Fauci said too, “Back to your lives, citizens, nothing to see here.”


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So That’s A High-level Scientific Debate?

Hi Chris,
I also found these emails to be shocking, but for a different reason… to me the discussions sounded barely scientific at all, and were instead a display of ignorance, strikingly superficial analysis, and maybe even a bunch of cowards all waiting for somebody else to take a position.
I almost wonder if some of these people had talked with Baric, did in fact know that there was synthetic origin of Covid, but were feeling others out to see if they could safely publicly claim natural origin and have political cover.
Otherwise these “top scientists” sound so muddled and uncertain I’m almost not sure I wouldn’t rather have seen that the redactions actually said “well as we all know the virus was a lab leak; how do we cover it up?”


Fauci Is Already Dancing!

A very (uncharacteristically) uncomfortable-looking Anthony Fauci trotted over to the ever-compliant CNN to try and get in front of the lab leak issue.
“Oh” he says, If this came from a lab it wasn’t us! We “only” funded $120k maybe $130k of research for surveillance and none of those findings match SARS-CoV-2.”
Shall I dig up the actual relevant numbers? Okay. Sure, why not. Here they are:
(Source - Buzzfeed)
Hmmmmm, I don’t know about you but “$120 million” sounds a heck of a lot bigger to me than “$120k to $130k per year.” After all, it would take 1,000 years to spend $120M at the rate Fauci said.
But maybe that’s just me.
At any rate, Fauci is already on the damage control circuit. I can feel the panic setting in. So, the big question: what do ‘they’ do next to deflect from this?


No need to apologize! I found the reactions rather entertaining.

What I saw in them were seasoned bureaucrats who knew exactly how to play the game and committed nothing to emails they shouldn’t have. The shocker was the one from Farrar where he laid it all out. I can bet you $$$ that Fauci called him on one of his burner phones and yelled at him for that email.
Sound like I’ve slipped off the deep end again?
No, I just remember stuff:
(Source - Guardian)


Excellent Report

Chris - another excellent report and job well done. Thank you! As one who loves the science and data side, I really appreciated your great level of detail accompanied by a clear presentation. I remember when you first mentioned the furin cleavage site in 2020, which immediately pointed to likely lab creation. All of that has been confirmed along with additional mounds of piled on evidence. “A billion trillion to one” - now that’s some serious probability!
Having some experience with bureaucrats, more times than not I’ve found that the higher the position, the less likely they’re actually competent. Combine a lack of competence with poor, unethical character brings us the worst kind of leaders in any field. It’s the exact opposite of the ancient Greek’s view of “arete” being the foundation of good leadership. But in this case, it’s moved beyond all that to pure evil. We’re in big trouble.


Washington Post: Pentagon Warns Of China’s Plans For Dominance In Taiwan And Beyond

Just saw this on bing. Could this be their next distraction?

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A billion trillion is nothing compared to the probability that 311 of 371 protocol deviation related withdrawals from the Pfizer vaccine trials in the 7 days after dose two were due to random chance. Assuming any one deviation is equally likely to be in the active vaccine or the placebo group, the odds of at least 311 being in the vaccine group is about 1 in 3.5 x 10 to the 41st power or one in 350 thousand trillion trillion trillion! If you give the vaccine some sort of not too unreasonable side effect profile, so that you expect about a 2:1 ratio in favor of the vaccine group, then the odds are in the range of one in a billion trillion.


War. Turn Ukraine/Russia hot.


“Quercus” (hi!) - can you point me to that work of yours again? I couldn’t properly dive in at the time…
Feel free to email me with it.

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that’s what I thought!


Yes, you’re right. At that level – Senior Executive Service or SES – there is no science being done. They’ve graduated to program and funding managers. Any real research they’ve done is at least a decade in their pasts. Also, to step up out of the GS levels or vault directly into SES, you’ve usually got to be a credit-claiming back-stabbing nut job. All of these shenanigans and scrambling to cover their tracks are completely in character.
That was one exhaustive and exhausting presentation, Chris. Thanks for doing the digging.


Hi Chris,
Here is the Pfizer report to VRBPAC in December 2020 bookmarked, highlighted and annotated by me.
There are online coin toss calculators that work for the 50/50 probability assumption. For other probabilities (i.e. 60/30 67/33, etc.), I couldn’t find one with enough signficant figures to distinguish from zero. If you’re interested, I could write some code, or find a python package that could get an accurate answer.
I’d love to catch up sometime.

I just checked and my annotations were preserved in the upload. I’m not sure if the annotations are cross-platform compatible, so open it in Preview on a MacOS machine.

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Hmm, coronavirus in China in 2002 eh. What’s this little patent about from UNC in April 2002? https://patents.justia.com/patent/7279327


Facts Don’t Matter

As the government was in on it, expecting them to punish themselves isn’t going to happen. What good is truth if there are no consequences for the lie?


Conspiracy To Conspire Against The Conspiracies

I love how Francis Collins is voicing concern about the conspiracy theories and in doing so is participating in a conspiracy. In truth, actually unsound and unfounded conspiracy theories don’t get very far and are believed by only a few with strong delusions. That’s because they are full of vapor and aren’t able to gain traction among even moderately rational people. What makes a conspiracy hypothesis take off is where there is actually good evidence of an ongoing conspiracy. This is where even the most rational and sound minded people will treat it as possible or plausible, because it would be irrational and even immoral to dismiss it as hot air. Nothing makes true believers like a real conspiracy. Of course these people were likely not truly concerned about “crazy internet conspiracies”. More likely, even if subconsciously, they were most concerned about the consequences of it becoming obvious that recklessly scientists absorbed in their career progression had unleashed suffering and death on everyone.
This pandemic has revealed a level of corruption in our global society that has surprised many of us, even those who expected corruption. The only blessing from it is how many people and groups have revealed their true nature… Both good and bad. We all need to be taking note and keeping score. Those who have revealed themselves as trustworthy and noble are incredibly precious and have earned our protection and attention. Those who have revealed themselves to be selfish, we must understand, are the ones who we will have to restrain and prohibit their action if we are to live in a world worth living in.